Meet Jordan Jenkins

April 23, 2009

Jordan Jenkins went from being on the scout team last year, to practicing with the rest of the team during spring ball. This talented athlete not only received offers from other schools in the area for football, but he was also offered the chance to play baseball at Oregon. With several of his siblings playing collegiate and professional sports, Jenkins knows how much hard work has to be put in to be able to achieve his goals.


Who was interested in you after high school?


Portland State was one for football and there were some schools around here like Western Oregon. Oregon baseball was one thing I was planning on doing, but in high school I loved football. I loved how it brought the character and everything into it. It’s the only contact sport where you can actually hit someone and I really enjoyed it in high school.


Why Oregon State?


I have a lot of siblings and my brother, Riley, played football here and I also had a brother, Andy, who played baseball here. I knew they really enjoyed it here at Oregon State, so I knew this would be a good place to be. That was a big part of my decision to come here.


How has spring practice been going?


It’s going really well. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a little more laid back than when we are in season. It’s a lot of fun; we get a lot of reps and a lot of good work.


What did the scout team teach you?


When you are on the scout team if you don’t go full speed, you are going to get hit by a first string defensive guy. One thing it made me realize is that you have to play quick and you have to be able to learn fast also. A lot of time you have guys flying around so you have to be able to react quickly and I think I have been able to bring that to spring practice.


What is the difference between being on the scout team and practicing with the regular team?


Playing on the scout team you go off a script. So you look at a card and just try to do what that card does. With the team, it is more organized and you have plays. There are more things to look over and to worry about, like protection and certain routes that need to be ran, rather than just looking at a card. Practicing with the team, there are less breakdowns. Sometimes with the scout team, since we’re not too familiar with the plays, it might breakdown every once in awhile.


Were you able to learn the Oregon State offense, or are you just now learning it?


During fall camp we didn’t really have a scout team so you learn the plays there. During the season you practice with the offense for the first half of practice and then you do scout team for the rest of it. Normally during the scout period you learn the other team’s offense; you run it and try to get the defense better.


You received several awards and honors during high school, what did those mean to you?


My senior year was actually a really good year for football, but we lost in the semi-finals (at State). Some of the awards I got were Offensive Player of the Year for our league, regional player of the Year and then I got some all-state honors for football and baseball as well. It felt good knowing you worked hard all through high school and middle school and tried to make a name for yourself. Getting those awards makes it feel like it has paid off a little bit, so it does feel really good.


Tell Beaver Nation about yourself…


I am the baby of a family with seven kids; I have five brothers and one sister. It’s a big athletic family; my brother (Riley) played football here, my other brother (Andy) played baseball here and my sister, Sari, plays softball right now at Oregon. I had two brothers that also went to Oregon, so I just balanced everything out. I lived in Salem, so that isn’t too far away and in high school I played three sports, football, basketball and baseball. My brother (Andy) right now plays professional baseball for the Marlins. He is in AA right now, which is really cool. It has been a lot of fun.


Is the Civil War rivalry big in your family?


Sometimes. We grew up as Ducks before my brothers went to college. When my brothers came here, we started becoming Beavers, and I am a Beaver. I have to go with Duck softball though because my sister plays there, but I have always loved Oregon State football and baseball.


What was it like being in such a big family with six siblings?


It was pretty crazy. Everyone in one house can get pretty chaotic, but also I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I had all older siblings so I would learn from their mistakes. They would teach me and I was the one to learn it all and to build off their mistakes.


What was it like being raised in such an athletic family?


That is cool too. Growing up when I was younger, I wasn’t really into sports that much, which kind of looking back I wish I would had paid more attention to my brothers’ games in high school. It was kind of tough living in everyone’s shadow at first. In Salem, there is South Salem High School and that is where everyone lives and that is where all of my brothers went to high school. Then when I was coming up, I went to West Salem High School. I had some troubles deciding which school I should go to, but I decided to go to West Salem and to go out on my own. They never pressured me or anything; they were always there to help me. If I had a bad day I could always talk to them about it because they have already gone through all of it already with playing sports. It was been interesting, but a lot of fun.


Why number 34?


In high school, my family was always a two. My sister was two, my brother was 22 and I was always 22 in every sport. When I got here they just gave me number 34 and I learned to like it a lot. I always thought about trying to get number 22, but 34 right now is me. I am my own number now. When my brothers got to college, they got different numbers too, so it was like you get out of high school and you lose your 22. Thirty-four is my number now. My brother played with Steven Jackson so he told me when I got 34 that it was a good running back number. Hopefully I can keep it going.


What is your favorite pro team?


Basketball would definitely be the Blazers because of the hometown. I love the Blazers. For baseball it is probably the Mariners because they are close to my hometown. The football team I have always like was Philadelphia. They have McNabb and they just traded Brian Dawkins and he is one of my favorite players (Editor’s note: Dawkins left via free agency).  I like teams that are mostly close to home, but with football, I don’t know what it is.

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