Inside Scoop: Jenna Becerra

April 2, 2009

Jenna Becerra, a rookie from Camarillo, Calif., has already made a significant impact for the Cardinal this season. Jenna has made 27 starts and has been a true utility player, appearing as a first baseman, third baseman, outfielder and designated player. On Feb. 27 against Minnesota, she hit her first career home run, a three-run long ball that broke open a Stanford rout in the first inning. Since then, she has added two more long balls to her collegiate tally, giving her more career homers than any underclassman on the squad. Jenna also has four doubles and 12 walks this season, good for a .306 on-base percentage.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I don't know if you would call it a talent, but I have a really good memory. I'm good at recognizing faces of people, even if I haven't seen them in a very long time. For example, when I first arrived on campus this year, my teammates and I went to the freshman athlete dinner to meet people. We met some of the football players, and one of them introduced himself to me and looked really familiar. In the midst of everyone talking, he had sort of just said hello and moved on, but then I asked him what his last name was. He told me, and I said, 'Remember me? I'm Jenna Becerra from Pleasant Valley Baptist School. We went to elementary school together.' He remembered my name, and it took him a while to recognize me, but he did eventually. I hadn't seen him since fourth grade, and all of our friends still make fun of me and talk about how I remembered him after so long. Because of my good memory, we reunited in college, and we're pretty close friends.

Describe something that you're NOT good at.

I am not good at keeping up with my laundry. Ask Ashley or Maya. One time, I even had to call one of my roommates to remind me how much detergent to put in. I've gotten a lot better at it now, but fall quarter was pretty rough.

Is there anything you're 'addicted to' or spend a lot of time doing?

First and foremost, I am addicted to chocolate. I tried it once when I was little, and I've been hooked ever since. When I was about five years old, I even told my mom that I couldn't live without chocolate ice cream. Ice cream is the best, and dark chocolate is delicious, too. Now that I'm in college, I am known as the one who ALWAYS gets 'froyo' (frozen yogurt) in the dining hall after pretty much every meal. I also love steak and can't eat it without A1 sauce. I love pickles, and my dad and I even drink the juice out of the jar when all of them are gone. Also, I love the show One Tree Hill. I've been watching it every week for all the seasons since about eighth grade. I even stop doing homework to watch it sometimes.

What is the most interesting project/field trip you've done for a class?

In high school, I went to the Museum of Tolerance in L.A. and learned about the Holocaust. I had read the Diary of Anne Frank, and I found the museum really interesting. Although tragic, the history of World War II and the Holocaust is fascinating, and the museum gave me a different perspective about this history.

What was the best vacation you've ever taken?

I've actually never been on a real vacation. Every trip I've ever made outside of the state was usually for softball or some family event. So, I'm gonna say my favorite place to play was Seattle and Colorado. The Washington beach was awesome, and the Colorado mountains are gorgeous. My parents and I went to the original Starbucks and walked along the beach in Seattle a few years ago when we were there for nationals. Also, last year I went white water rafting in Colorado. I was shocked my dad actually let me do something physical that was non-softball related, but it was really fun.

How did you start playing softball? Any funny stories from when you were younger?

My dad took me to watch a game at Camarillo High School when I was around four years old. I saw the pitcher and all of the hitters, and I was in awe. I said, 'Daddy, I want to do that.' He signed me up for Camarillo's recreation softball league, and I have been playing ever since. My dad played baseball, so we messed around with it in the living room when I was in diapers. You could venture to say that I've been playing since I came out of the womb. As a former baseball player, he learned all he could about softball, and he's been my coach all of my life. We had the usual father-daughter/coach-player tension in which my mom had to play the role of mediator, but much of my success is because of him.

Elaborate a little bit on your hobbies (writing, drawing, photography, music). What are you favorite things to write about, draw, take pictures of etc.?

Music is one of the best things ever created. I grew up around music on my dad's side of the family because he and my aunts and uncles and grandparents had a band when they were all growing up. Maybe it's because of their influence, but I love listening to music. I usually can't just stand still if there's music on. The rhythm gets to me, and I have to move and dance. Like my dad, I like all kinds of music. From rock to rap to country to alternative to oldies, I like it all.

Usually, I just write about things happening in my life as a sort of emotional release. I like just letting my mind flow and writing down all of my ideas. Maybe I'll write a song with my dad one day. My brother already has.

I used to take art classes when I was in elementary school, and I loved drawing and using pastels and such. I entered into drawing and coloring contests at my dad's work, and I actually usually won prizes. Now, I just doodle.

For photography, I just like taking pictures of family and friends. Sometimes, if I see a pretty landscape or gorgeous sunset, I'll take a picture of it. I love looking back at old pictures in old photo albums. It's priceless.

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