Meet Timi Oshinowo

May 12, 2009

Timi Oshinowo isn’t the typical mechanical engineering student at Oregon State. He’s also a football player. Though he has dreams of playing in the NFL, he also has an eye on the big picture. He will graduate early and intends to walk away from OSU with his Master’s as well. Timi took time after practice during the last week of Spring Ball to give Beaver Nation a little insight to who Timi Oshinowo is...



You are a mechanical engineering student… not the most common degree choice amongst your peers. What got you into that line of study?


A whole bunch of my family are smarty-pantses. My brother is an electrical engineer, my dad is a geodesist, he works in a particle accelerator. That is just how my family is. I excelled at math and science in high school. When I came here I was told me to do mechanical engineering, because I want to use my engineering prowess per se in the athletic realm.


What are your post-collegiate ambitions?


For one, I would love to play in the NFL, but first I want to get my degree. I am about to graduate a term early. I will graduate next winter, so I will have about a year and a half to get my Master’s. My dream job is to work at Nike.


What were the deciding factors that brought you to Oregon State?


I fell in love with the place the first time I came here. My brother (Babatunde Oshinowo) played in the Pac-10, he played at Stanford. So, one thing I wanted to do was play in the Pac-10. I really liked Coach Riley and I really like Coach Cavanaugh. They are amazing coaches. And the people here. The people here have been great.


How did you get your start in football?


My brother was a big inspiration on me. Growing up I remember going to all of his high school games and cheering for him. I remember seeing him play in high school and college and I would always think to myself ‘I want to do that.’


What have you enjoyed most about Oregon State?


What I have enjoyed most are the people here. All of my teammates and all of my coaches I’ve grown to love ‘em. They are like my family. My teammates are like my brothers. All of my coaches are like my uncles and dads. It’s like a big family. That’s the biggest thing I love about it.


Academics have clearly been important to you while you’ve been here. What does education mean to you, and how hard has it been juggling academics and football?


Education is incredibly important. My dad always says you have to get that meal ticket, which is that degree. Everyone says the NFL, they call it ‘not for long,’ so I want to have something to fall back on. Education is huge. So far, ever since I got into Pro School it has been a lot tougher. I don’t have as much time to talk to TA’s or meet with professors, so I have to do a lot of extra studying. Even today, I’m going to go to the library after practice and study.


Do you have any pregame rituals?


A big pregame ritual is prayer. My family and I are very spiritual. We believe in God and that Jesus is our savior. I always pray and ask for His strength before games. Prayer is huge.


What can we expect from Timi Oshinowo this season?


We can expect that Timi Oshinowo will work very hard for his teammates and coaches and that he is going to make many improvements and is going to be ready for the fall and be ready to be a big time contributor.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview was conducted during the final week of Spring Ball. Timi injured his knee during the Spring Game, May 2. Since then he has had surgery and is out indefinitely.


You aren’t exactly a west coast guy, give us a break down of your roots. What has the transition to the west coast been like?


I was born in Columbus, Ohio at Ohio State University. Then I lived in Texas, and then when I was six I moved to Naperville, Ill. That is where I lived until Oregon. I am a Midwestern boy for sure. The transition has been a little tough. The weather has been the biggest transition. I’m used to being in an urban area. This place is out in the open, farm country. It’s a little different, but I’ve grown to love it.

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