Meet Andrew Seumalo

June 18, 2009

Being a student-athlete can sometimes take its toll on a player, but Andrew Seumalo has it all under control. His advice to future student-athletes is to not overload your class schedule because the free time that you get, you do not want to spend it in class. Sometimes you just need to relax and play a little Madden with your teammates.



What is it like playing for your dad?


Throughout my whole life he has coached me along the way through high school and even when I was younger. He always helped me along. In a way it isn’t any different now.


Do people see you as his son or as your own person?


They see me as both in a way. I am developing into my own person, but I am still his son. It is fine to me because he is going to always be there.


Who are you in a nutshell?


During the off time I just like to lay back and relax. I like to improve as a player; I am a hard-worker trying to get better and continuing to improve. When I’m not playing, it’s really relaxing and I play video games. I am just sort of living life.


What video games do you like to play?


That would definitely have to be ‘Call of Duty’ and sports games like ‘Madden’ and ‘NCAA Football.’


What team do you like to be on ‘Madden’?


My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys so whenever I put up on the sticks, I have to go with them.


Now that spring ball is over, how did the month of practice go?


It was good. As a D-Line we progressed great as a group. I think our improvement as a D-Line was very good and I think we will continue to improve. We will keep getting better and better before our first game and that it will all come together for us.


If you weren’t playing football, what sport would you be playing?


I guess maybe basketball, but I’m not that good, so maybe volleyball, but I‘m not that tall. I might have to make up a new sport or something.


If you weren’t a defensive end, what would you be?


I would probably be offensive line or someone else on the defense. I like to hit people, but offensive line would probably be another spot.


Do you have a most memorable hit?


I don’t keep track. I just care about getting wins and losses. That’s all I keep track of.


Is there a talent you wish you could have?


If there was a super hero talent I would most like to have, it would probably be the Flash so I could be lightning quick off the edge.


Do you want to coach like your dad?

I have thought about that. That would be something more down the road, but I really like it, so possibly. I like coaching little kids. Maybe collegiate, but wherever God’s path takes me to, that’s where I’ll go.


Any embarrassing habits?


I probably play way too many video games. That is probably embarrassing. I play a lot of fantasy baseball and fantasy football too; stuff that makes me a homebody.


Who would your first pick for your fantasy leagues?


If I had a first pick I would probably have to go with Adrian Peterson. For baseball I went with Albert Pujols; I always have to go with Albert Pujols.


Was there anything that surprised you about Oregon State?


What surprised me was the amount of time consumption. I knew that football would take a lot, but once you actually get into it, you realize it is a 24/7 type of deal. It is fine, but you never expect that when you first step on.


How have you dealt with being a student-athlete?


It’s fine. You can have a busy day, but you always have time to get everything done. You go through the day and you get all your football stuff done, all your school stuff done and then you usually have time for homework later in the evening.


What advice would you give to incoming student-athletes?


Make sure you plan out your school schedule ahead of time and don’t overload yourself with classes because it takes up time and sometimes you just want your free time. Sometimes you look at the regular students and you see how much free time they have and you think, “I wish I could take a nap, but I have to go lift right now.”




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Beaver Fun Fact: Mike Riley earned his first Pac-10 Coach of the Year honor.




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