Breaking It Down With Bailey

April 24, 2009

I don't know why this took me so long to write, but I sincerely apologize for the tardiness of this blog, especially since the Oregon trip was definitely one for the books.

I have always loved the drive down to the Oregon schools but for some reason this trip was one that was a little extra special.

First of all, there were several things I learned (even though I am a veteran) not to do on a road trip:
1. Felecia listens to her music so loud, I might need earplugs (and I am across the aisle and up a few seats)
2. Don't get on the bus last or you will have to double up and sit next to someone (which you're stuck with on the way there aaand the way offense Morgan, it wasn't as bad as I am making it out to be)
3. Last, but definitely not the least, important thing: DO NOT go to the bathroom in stop and go traffic. And I will leave the details to the imagination.

Some other interesting things happened: Elijah, the bus driver, had a hard time getting the bus out of second gear and we ended up broken down on the side of the road for two hours. This was right after a great time at the Charters' 'ranch' in Beaverton. They filled us with pulled pork sandwiches and strawberry shortcake. Then Wilbur (Ashley's dad) proceeded to show us some cool old device he had lying around the house (which turned out to be an old school electric shocker. It was a crazy contraption that you have to experience to understand). Little did we know, we'd be able to watch the entire movie 'Twilight' on the side of the road around 8:30 p.m. We didn't get on the road to Corvallis - an hour and a half bus ride - until 10:30 and checked into our hotel (which had a very distinct smell...) at 12:30 a.m.

Friday, since our game wasn't until 4 p.m., we had to take a 'stretch-walk' to wake us up. We started off normally, walking out of the hotel, then it turned into dynamic stretching (walking on toes, heels, knee hugs, ankle grabs, etc.) then (I was pleasantly surprised with the location of a Michael's craft store 15 yards from our hotel...quite the danger for Lauren and I) we proceeded to Husky Walk across the street to Michael's, enter into the store doing walking hamstring, and made ourselves at home next to the fake flowers where we gave each other back massages. We continued our venture on to TJ Max where we checked out one piece bathing suits and children's toys.

Later, we made the hour drive to Eugene to go Duck hunting... which we did thanks to a couple long shots off the bats of our All American pitcher and 2nd baseman! They're the bomb. Win #1 of the weekend.

Saturday, game one against the Beavs. We decided to make this one interesting by going into extra innings, which is always assurance for a grey hair or two for the coaches. We took game #2 of the weekend in a stressful manner, 1-0 in nine innings.

Later that night, we had a deliciously catered meal with our parents in the hotel banquet room. There were like 75 people there maybe? Well anyway, Coach Tarr shocked me with the responsibility of teaching the cheers to the parents so they can join in if they'd like...or at the very least know what we are saying (since our cheers are so cool). Well me, being as shy as I up and 'hesitantly' taught the cheers (since blogs don't reveal sarcasm very well, that was sarcasm. I'm not shy).

Anyway, Sunday was probably the most fun I have had at a game all year. (Charters and Morgan showed off their craftsmanship by wearing hand made gold headbands to the game...very impressive, with a little help from Lauren and I, who happened to be at Michael's as well...weird). Our fans were AMAZING and really got the cheers going, and our offense showed up too. The sun didn't want to miss out on the action so it made an appearance as well, which resulted in a couple burnt Dawgs. All of this added up to a 7-1 Dawg victory which sealed the sweep of the weekend.

Overall, I love my team and the sunshine.

Thanks to our awesome fans. We, once again, appreciate you!

Stay classy and GO TEAM PURP!!
Love, 20

P.S. UW students come out the BBQ/HR derby we are having at our field Thursday, April 30th at 4:30 p.m. ... there will be FREEEEEE FOOD! I know how much college kids love 'free'... I know I do. RSVP by emailing

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