Pac-10 Q & A with Beaté Jones, ASU Gymnastics

Dec. 4, 2008

Getting to Know Beaté Jones

Competing in the all-around eight times for the Sun Devils in 2008, Beaté earned a career-best 39.075 against Ohio State. She was one of the squad's top vaulters and floor-workers during the season, scoring a career-best 9.9 on vault, also against Ohio State. On four occassions Beaté earned career-highs of 9.825 on floor. Courtesy of Beaté gives a shout-out to her parents and all her friends everywhere.

Love to trade places for a day with... Barack Obama. I want to trade places with him now, as opposed to after his inauguration and move to the White House. Currently, he is experiencing a major transition in life. And he is building the framework for our nation's transition.

Barack Obama

Favorite moment in a competition... There is no greater part of competition than witnessing every Sun Devil 'hit' her routine. It is the mark of an elite collegiate program when all 24 meet competitors hit their routines. I prefer to lead the team line-up on bars, an apparatus that is not my best but on which I feel confident that I can earn a big score to jump-start our efforts. Alternately, I like to anchor the vault squad, since a high score is correlated with huge energy.

Team on campus that does the best job of packing your stands... The wrestling team. I have no idea why, but the wrestlers are our number one student-athlete fans. They don't make signs or bring 'flair' to our meets, but they scream our names at the top of their lungs when we prepare to perform. They're great! In addition, the entire student-athlete body organizes to attend our annual Gold Games.

If you could make the cover of any magazine, which one would it be?... Cosmopolitan. It is one of my favorite magazines to skim. Though I am far from being the most fashion-forward girl out there (I live in sweats!), it is fun to learn about the current fashion trends. My roommate and I also read our horoscopes devoutly! Some months forecast us better than others...

Cosmopolitan Magazine cover

What class that you are enrolled in is your favorite?... Without a doubt, my public speaking class. When I enrolled, I was deathly afraid of speaking in front of an audience. But my professor's teaching has resonated extremely well with me. I am gaining confidence in my ability to speak boldly. Plus, I have developed a great respect for speakers who can captivate their audiences. Most recently, I presented information on Achilles tendon injuries, a medical issue of interest to me because I tore my Achilles three years ago.

Favorite value in others... Truthfulness and trustworthiness. I appreciate people who say what they mean.

What you're reading... I have joined the masses and am obsessed with the Twilight series (by author Stephenie Meyer). But I refuse to see the recently released movie! I like to keep the images and voices of the characters in my mind.

Twilight book cover

Favorite ASU memory from freshman year... Freshman Orientation - it was by far the most nerve-wracking experience of my life thus far. But I met many amazing people who are now great friends. It is also exciting that I ventured so far from home (Neptune, N.J.) to attend college. I now want to travel much more after graduation, both domestically and internationally.

The sport you're worst at... Baseball. I cannot hit the ball for anything! I blame it on the sun glaring in my eyes...

Glaring sun

Who is your favorite athlete in a sport other than your own?... I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I am not quite sure how that happened! Steeler's Safety Troy Polomolu is my favorite athlete, though. I even own his jersey! Besides the fact that he is gorgeous, Troy is an awesome defensive player. He anticipates extremely well, which means he tends to be in the right place at the right time. Troy plays with intense emotion. It appears that his teammates and coaches trust him tremendously on the field.

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