Meet Paul Jones

May 14, 2009

Paul Jones has given himself some pretty lofty goals. He is currently majoring in biochemistry and biophysics in hopes of becoming an orthopedic surgeon to help repair athletes’ injuries. Jones is currently nursing an injury of his own after tearing his ACL and meniscus last year. The doctor told him he had to sit out for six months and he now looks forward to getting back on to the field this summer.


Why major in biochemistry and biophysics?


It’s really tough. I talked to my advisor the other day and he said it’s the toughest major on campus. I just went out and tried to do the best. It sounds like a dual major, but it is actually just one major called biochemistry and biophysics, but it has a really good success rate at getting into medical school, so that is why I did it. When I spoke with my advisor when I came here for recruiting, he said that the year before he had a 100 percent success rate for people that applied for medical school so then I said, ‘ok, sign me up.’


Do you have any medical schools in mind?


I want to stay in Oregon so I am looking at OHSU and they are a really good school, but Washington is really good too. Basically anywhere I could get in I would be okay with, I think.


Why do you want to be a doctor?


I want to be an orthopedic surgeon. I have had a lot of experiences with it. My brother had surgery and when you play sports, you want to do something related to that. I think an orthopedic surgeon would foot the bill.


What was it like growing up in Ontario, Ore.?


It is a small town. I graduated with 90 kids in my class and 300 in the school so everyone knew everyone, which was great. I loved it. My dad was from a small town and my mom was from a small town, so it’s good to know everyone and I think it made me into the person I am. I miss the area a lot because it’s the place where I grew up and everyone misses home. I was thinking maybe Boise or somewhere like that is where I will end up, close but not too far away.


How has it been coming back from injury?


It’s been tough. I have never been injured in my life. I suffered my first injury here, I tore my ACL and my meniscus, so right away the doctor said ‘boom six months.’ It was depressing at first, but once you get into the grind of things, it’s just like another day at work. You just go in and do your stuff and get better. It’s been getting a lot better. I just started jogging and it’s getting better and hopefully I will be back by the summer.


How hard is it sitting out and watching everyone else participate?


It’s funny because everyone is standing around like, ‘oh I wish I was like you,’ but everyone knows that as soon as one day passes of not being able to do anything, it drives you crazy, so yeah it has been driving me nuts.


What gave you the motivation to attempt to walk-on?


You have to love sports, but part of it was it was an opportunity that most people never get. About one percent of high school athletes get the chance to go and play college football or Division I sports. It has always been a dream of mine to do and I thought I don’t want to look back and think I should have given that a try and didn’t. I gave it a shot and made it, and now I am working on the next step of playing.


What was it like getting the chance to play against Washington State last year?


I got in for a couple of plays. It was short and sweet. I had one tackle. It was my first collegiate play, so it was pretty cool. It was funny because we were up by a lot and I was really pumped to be in the game and so I made a tackle. I was pumped up, but it looked really stupid because we were up by 60.


What is it like playing for Coach Riley?


He is a player’s coach. He has a relationship with the players and that is really big. Everyone likes Riley. He is a great guy and a great coach. He knows how to motivate people. He has motivated me to be a better player. He is a great guy. I love it.


What should fans look forward to with this upcoming season?


Fans should look forward to watching football. Every football fan always looks forward to seeing what the next season is going to bring. I think it is going to be exciting. Quizz is going to be back and we have all of these new players. It should be fun trying to get to the Rose Bowl. Hopefully we don’t end up like last year, but we won’t talk about that.


Any pet peeves?


Everyone has pet peeves. Bad drivers or when pedestrians think they own the road. That drives me nuts.


What was your first job like?


For my first job I was pumping gas for my uncle when I was about 15. It sucked. I hated it and I never did it again after that summer. Then I worked construction for a while and I have been doing that ever since. Just during the summers though, not during school. I think I want to do something a little different this summer because I am getting tired of the whole manual labor thing.

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