All Eight Husky Crews Advance To Grand Finals At 2009 Pac-10 Championships

May 17, 2009

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - All eight Husky crews advance to the grand finals at the 2009 Pac-10 Championships on Lake Natoma in Rancho Cordova, Calif. The four Washington women's boats that raced in morning qualifying heats each took first or second place in their races to qualify for the finals.

The men's boats each received automatic berths to the grand finals, which begin at 1:50pm with the men's freshman eight and conclude with the women's varsity eight race slated for 3:20pm.

The afternoon will be a hot one, with the forecast calling for temperatures to soar over 100 degrees with a light 5-10 mile-per-hour breeze.

In the first race of the day, the Washington women's varsity four pulled out a good win to qualify for the grand finals at 2:20pm. The Huskies got off to a fast start, holding nearly a boat length by the 500 meter mark. Oregon State and Stanford battled it out for second place, with the Cardinal holding the edge through much of the race. By the halfway mark, UW's lead was less than a length, with OSU and Stanford battling it out for second. The Huskies finished the race just under a length ahead of the Beavers, pulling across the line in 7:31.2. OSU came in second and Stanford finished third. In the second heat, California finished first, USC finished second and UCLA took third. Those six crews will meet in the grand final at 2:20pm.

The second varsity eight raced in the second heat and battled it out with Cal for the lead. The Golden Bears held a one-length advantage they would not relinquish by the midway point of the race. Washington hung around, keeping pace with the Cal shell, maintaining its position through the course's finish. The Huskies took second in the qualifying heat, falling to Cal by about a length. Oregon State took third to advance to the grand final. In the first heat, Stanford, USC and Washington State advanced to the grand final.

Washington's varsity eight women had a tough match in the second heat of their qualifier. The Huskies fell behind Cal early, but maintained their position throughout the race. Washington State settled into third place and cruised to the grand final behind the Huskies and Cal. Meeting in the grand final will be Washington, California, Stanford, USC, Oregon State and Washington State.

The Husky novice eight started hot, taking a lead in the first 500 meters. California made a move around the 750-meter mark to push ahead of the top-seeded Huskies. Washington wasn't able to regain the lead, but did retain second place, finishing a length behind the Golden Bears in 6:46.8. USC was the third boat from the first heat to make the grand final. The six boats advancing to the grand final are California, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Stanford and USC.

2009 Pac-10 Championships
Sunday, May 17, 2009
Lake Natoma; Rancho Cordova, Calif.
All races 2,000 meters

Final Heat Race Results

Women's Varsity Eight
Heat 1 - 1, Stanford - 6:22.9; 2, Oregon State - 6:33.6; 3, USC - 6:38.3; 4, Gonzaga - 6:44.2; 5,Sacramento State - 6:49.8.
Heat 2 - 1, California - 6:24.9; 2, Washington - 6:33.6; 3, Washington State - 6:35.2; 4, UCLA - 6:38.4; 5, UC Davis - 6:54.4; 6, St. Mary's - 6:55.9.

Lane Assignments (3:10 pm):

1- Stanford, 2- California, 3-Washington, 4-Oregon State, 5-USC, 6-Washington State.

UW Lineup:
Cox: Ariana Tanimoto, stroke: Veronica Tamsitt, 7: Adrienne Martelli, 6: Hanne Trafnik, 5: Kim Kennedy, 4: Erika Shaw, 3: Jennifer Park, 2: Lia Prins, bow: Kayleigh Mack

Women's Second Varsity Eight
Heat 1 - 1, Stanford - 6:37.4; 2, Washington State - 6:45.5; 3, USC - 6:50.2; 4, Gonzaga - 6:59.2; 5, Sacramento State - 7:09.7.
Heat 2 - 1, California - 6:34.9; 2, Washington - 6:38.9; 3, Oregon State - 6:44.9; 4, UCLA - 7:05.6; 5, St. Mary's - 7:18.7.

Lane Assignments (2:40 pm): 1-California, 2-Stanford, 3-Washington, 4-Washington State, 5-Oregon State, 6-USC.

UW Lineup
Cox: Isabelle Woodward, stroke: Sarah Aylard, 7: Heather Young, 6: Rosie DeBoef, 5: Alison Browning, 4: Kerry Simmonds, 3: Samantha Smith, 2: Helen Wall, bow: Erin Knox

Women's Novice Eight
Heat 1 - Washington, California, Gonzaga, UCLA, USC
Heat 2 - Oregon State, Washington State, Stanford, Sacramento State, UC Davis, Oregon

Lane Assignments (2:00 pm): 1-California, 2-Oregon State, 3-Washington, 4-Washington State, 5-Stanford, 6-USC.

UW Lineup
Cox: Lauren Wands, stroke: Sydney Collins, 7: Adriene De Leuw, 6: Victoria Nenchev, 5: Haley Yeager, 4: Annie Johns, 3: Ailish O'Sullivan, 2: Markee Murphy, bow: Gillian Pennington

Women's Varsity Four
Heat 1 - 1, Washington - 7:31.2; 2, Oregon State - 7:32.6; 3, Stanford - 7:34.7; 4, Gonzaga, 7:54.2.
Heat 2 - 1, California - 7:25.4; 2, USC - 7:30.7; 3, UCLA - 7:36.1; 4, Washington State - 7:09.7.

Lane Assignments (2:20 pm): 1-California, 2-Washington, 3-USC, 4-Oregon State, 5-UCLA, 6-Stanford.

UW Lineup
Cox: Michele Miyauchi, stroke: Rachel Powers, 3: Kira O'Sullivan, 2: Erin Lauber, bow: Audrey Baker

Men's Varsity Eight
No heat races. All crews move directly to grand finals.

Lane Assignments (3:00 pm): 1- Washington; 2- California; 3- Stanford; 4- Oregon State; 5- UCLA; 6- USC; 7- Washington State

UW Lineup
Cox: Katelin Snyder, stroke: Will Crothers, 7: Anthony Jacob, 6: Bart-Jan Caron, 5: Rob Gibson, 4: Hans Struzyna, 3: Simon Taylor, 2: Jessiah Johnson, bow: Max Lang

Men's Second Varsity Eight
No heat races. All crews move directly to grand finals.

Lane Assignments (2:30 pm): 1- Washington, 2- California. 3- Stanford, 4- Oregon State, 5- Washington State

UW Lineup
Cox: Michelle Darby, stroke: Nenad Bulicic, 7: Lowell Neal, 6: Matt Zapel, 5: Ty Otto, 4: Blaise Didier, 3: Roko Svast, 2: Bede Clarke, bow: Stephen Connolly

Men's Freshman Eight
No heat races. All crews move directly to grand finals.

Lane Assignments (1:50 pm): 1- Washington, 2- California, 3- Stanford, 4- Oregon State, 5- Washington State, 6- UCLA, 7- USC, 8- Oregon

UW Lineup
Cox: Laura Denman, stroke: Mathis Jessen, 7: Tom Lehmann, 6: Conlin McCabe, 5: Jay Thompson, 4: Justin Hopkins, 3: Robert Munn, 2: Ambrose Puttmann, bow: Jeffrey Gibbs

Men's Varsity Four
No heat races. All crews move directly to grand finals.

Lane Assignments (2:10 pm): 1- Washington, 2- California, 3- Oregon State, 4- UCLA

UW Lineup
Cox: Leah Downey, stroke: Maxwell Weaver, 3: Casey Dobrowolski, 2: David VanBolt, bow: Trevor Walchenbach

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