Q & A With Christina Rozier

Feb. 12, 2009

GoHuskies.com and Husky women's hoops co-captain Michelle Augustavo continues her Q&A series with junior guard Christina Rozier. Rozier is a Miami, Fla., native who played two seasons at Southeastern Illinois Community College before transferring to UW prior to this year. Rozier has taken over the starting point guard role and been a key contributor to the Huskies as of late. Augustavo and Rozier chatted about the team's current losing streak and the upcoming games with the Oregon schools.

GoHuskies.com: When did you first start playing basketball?
Christina Rozier: 'I first started playing basketball I would say in the fourth grade.'

GH: How is UW compared to the junior college you came from?CR: 'I mean there's a lot of excitement and intensity here at the D-1 level. But here at UW, you have to have a good work ethic and it is much more competitive. It was very similar though because basically my junior college coach was always getting us ready. He would tell us, 'Hey you can't do this and hey you can't do that, or you won't be going D-1.'

GH: Were you being recruited by other schools from the junior college?CR: 'Yes I was. I had University of Miami, Virginia Commonwealth, Florida International, Florida Atlantic, and Central Florida.'

GH: What made you choose UW?
CR: 'Tia Jackson. She was consistent with calling me, letting me know how much she really wanted me, and how I would fit into her program. I just felt confident with her. She was just the most consistent coach out of all the coaches that I had talked to, and I just felt like hey this may be the place for me.'GH: You've been playing extremely well...what do you think has been the biggest change in your game?

CR: 'The biggest change in my game I think has been patience, not thinking too much, and just going out there and doing what I do. I have been working on knowing where to pass the ball, jump stops, and just how I can make our team better. And just working on the little things to get better in order to achieve my goals.'

GH: The team is coming off a tough weekend vs. the bay area schools...what's the mindset going down to Oregon?
CR: 'Positive. I think everybody is keeping their head up because we all know that we can win these last games of the season. We are just sticking together, having patience, having faith, and just believing in each other. We have to keep each other up!'

GH: This will be the second time you've faced the Oregon schools this season. What will be the keys to beating these teams having already seen what they can do?
CR: 'The keys to beating these teams are defense and boxing out. Also knowing where their key players are on the floor. We have to execute on offense, not making turnovers, but rather making them make turnovers. And just playing 40 minutes of Husky basketball - (playing) hard every possession.'

GH: With a 10-game losing streak, does the team feel any added pressure to get a win?br>CR: 'Yeah, I mean we want to win. We are not letting this 10-game losing streak hold us down and letting us sulk. We are still pushing forward. Teams may take us lightly because they see our record, but we are a way better team than what our record looks like. So, coming into these games I know we can win if we can do the things we need to do.'

GH: What are your goals for the rest of the season?
CR: 'My goals for the rest of the season are just to stay positive, keep the faith, and keep working hard. Looking at the future I know that things are going to change, a change is going to happen pretty soon.'

GH: How is Miami different from Seattle?
CR: 'Miami is different from Seattle in a lot of ways! It rains in Miami, but here it like doesn't rain it just drizzles every day. I think the West Coast is a more slow paced life. In Miami everything is real fast paced street-wise, but I think out here on the West Coast there are a lot of great opportunities. Business-wise you got Bill Gates right here, and also I feel like after graduating from here if I decide to stay in Seattle I feel like it won't be hard for me to get a job. There are a lot of nice people out here and the people in Seattle are very friendly. The weather is a huge difference though, it is always cold to me here in Seattle because I am so used to the heat. I really like the West Coast.'

GH: What is your favorite thing about Seattle?
CR: ' I don't even have one yet, but Seattle is just a nice place period. Just being here makes me smile. I don't really have a favorite place yet, Seattle is just a really nice place overall.'

GH: Favorite place to eat?
CR: 'Jack In The Box.'

GH: What do you like to do in your free time?
CR: 'In my free time I like to listen to music, hang out with my teammates, watch basketball games.'

GH: What are your plans this summer?
CR: 'For the summer I plan on working out and getting better so I can come back strong for my senior year. I also plan on going back home for a little bit to spend time with my family and friends.'

GH: What is your major? Possible career goals?
CR: 'My major is sociology. My career goals are to start my own business. I want to start a rec center for kids in communities that are low income. I want to help the kids get off the street and have something to do with their life. I also plan to play professional basketball in the WNBA on God's will. I also want to be a teacher.'

GH: Tell me something about one of your teammates that few people would know about them?

CR: 'Liz Lay and Lydia Young are funny people and they can sing.'

GH: Good luck this weekend in Oregon!
CR: 'Thanks.'

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