Pac-10 Q&A with Bree Workman, Arizona Women's Gymnastics

Feb. 4, 2009

Getting Personal with Bree Workman

Workman earned a 9.875 while setting her career high on floor at the 2008 NCAA Regional competition. Also during that season, she accumulated a handful of first and second place finishes on vault in dual meet action. The Lansing, Mich., product is currently tied for 20th in the national vault standings with a season average of 9.856. Courtesy of Workman gives a shout-out to her family and friends back home... 'Looking forward to seeing many of you at the senior meet!'

On my iPod... I listen to a lot of different stuff on my iPod. Right now I’m listening to the Twilight  (Stephenie Meyer) book-on-tape between classes. I also own lots of music by country singers: TIm McGraw, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum. “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria is currently my favorite pump-up song. Twilight book cover
Love to trade places for a day with... One of my little cousins. At ages 6, 10, and 12, they still have no big life issues to worry about. Their lives are free of serious commitment and obligation.
Talent I’d most like to have... I want to be able to draw or paint. My roommate has become extremely artsy in our time at Arizona. Her work is creative and beautiful. I oftentimes can’t believe that someone I know can produce such neat art.  She does a lot of charcoal drawing, and I love a painting she completed of a lighthouse. I actually attempted to enroll in a photography class, but like so many other things it didn’t fit into my schedule. How to draw a daisy
What my sights are set on after college...  My major is elementary education. I’m still non-committal on the age I want to teach, but I’m sure it will be anything between 1st-5th grade. I have a lot of fun with 2nd  and 3rd graders; they still enjoy learning and have the desire to learn, but aren’t yet “too cool for school”. As part of my graduation requirements I will gain teacher certification for the state of Arizona, but I assume that getting certified in other states shouldn’t be excruciatingly difficult. Actually, my best chance for getting a job in education is most likely in Arizona. But I know I will eventually crave a return home to Michigan. It will be nice to once again see lots of green trees, lakes, and seasonal weather. We don’t get much of that in Arizona.
Favorite moments in a competition... During home meets, it is nice to watch the introduction video that our media staff has produced. The show is big-energy, played right before our team hits the floor for competition. When we’re at an away meet, though, I take in the whole competition, event by event. So much of away meets is about cheering on teammates and building up momentum as the meet progresses. We’re not with our home crowd so we must rely on each other to make the most of the experience. Home meets are more exciting because it’s our home turf and the fans are there to see us. Plus we get to incorporate fun, personal anecdotes into the meet. For instance, last week we did a question/answer session with some media, during which one of the questions was, “Name your favorite Disney princess.” During the meet our responses were shared and everyone was amused by the answers. I had chosen Ariel from Little Mermaid because I really like water and swimming. Perhaps the silliest response came from Kristen Schmieder, who answered Belle from Beauty and the Beast because she, too, is “drawn to strange men”. Little Mermaid
Group that does the best job of packing our stands, and the most creative sign they’ve brought with them... Our stands are full with lots of local youth gymnasts, meaning that we have throngs of little girls in dressed in leotards and screaming. The best sign I think I’ve seen was made by a 4th-grade class for whom I shadowed and served as a pen pal. Our entire team participates in Classroom Caps, which assigns each girl on the team to one elementary classroom for a year-long pen pal relationship. Anyways, my class came to a meet and brought with them a handmade sign with lots of glitter and all their names.
Something about myself that others would be surprised to hear... Everyone in my immediate family has a first name that starts with the letter “B”. My dad is Blain, mom is Beth, and brother is Blake. The tradition started in my mom’s family; her siblings are named Brian, Brent, and Bridget. Since my dad conveniently also had a “B” name, my mom wanted to bestow the custom on her children. And more recently my aunt applied the practice to her children. These cousins of mine are Briley, Brynne, and Bryce. Letter B
Best advice I have received and from whom... Gymnastics requires many hours of practice each day and extremely regimented discipline. I have gone through different periods in my life during which I have complained about the sport’s affect on my life and I have been exhausted by the commitment.  My dad always reminds me that if the sport was easy, everyone would do it. His words appease my temporary frustration and make me realize how blessed I am to be doing what I do, that my athletic talents are special.
If I could make the cover of any magazine, it would be... Self Magazine. When I read a magazine, Self is usually the one that I pick up. I avoid fashion magazines and celebrity gossip; I am a pretty low-key person and prefer to avoid the hype of expensive clothing and Hollywood speculation. Self provides fun ideas for staying in shape, unique and healthy recipes, and general well-being practices.

Since living in my own house at school, I’ve grown to really enjoy cooking. It’s somewhat ironic, because my mom always told me in high school that I would starve in college due of my inability to fend for myself in the kitchen. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at baking, but now when I have a spare hour or two I prefer to use that time to cook a good meal. My teammates routinely ask me to make chicken pad thai from scratch. When I’m home, my family requests that I make my grandma’s biscuits and gravy recipe; somehow I became the only person who can get it just right!  With regard to fitness, I am excited to adventure outside the gym after graduation and explore unique ways to stay in shape.

Self magazine
Favorite value in others... Honesty. That, or simply being there for one another and having each other’s back.
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