2009 State Farm Pac-10 Tournament: Game Seven Quotes


March 14, 2009




USC Coach Mark Trakh

On the last play of the game and the applicable “catch” rule

“We were playing Oregon State last year. There were 0.3 seconds on the clock. The officials came over to us and said ‘Whatever play you run, it’s got to be a tip. It cannot be a catch.’ We ran the exact same play that Cal ran. Nadia Parker went up and caught the ball, she made the basket, our kids went nuts. The referees huddled, just like they huddled here. They called it a catch. You cannot catch. It was the correct call in the loss to Oregon State for us, and it was the correct call tonight.” 


“If she caught it with two hands, even if she’s in the air, and goes back up with it, you can’t get that off in 0.3 seconds. That’s a rule.”


On winning and advancing to the championship game


“We made it more interesting than we should have down the stretch, but it was a great game. I’m just really thrilled that we’re in the Pac-10 finals.” 


On Cal’s Ashley Walker and Devanei Hampton


“Their two frontline players, I’m so happy to see them graduate and never have to guard them again. They are the two toughest kids I’ve ever had to coach against in my life. They’re tough, they’re skilled, and they’re great kids. No matter how much you pound on them, they just smile and come at you. There’s not much you can do.”


On USC’s Hailey Dunham, Brynn Cameron and Camille LeNoir


“It was a great, great win by our kids. I thought Hailey Dunham gave us intensity, she got to the rim. Brynn Cameron has hit big threes this whole tournament and Camille LeNoir, I think, has proven she’s one of the top point guards in the country.”


USC guard Camille LeNoir

On her second-half performance (21 of her 25 points came after halftime)

“In the first half, I felt a little sick and I actually threw up at halftime. My stomach was really bothering me, I don’t know why. After that, I just had to be aggressive because this could have been our last game, and I was able to get to the rim and knock some shots down.”


USC guard Hailey Dunham

On the final minutes of the game


“We missed some key free throws down the stretch that would have given us our lead back, but our ability to stick with it and come up with some key defensive plays was really big for us. You’ve got to credit Cal for making that run at the end.”


USC guard Brynn Cameron

On watching USC’s men’s basketball team win the Pac-10 championship before the game


“It’s like ‘if they can do it, we can do it.’ That’s what’s fun about the tournament and the postseason. Anyone can win. We’re watching upsets all day on TV so that’s obviously motivating for all of us.”




California Coach Joanne Boyle

Thoughts on the game

“It was just really a hard fought game and it is just sad that somebody had to come up on the short end.”


On players’ performance


“I could not be more proud of them.  They gave everything in their tank.  We put ourselves in a hole a little bit early, but they fought tooth and nail to get back into it and I feel like they did everything they did to win this game.”


On matching up with USC 


“They present matchup problems for us.”


On the push late in the second half


“I thought we did a good job down the stretch coming back and our post finished really well, and we went to the free throw line.

amp;nbsp; If we could have done that a little bit earlier, we might not have been in that situation.  It just took us a little bit longer to finish shots.”


California guard Alexis Gray-Lawson

On injury to knee

“I’m fine.  All I can do is to continue to rehab and get better.  I personally feel like I am at 100% right now.”


California forward Ashley Walker

On getting back in the game


“Everybody did their part to get us back into the game.  It was a hard fought game and it came down to the wire.”


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