Breaking It Down With Bailey

April 1, 2009

Warning: I'm talkative this week
Too bad it didn't go exactly how we planned...

Friday we came out strong starting the season off on a good note, run ruling a very good Cal team who seemed to have first game jitters. Dawgs put the ball in play and made the Bear defense have to make plays. It was great to see girls like Marnie step up and drive in runs (Moose is typically a table setter, who's main job is to get on base, instead she took on the role of a meat eater and got herself an RBI!) Charters started the game off hot with a first pitch liner thru the 5/6 hole and proceeded to steal second base on the second pitch of the game, which resulted in her moving on to third with an errant throw and a sac fly to get her in! So we held onto that lead for a while until Cal tied it up with a run of their own knotting it up at 1-1 going into the 4th. Then we busted out for 6 runs with two outs, tacking on one more in the 5th to make it an 8 run deficit for the Golden Bears going into the bottom half of the inning and their last chance. They were unable to manufacture a run, which resulted in our first Pac-10 victory of the year!

Saturday was a different game. It was a pitching duel of easily the top pitchers of the Pac-10 in Stanford's Missy Penna and our own 'Golden Arm' Danielle Lawrie. Both pitchers had the opposing line up puzzled for several innings, baserunners only coming by way of walks, errors and hit by pitches. Until finally Philly broke up Penna's no-no with a base hit to the grass (it would have been nice if it were on the other side of the fence time, next time). We tacked on a few more hits after that but Danielle had yet to give up a hit. It wasn't until the third time through the lineup that someone finally hit the ball solid. After 10 and a half innings and one hit for Stanford, they got another chance to push a run across the wasn't pretty but they did. Game over, first loss of the regular season.

Sunday, people were still jacked up about Saturday's loss, but couldn't gather all the energy into producing runs. We did a great job of getting runners on and getting runners over, but we faced a challenge in actually getting them in. It was a very frustrating game, and I'm sure it was especially frustrating for Danielle, who shut down the Cardinal offense all weekend. One walk and one bomb later the Card were up on us 2 nothing. They had one our 4 hits. But their one hit counted for something and that's all that really matters in the end. They ended up getting another hit later in the game but it meant nothing. Overall Danielle threw a 2 hitter and lost...that is rare but it happens.

Overall, this weekend was a challenge and lucky for us it's March and not May. We have a little work to do before we get to where we want to go. We have all the tools to get it done, it's just up to us now to be competitive and get our jobs done. We've got to stop looking left and right to see who is going to get it done and step up and do the jobs ourselves.

Here's a really cool quote I got from a book I'm reading called Mind Gym:

'When you believe in yourself and the people you surround yourself with, you will win something really big someday' -Dick Vermeil

And that's all we gotta do. Easy enough.

Coming up next week: the `Zona schools! Come out and support the Dawgs! Students get in free! And it's really not a wallet breaker to come watch a fun competitive game. Hope to see you all out at gorgeous Husky Stadium!

Stay classy and GOOOOO Team purp!

Love, 20

P.S. Glasoe didn't eat any living creature this week...

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