Q & A With Nicole Romeo

Oct. 30, 2008

GoHuskies.com: How do you like your experience at Washington so far?
Nicole Romeo: 'I'm loving it. I really like the girls and training's been pretty tough. I'm just looking forward to playing.'

GH: How's the transition from high school to college going? Not just on the court but also in the classroom?
NR: 'I didn't play high school, it's a different system over there but I played club. I sort of came from my season back in Australia to straight over here. It was pretty much conditioning when I came over here. Preseason was tough but I had some fitness coming over here so the transition basketball-wise wasn't too hard at all. School-wise, I finished school year 12, last November so I had a massive gap of no school. It was a bit of a struggle trying to wake up and go to class and having to sit there again but it's fun.'

GH: What influenced your decision to come to Washington?
NR: 'I had the decision to either play in the professional league back home or to come over here and I thought I would just get some international experience under my belt and see where I could go from there.'

GH: What do you like most about the team this year?
NR: 'Probably that everyone just has one goal and everyone puts their heart on the line to play for each other.'

GH: Would you say that's what you're looking forward to most? Are there any goals that you guys have?
NR: 'It's exciting because everyone wants to win. No matter if you're on the bench or you're playing, everyone supports each other and wants to win.'

GH: Do you have any personal goals?
NR: 'I've set down some goals and went through them with Coach Jackson. I'll do everything I possibly can to get on the court and succeed and win.'

GH: What are the strengths that you bring to the team?
NR: 'Probably my specialty is my three-point shot. I can shoot a fair way outside the three so hopefully that will shock a few teams. I'll bring a quickness and I'll push the ball up. I'm a threat outside and hopefully that will draw some defenders and get our wings open for us. Hopefully that's an advantage and I get to play.'

GH: Are you looking forward to any games in particular this year?
NR: 'It's all new to me and kind of exciting. I don't know a lot about all the teams and it's the same that they don't know anything about me. Hopefully we can shock a few teams and get those wins.'

GH: Has the transition been any easier because there's a big class of newcomers coming in?
NR: 'I think it's definitely helped because there aren't any cliques due to the fact that there are so many new girls. Everyone's had to make an effort to get to know everyone. That's probably the best part. It would be a lot harder just coming in with one or two people just because you would have to try to fit in with those groups. Because there are so many newcomers you can be yourself and find those groups that suit you.'

GH: Is the team working well together?
NR: 'Yeah definitely, when you spend that much time together it'd be hard not to gel. I think everyone gets along well and we're doing well.'

GH: What do you think the biggest difference between practices here and at your club team in Australia is?
NR: 'We definitely do a lot more running here. Back home we do a lot more scrimmages but over here it's a lot more drill-based work. I'd say it's mostly the running - if you make a mistake you run. That's the hardest thing and most frustrating thing.'

GH: What are Seattle and the US like compared to your native Australia?
NR: 'I guess it's pretty similar but the weather's a bit better back home. It's usually hot everyday there but it hasn't started raining here yet though, just getting colder. There's not a lot of difference, I'd say it's pretty similar.'

GH: Do you have any interests outside of basketball?
NR: 'Back home I loved going to the beach and just hanging with my friends. One of the girls on the team has a lake house and I like jet skiing so hopefully we can get out there on the lake and do that.'

GH: Has there been a returner who has really taken you under their wing and helped you?
NR: 'I think Sami (Whitcomb) and Michelle (Augustavo) really helped me moving in and doing a few other things. Those are the two that have really taken me under their wing and helped me out.'

GH: The team went bowling a few weeks ago. Who's the best bowler on the team?
NR: 'Everyone's a good bowler on our team!'

GH: What have you enjoyed the most about the community service you've done with the team and how does it feel to be involved in that?
NR: 'It's been good to be involved. We went down to a hospital and worked with little kids. It's good to get out there and experience new challenges. It's good to get away from basketball and it puts life in perspective really.'

GH: Getting to know your teammates, have you discovered any hidden talents that you didn't know before?
NR: 'Some people think they can rap on our team but they definitely can't. I'm the butt of all jokes because I'm foreign. Whenever a conversation dies with new people we meet, everyone always turns it to me and says `well she's from Australia' just to start a new conversation.'

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