Catching Up With Jon Brockman

May 15, 2009

Jon Brockman concluded his basketball career nearly two months ago as Washington's all-time career rebounding leader and the second-leading scorer. He is currently finishing his degree, working out and showing NBA teams what he can offer. recently caught-up with Jon and talked about a variety of subjects:

GoHuskies: What has your life been like since the Husky basketball season ended?

Jon: 'It has been pretty hectic. I've been doing quite a bit of traveling between here and Los Angeles. I have been training down there as well as here. In L.A., it is a different scene and I've been working with trainers that my agent has set up for me. I went to Virginia to play in the Portsmouth Invitational. That was about a week or so. It is going to start getting hectic pretty soon when I start working out for teams and attend the NBA Pre-Draft Combine (May 27-31 ) in Chicago.'

GoHuskies: What kind of feedback have you received from NBA scouts?

Jon: 'They see me kind of a Chuck Hayes at Houston or Reggie Evans at Philadelpha-type of player. A real energy-type of player who can get the offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, defend. A guy who can do the little things for the team - dive on the floor, bring energy and excitement and do the little things for the team. Every team in the NBA has an unbelievable scorer on their team. They need guys to come in and be role players and I think that's how they see me at this point.'

GoHuskies: Now that you are a potential NBA superstar, have made a lot of 'new friends,' a new-found posse?

Jon: 'Not really. That could become an issue if and when I do get drafted. I'm sure I'll start meeting some cousins I never knew I had (laughing). For the most part, I've just kept to hanging with my friends. I'm so busy these days. I'm just not home that much. When I am home, I have so much to do that I haven't had much time to hang out with anyone. I've had a lot of alone time in the gym and in the weight room, which is nice.'

GoHuskies: Is it hard to be more self-motivated now that you don't really have a team to train with or be responsible for?

Jon: 'It is a little different, but at the same time, for me, it is a lot easier. Now, I don't necessarily have to come in a lift weights at 5:30 in the morning. I don't have to do individual on-court workouts at any particular time. I can work out at night, lift anytime during the day, whatever. I've found it is a little bit easier for me to manage my time. There is definitely a different motivation. All of the sudden my motivation is on making a living. It is going to be my job, so I want to approach my job as well as I can and be as successful as I can.'

GoHuskies: You chose Greg Lawrence and Bob Meyer in the Wasserman Media Group as your agents. Can you describe that selection process?

Jon: 'It is a crazy process. They really don't have a lot of rules on how you select an agent. There are something like 2,500 agents for 400 basketball players. I was lucky in that my parents were able to narrow the list for me down to about five final candidates they thought would be best for me. I met with them all individually - with my parents, with Coach (Lorenzo) Romar. They were asking questions and were able to steer me in a direction that was right for me. In the end, though, it was my decision and they didn't influence me. I ended-up going with the agent I felt most comfortable with. Someone I would be able to talk with on a regular basis. They have been doing an unbelievable job. They also represent Spencer Hawes, Martell Webster and Brandon Roy. Wasserman Media Group has a lot of resources available and they've been great to work with. There is a real family feel with the whole group.'

GoHuskies: Have you met anyone over the last few weeks who has made you feel like 'whoa, am I really meeting this person?'

Jon: 'I got to meet Jerry West about 10 days ago. I was at the offices at Wasserman and he was in a meeting. I kind of looked in the door and did a double-take and was that it was Jerry West. He came out and talked with me for a bit. That was really cool. It was great to meet Jerry West - I mean, he's the NBA logo! Also, another cool moment was when I went to a Laker game and met-up with Danny Carey, the drummer from (the band) Tool. We talk occasionally so it was good to see him again.'

GoHuskies: You've met so many other college players throughout the years - through high school recruiting, playing against them and such. Since the season ended, who have you met that you've enjoyed meeting?

Jon: 'By far, James Johnson from Wake Forest. He is such a goofball - and I say that in the best possible way. He is going to go really high in the draft and he's a great player. He is a complete clown and always has us laughing. We work out together. He is a fun guy to be around.'

GoHuskies: How was the experience for you and other other draft prospects at the Portsmouth Invitational and the workouts going on now?

Jon: 'Pretty much everyone (at Portsmouth) was dialed-in. Everyone was fighting for a spot (in the rotation) and to be seen. It is pretty much the same now. We work out three times a day. Everyone is exhausted by the end of the day. Afterwards, we just have to get some sleep. For the most part, my agency gears towards guys who are going to be focused so we all have the same goals, aspirations and work ethic and we all take it seriously as our jobs.'

