Inside Scoop: Maya Burns

March 26, 2009

Maya Burns, a local standout from San Mateo, has wasted no time making an impact for the Cardinal in her first collegiate season. Burns has stepped into the lineup as a starting outfielder and been an anchor in the middle of the Cardinal order. After the first half of her freshman season, Maya is hitting .256 with five doubles and 16 RBI. In late February, she posted a six-game hitting streak, notching 10 hits and 11 RBI during the span.

Being from the Bay Area, were you a Stanford fan growing up?

Okay, so I know this is crazy ironic but I was actually a Cal fan growing up! Looking back it's funny to think about because the only reason I was a Cal fan was for their colors. I played on the West Bay Nuggets and we were also navy and gold, so since I didn't have a preference between which Bay Area team to cheer for, I figured why not Cal? (I now know how terrible of a decision that was!) I'm not the typical softball player who knows anything and everything softball related. Actually, growing up I didn't even want to play softball in college, therefore I didn't attend any college softball games! I wanted to come to Stanford my junior year when I realized that Stanford is the only place that I could receive an amazing combination of athletics and academics while staying conveniently close to home!

Describe something you're NOT good at.

I do not have an inside voice. If you were to come to a practice or a game or just simply spend time with my teammates and I, you wouldn't be able to go 10 minutes without hearing them tell me to quiet down. It's cultivated into a huge joke that even the coaches partake in. I'm never offended when they tell me to be quiet mostly because of my humorous personality. The BEST experience, by far, that I've had (regarding people essentially telling me the shut-up) was with Coach Rittman. It was before a game and I was pointing out how painful one of the opposing player's throw looked. Coach was right behind me and said 'Maya, if you're gonna talk smack at least keep your voice down!!!'. The entire team burst out in laugher. I'm not going to forget that one!

Do you have any hidden talents?

My teammates tell me that I am a really good imitator. If it hasn't become clear yet, by general consensus, I am the one everybody laughs at on the team. I usually prefer when they laugh with me, but sometimes it's simply out of my control! So, one time I was sitting with Haber, Maddy and Jenna eating Jimmy V's before a women's basketball game and I saw a passerby frolic in front of us in search of a Pepsi. Only Maddy had the wonderful opportunity to witness the hilarious occurrence, so I felt the need to demonstrate it for Jenna and Haber. I proceeded to stand up and replicate the passerby's actions, and we laughed in hysteria for the following five minutes. It was awesome.

You said one of your hobbies is photography. How did you get started? Do you think you might want to pursue photography in the future or is it just a hobby?

Everybody who knows me, knows that when I am in a social situation, I usually have my camera. I can proudly say that I've inherited this talent from my Dad. You will NEVER find him in social setting or at a sports event without his camera. His camera is so enormous that during club ball other teams would assume he was a professional, working for the tournament or something. He completely took advantage of this and would go into their dugouts so he could get a better angle of my teammates and me up to bat! I'm not as into photography as he is, I just enjoy taking and looking at beautiful photography. I have never really pursued this hobby, but perhaps I will in the future.

What is the most interesting project/field trip you've done for a class?

Going to a Catholic high school, we were required to go on various retreats and field trips that revolve around community service. My sophomore year, we took a trip into the Tenderloin, which is one of the poorest regions of San Francisco, and ironically located just a few blocks from Union Square in downtown. The agency that we worked for was called Saint Anthony's, and there, we were divided up into different groups with specific assignments. The group that I was assigned to had the job of bringing food to the apartments of the poor. I hadn't expected the experience to affect me in the way that it had, but in assisting the poor, I felt a sense of achievement that I could never get from hitting a home run or throwing a runner out. It prompted me to take part in more community service, which I had vaguely considered previously.

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