Athlete Spotlight: Women's Soccer Player Ashley Thompson

Nov. 3, 2008

You've been the backup goalkeeper for three seasons leading up to now. How do you feel about your journey to the starting role?
I think my journey has been great. I have grown a lot as a goalie since I became a member of this team. It was a bit of a struggle my freshman year, mainly because I was extremely overwhelmed, but everything slowly started to come together for me. Now I understand and know what it takes to become the player that I wish to be and I only hope that my journey as a goalie is far from over.

You made an incredible save in overtime against Washington State to keep the team alive. Did you know you had it in you?
To be honest, I really don't have time to formulate thoughts like that during the game. I know that one of my strengths is my ability to react so I just do my best to keep the ball out of the goal.

Describe your mentality in goal when the game is on the line. What's going through your head?
I get really excited. I do my best to make sure my back line (defense) is organized and everyone knows who they are marking. I also think about my position relative to where the ball is on the field. Pretty much the usual things that a goalie thinks about.

What's the best advice you've gotten in soccer?
What's the point of worrying about what other people say about you? It only causes more stress.

What's the best advice you've gotten outside of soccer?
Have no regrets.

What do you do when you're not on the field?
Watch way too much television (it's my addiction), hangout with my boyfriend and/or my roommate, do school work, and attempt to take naps (they usually don't work out cause of TV).

What's been the funniest moment on the field with the Bruins?
When Larson scored the game winning goal in overtime against WSU using her BUTT!

Do you follow any other UCLA sports?
Men's soccer, softball, and a bit of football and basketball.

Next week we're interviewing Erin Hardy. Give us one question she'll be surprised to hear.
Before the kick off of each game you do some sort of handshake or dance move with your teammates, can you describe one of them and with whom do you do it with?

If I'm making a victory mix CD for my team, it would not be complete without...
Get Me Bodied by Beyonce

What was your Halloween costume this year?
A pirate!

You're at Diddy Riese. What type of cookie and what flavor ice cream?
Sugar cookie with whatever kind of sherbert or sorbet they have. But I keep the cookies and the ice cream separate.

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