GoHuskies: Have you spoke with Brandon Roy or Spencer Hawes lately?

Jon: 'I talk with Spencer every day. He is always bugging me (laughing). He is resting his body right now and relaxing after the long season. Both of those guys will help a lot more as I get more into working out for teams and getting further into the evaluation process. It is great to have them there for me to help out in whatever they can do.'

GoHuskies: Any big changes in your lifestyle these days? Have you bought a new car, a new house, taking lavish vacations?

Jon: 'I'm still driving my 1987 Mazda B2200 SE-5 pickup and I don't think that'll change anytime soon!'

GoHuskies: Have you had a chance to visit with Coach (Cameron) Dollar since he left the UW to become the head coach at Seattle U?

Jon: 'I've talked with him. He's doing really well. We are supposed to have lunch soon. He's so busy right now with starting everything up at Seattle U so it is tough to match schedules. He seems to be doing really well there. He'll be great for Seattle U but a big part of me wishes he was still at the UW.'

GoHuskies: How hard has it been to focus on school with so much going on in your life?

Jon: 'It has been really difficult to focus. Every time I'm sitting in class, I'm thinking I need to be in the gym. When I'm in the gym, I'm not really thinking about class though. It is tough to balance everything but I know I need to get it finished so I don't have to come back and go to summer school. I know that if I don't finish, that will hurt our program (the UW's graduation rate) and I made a promise to my mom that I would graduate this summer.'

GoHuskies: Have you spoken with Justin Dentmon and Artem Wallace - the two other UW seniors - lately?

Jon: 'Artem and I are still roommates so I see him all the time. He's doing well, continuing to work out and stay in shape, going to school. I spoke with Just a couple of days ago. He is also working out hard. I'm not sure of his exact plans and ideas but I know he's working hard and will be playing somewhere next year.'

GoHuskies: Have you met with or worked-out for any specific teams yet?

Jon: 'Portsmouth was the only time I have been in front of NBA guys. I have not been in front of any individual teams. I have not had any individual meetings. No teams have had any scouts or coaches down to L.A. to watch me workout. I've seen on the Internet that I supposedly have worked out for teams. I don't know who allegedly saw me but I hope I looked good. I hope my phantom workout impressed somebody!'

GoHuskies: How do you think rumors like that get started?

Jon: 'I think someone can overhear someone talking and get only part of the conversation then it takes on a life of its own. I guess I've gotten somewhat used to the rumor mill so I'm not quite as sensitive to it as I used to be.

GoHuskies: Are you still a big Internet guy?

Jon: 'I'm still on Twitter. I'm not on Facebook anymore. I found I wasn't using it. The end of the season came and, for the first time in a long time, I'd go a week without checking Facebook and I found I didn't miss it. So, I'm sticking with Twitter. I've gotten a lot of messages from people who think I `de-friended' them. That isn't the case. I just deleted my Facebook.'

GoHuskies: Have you been watching the NBA Playoffs?

Jon: 'Yes, it is so fun to watch. The guys are certainly playing hard. There are a lot of hard fouls. I with (the officials) would let a little more go. They seem to be a little too whistle-happy. I understand they want to make sure the games don't get out of control, though. With two series going into game seven, it's exciting. I'd like to see a (Kobe vs. LeBron) matchup. But, I'm rooting for Houston. I really like what they are doing with (Tracy McGrady), Yao Ming and Dikembe Mutombo all being injured. I love watching Ron Artest as well. Seeing them play at L.A. at a Lakers game recently was really great.'

GoHuskies: You threw out the first pitch at a Mariner's game recently. How was that experience?

Jon: 'I tried to bring the heat. It was a little low and in the dirt. It didn't bounce in front of the plate - I'd like to point that out! It was low, but it made it across the plate. I was really nervous - probably the most nervous I've ever been. I hadn't pitched a baseball since fourth grade. I decided to try to bring the heat because I thought that fit my profile a little better than just lobbing it up there. It was a great experience.'

GoHuskies: Did you attend any football practices this spring? How do you think the team is doing?

Jon: 'I was in L.A. and I couldn't go to the spring game and I've been so busy I wasn't able to make any of the practices. I do see a lot of the guys in the weight room every day. It is always interesting to see the guys who come in to get more work and there seems to be more and more doing that this year - doing the extra lifting. Coming in on their own and spending more time in the weight room. That is great to see. (The players') mindset seems to be a little different. There seems to be more of an upbeat, exciting feel. I think they are going to surprise some people.'

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