NCAA Rowing Day Two - Quotes

May 30, 2009

Director of Rowing and Women's Head Coach Bob Ernst:
On the varsity eight's performance:
'I didn't think the varsity eight had a very good race. They're kind of up and down. They had a great race yesterday, which is what they needed to do. When you're a fringe-y crew, you're hoping to pick up maybe third place to get into the final. There are lots of people out there who are going about the same speed and wish that they could pick up third place and get in the final too. So I didn't think that the varsity had a particularly good row today, but maybe that's just about where they are. Maybe they're in the top-12 and not in the top six.'

On the race being re-called to the start and how his crew responded to that:
'I was sitting out there on my bike waiting for them to get organized and get going and I'll be honest with you. Some people repsond favorably in that situation, and other people don't have quite the same juice the second time they start. I think they did everything, in terms of protocol, right. And the big game in that situation is to stay warmed up and to stay ready and all that business. Certainly Virginia and Stanford were the teams to beat and they went out and did it. I thought on a good day, maybe we could pick off Brown, but it just wasn't in the cards today. Sometimes it works out fine for them and sometimes it doesn't. Today I would say that's kind of unfortunate for the varsity girls.'

On the second varsity eight:
'The jayvees are doing great. It's very exciting. I thought they had a good row. I think they have a shot at winning. That will be a good shootout.'

'They've got a real shot at it. That's exciting for that bunch of kids. They're all young; there are two seniors in the JV boat.'

On the varsity four being edged by Virginia for the last spot in the grand final:
'The fours was just a heartbreak. Those kids rowed their hearts out all the way down, and they're almost all freshmen in there. A couple tenths of a second... Disappointing today, yeah, but I'll tell you what. They're going to learn some important lessons from being here. Sometimes disappointment can go a long way in the years to come to make them better athletes.'

On the level of competition at the NCAAs and the event itself:
'I'm just enjoying that we're here, that the kids are rowing their hearts out. This is a phenomenal event and the level of competition is just unbelievable here. It's a tremendous reflection of the energy and finance and effort that big universities have put into women's rowing. It's sensational. There are lots of really, really good athletes here and they're well-coached and they've got first-class equipment. This is one of the best regattas in the world for this age kids. And of course, the NCAA runs a first-class show. This is really good, with live streaming and all the live splits on the Web site. This is first class.'

Varsity Eight Two-Seat Lia Prins:
On dealing with Clemson's false start:
'We had a good start and then when the race stopped, we let that be like a good practice and just moved on.'

On the varsity eight's performance:
'I always try to race the best race I can, regardless of the competition. That's the point of racing. That's the point of having competition, because they help you go as fast as you can. It's not necessarily just go until you win and then don't go any harder. Maybe we could have done a little bit better of a race in certain parts of it, but you're always going to think that, no matter what.'

Varsity Eight Coxswain Ariana Tanimoto:
On how Washington handled Clemson's false start:
'I think one thing we were really focused on as soon as we figured out there was a false start, was trying to keep our heads in the boat and stay relaxed while the other crews freaked out and did what they did. So that was one thing we really tried to focus on.'

On the varsity eight performance:
'It's hard to have a perfect race. I think we executed. We did what we were planning on doing and it just wasn't fast enough.'

Second Varsity Eight Coxswain Isabelle Woodward:
On executing the race plan and how the race unfolded:
'We just decided coming right off the docks that we were committed to it and just going out and doing it. We got kind of messed up in the warm-up. There were a lot of delays, a lot of delays. We just kind of tried to focus on re-focusing and then once we got into the starting line, there were more wind delays. We get going, the official said, 'Attention, GO!' and it was all about what we had talked about and everything we planned. A couple of crews got off the start really fast and we just needed to go after it. We started focusing on Michigan State right away, we were up on them a little bit. We just kept taking seats and the next thing I knew, we were into Cal and started focusing on going off them. We ended up pretty good into Stanford. It was the most aggressive race we've done and we did everything that we knew we needed to do and we know we have more. And that's exciting.'

On whether the athletes saved anything for tomorrow:
'We treated this like it was our final, so we did everything that we could. But we know we have more in us. I think we've got more in our sprint, we can be faster off start. We didn't save anything, but we know we can go even harder tomorrow. That's the Husky way. Every time you go out, you go faster.'

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