Meet Brent McNeil

April 30, 2009

The self proclaimed nasty Brent McNeil is coming off a redshirt season after transferring from El Camino Community College last year and is in the mix for the starting left guard job which is crucial for the run happy Oregon State offense. With a daughter at home, this is one family man that knows that college is not only about football but also about providing a future for others.

Who is Brent McNeil?

Brent McNeil is an outgoing person, a team player, he can be funny – at times - tries to be a hard worker ... and smart.

Why left guard?

Actually when I first came here I played left tackle. By me being big I asked coach if I could play left guard and he said that if I wanted to I could move down there. I like the position, being with the big boys and going against (Stephen) Paea every day. Its a position that I can see myself playing at the next level as long as I play hard here and work at it.

How has going against the first team defense here improved your game?

Theyre the best of the best. Youre playing against top notch players; players who played in the USC game last year and against Utah. Theres no slacking off. You have to play hard every play in order to be the best.

What is the difference between playing at a junior college and playing at Oregon State?

Its a big gap. Its a huge gap. First of all its the speed of the game. Its ten times faster here. Terminology is way different. In junior college you can get away with your raw talent. Here you have to have technique, you have to know the defense, you have to read the defense, you have to watch film every day and dissect your opponent. Junior college you didnt have to do that. You could just show up and play hard.

How has the transition been coming to Oregon State?

Its been up and down. Its been hard at times. Last term was really hard for me. It was the first time I didnt really play, I redshirted. I had to really dig down deep and prove to myself that I could play here. I think overall it was a good thing that I did redshirt because I probably would have wasted a year. By redshirting I now know the plays and I have the terminology down.

How would you describe your playing style?

Im raw. My favorite thing to do is pass block which is unusual. Im kind of different, a lot of linemen like to run block and get in there. I like to pass block but I can get nasty at times. I can get really nasty.

Hows it been playing for Coach Riley?

Its been a great experience. I never had a coach whos very calm and really likes you and can talk to you and see how you are. If youre down one day hell give you advice to keep yourself up. Thats a good coach. Thats what the coach is all about. Sometimes you need someone to motivate yourself but other times you need someone to provide you information that can help you in life.

How about offensive line Coach Cavanaugh?

Coach Cav (Cavanaugh) is a great experience. He reminds me a lot of my father when it comes to football. Hes very hard on you but in a good way. When I tell people that they ask me how is it good to play for a hard coach? I dont want a coach who will be like oh, okay, you did okay but you missed this part. I want a coach who is going to be on me military style, get in your face but know that hes trying to help you be the best player you can be. At the end of the day hes trying to help you go to the next level, hes trying to help you become a better man. Coach Cav has been a great inspiration to me.

Who is your favorite player?

Steve Hutchinson. Im a Green Bay fan. Even though he plays for the Vikings, it’s Steve Hutchinson.

Why Steve Hutchinson?

That man is raw. Thats all I can say, hes raw. He played in Seattle with Shaun Alexander and Ive never seen a guy get off the ball and just take over a game. You rarely see it from a lineman. The defensive line is like number 76 is right there. You never see anything like that. I go on YouTube every day and I watch him.

How does Hutchinson effect how you play your game?

I try to take some of his technique. He has clips on YouTube where he teaches you proper steps and stuff like that. I try to pick up little pointers and cheat moves. I just go on and watch everything from him at Michigan; he played at Michigan, to Seattle, and to the Vikings. Mainly, I look at Steve Hutchinson for his run blocking game because thats something I need to work on.

How is Spring Ball going?

Its been good. It started off rocky. I was out of shape, not as bad as when I came in before but its been kind of rocky. The last two weeks Ive exploded. Im having fun now. Im having fun. Thats the thing I was waiting for. I was waiting for myself to be like this is great, Im in there and playing. Im more relaxed now because I now know the plays. Its not like when I got here and was like thats a big playbook; I have to learn all this in like a week. Now its an easy transition.

What happened to make things click for you this spring?

One person, Paea, Stephen Paea. We were in the weight room one day and he just took me aside and was like, you can be one of the great linemen. You have it. I want you to go out with me every day after practice. I work out with Stephen Paea every day. He helps me on the run blocking game. Going against him, thats a monster, and by going with him I know that by game time I will be prepared and be ready. Hes a big motivation.

Whats life like off the field?

Life is great. My fiancé just moved up with my daughter. Im having a great time, my familys here. Thats what Im playing for. Fall semester, like I said, I was going through some things, but now that my familys here Im really happy. By them being here Ive seen my production go way higher. That was two weeks ago. My daughters two months old and when I look into her eyes I know I have to get my B.A. and play football. This could be our way out. My motivation is my daughter and my fiancé.

What are your expectations leaving spring practice going into fall camp?

Just to be in competition. Theres a three way competition between me, Ryan Pohl, and Michael Lamb even though Lamb is hurt right now. I just want to have the competition as close as possible so when summer time comes well still be in competition until the first game. Another goal is to get into the best shape I can get into. I was 325 when I first came here and now Im 305. I was 290 in junior college so Im trying to get down to about 295 and to stay there.

Anything that Beaver Nation should expect out of you?

Hard work. Hard Work. I just want Beaver Nation to know that were coming out to play. Theres no stopping us this year. Last year was a great year but there are a lot of new faces this year, including myself. I dont want Beaver Nation to think that its going to be a recession year, its not. Were the same team as last year. Im not saying that were better Im just saying that were going to improve. Were going to improve.





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