Inside Scoop: Rosey Neill

April 29, 2009

Rosey Neill, the defending Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year, has been a fixture in the Cardinal lineup for three seasons. As a sophomore last year, she ranked 10th nationally and tied a school record with 19 home runs. A native of Laguna Hills, Calif., Rosey is carrying one of the school's top-10 career batting averages (.282) and slugging percentages (.570) and has already hit more home runs than all but two Stanford players all-time. This season, she is batting fifth in the Cardinal order and owns a .244 average with seven doubles and nine home runs. She paces the team with 34 walks and reaches base at a .419 clip.

Tell us about your major/minor. How did you choose those?

I am a psychology major with (hopefully) a philosophy minor. My father is not much of an advice-giver but before coming to college, he gave me a piece that has stayed with me: do something you enjoy - don't do something just for the money. So my freshman year I started a search for classes I really enjoyed. The first such class was Introduction to Moral Philosophy. The second was Introduction to Psychology. So, these are areas of academia that I have sought out. Unfortunately, I can't really rationalize being a philosophy major because I don't really see myself becoming a philosophy professor or turning into a 60-year-old man with elbow patches and a pipe. What it all boils down to is that I love learning about human behavior - in every facet.

Describe something that you're NOT good at.

I'm actually really uncoordinated. The joke on the team is that I lack coordination until I put on catcher's gear. One time my freshman year, I was walking back into the dugout (which has 3 small steps) after flying out and in my haste to get into the dugout I fell down said steps. I sprained my ankle and had to get it taped for every game the rest of the season. My teammate and roommate Shannon Koplitz jokes that I have a really specific type of coordination - I trip more than anyone else she knows but I never actually fall. I do something massively uncoordinated but then end up saving it with extreme coordination. Any way around it, I don't think I'm that coordinated!!

Do you have any hidden talents?

As far as totally useless talents, I have an interesting wealth of totally useless knowledge. Almost anytime someone asks a random, seemingly useless question, I will inevitably have an answer. Over the summer, my friends and I watched 'Cash Cab' all the time and created the ideal 'Cash Cab' team. Our ideal team is two of my friends and me. Our expertise extends through pop-culture, current events, and politics. I would be there for all things random and (hopefully) sports related.

What did you write your Stanford admissions essay about?

Stanford requires several different admissions essays and I really liked two of my essays: one about the Frost poem 'The Silken Tent' and one about a quote from A League of Their Own. I really enjoyed writing the essay about 'The Silken Tent' because I really like Robert Frost and this is one my favorite poems of his. If you get a chance, look up this poem, it's a great one!! As for the other essay, I used a quote from the movie that I find extremely inspiring. Jimmy Dugan is asking Dottie Henson why she's deciding to quit playing the game and she replies, 'It just got too hard.' To which Jimmy retorts, 'It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The what makes it great.' First of all, I really like this movie and I think it should be a prerequisite for all softball players. Second of all, I think this is an especially poignant quote and puts into words a lot of the feelings I have about this crazy game we play.

What is your favorite thing about being a catcher? Were you always a catcher or did you migrate from another position? Any funny stories from behind the plate that you can share?

I have been a catcher since I was about 10 years old. Surprising as it may seem, as a little kid I talked a lot. Catching was the only position there was where I could carry on conversations throughout the game. I also lost interest in things really quickly, so being involved in every pitch of the game sort of kept me into it! I like to think I get along pretty well with most umpires and find myself carrying on conversations with most of them. A few weeks ago my mom went to a tournament my old high school was hosting and as soon as she got there, a gaggle of umpires came up to her and inquired about how I was doing up at Stanford!! Probably my favorite thing about catching is getting to call pitches. Especially with the pitchers I get to work with, it's super fun setting up hitters and watching them try to hit!! Coach Ford and I laugh after some innings, when she knows that I'm just having fun setting up hitters and seeing them strike out. I love getting into batter's heads and messing with them.

Expand on this `watching trashy TV shows' hobby. What are your favorite shows?

Oh my goodness. I absolutely love almost every show on Bravo. I don't know if I classify them as trashy but my mom sure does! All of the Real Housewives shows (Orange County, New York, and Atlanta), Make Me a Supermodel, Project Runway, and Top Chef are absolutely fantastic. I would say the only one I don't really like is Millionaire Matchmaker. My teammates Alissa Haber and Maddy Coon both share a common love of these shows. Not that we have a lot of surplus time, but after practice these shows are a great way to avoid doing productive work! These shows are awesome because they are so insanely ridiculous that they're hilarious.

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