Meet Anthony Watkins

May 7, 2009

After sustaining a season ending injury last year to his rotator cuff during fall practice, Anthony Watkins took that opportunity to learn the Oregon State defense and to be better prepared for this year. Now with fall practice only weeks away, Anthony and his twin brother Brian, who is also on the defensive side of the ball, are more than ready to get back on that field and start hitting guys.


What do you learn by redshirting?


It was a good experience because I was allowed to ease my way in to it. I wasn’t really thrown into the fire. I got to come in during the spring to get ready for fall, which made the transition a lot easier.


What is it like being a twin?


It’s fun. We can’t switch and be each other because I am 6’1 and he is 5’9 and we don’t really look alike at all. We tried in elementary school, but it didn’t work. We always know what each other is thinking, which helps when we are on the field at the same time because I know what he is doing and he knows what I am doing. It made the adjustment a lot easier having my brother here with me. Coming down here we didn’t really know anyone or the city. We had never really heard of the city before until we got recruited, but it made it a lot easier having him here.


What are you looking forward to this season?


I am looking forward to competing and just getting out on the field.


Why 47?


They just gave it to me. They gave me the nickname AK 47. I don’t really know why though. You’d have to ask them.


Why Oregon State?


It has that home feeling to it and it is close to home. It is only about two hours away, so it’s an easy drive whenever I get homesick I can just go home.


What is your favorite part about Oregon State?


Probably the team. The coaches and the team because I am around them all the time, so you have to like it.


Do you have a favorite pro team?


The Seahawks because I am from Seattle.


Are there any players you look up to?


I look up to a lot of players, a lot of the greats. There are too many to name.


What do you enjoy outside of football?


Just hanging out, playing video games and watching TV. My favorite video game is probably Madden or NCAA Football; any sports games.


Tell fans who you are…


I am a nice, outgoing guy that is willing to make this team better and is willing to compete.


What team are you looking forward to playing against in the Pac-10?


All of them. They are all good teams.


Favorite football movie…


Friday Night Lights.


What is the best part of football?


Hitting people. That is what I love. My favorite hit of all time was when Reggie Bush got hit by, I think it was, Brian Dawkins.


What was it like coming back from your rotator cuff injury?


It’s good now; it’s 100 percent. I am ready to go out there and give it 100 percent. It was a long, tough process. It’s hard on the mental part because you start wondering when you will be able to come back and when can you start lifting. It takes its toll. You want to get out there because you see everyone else out there doing everything; it just makes you want to get out there too. I am glad I made it back for spring.

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