Meet Michael Lamb

June 23, 2009

After sustaining a knee injury that kept him sidelined most of spring practice the aspiring video game designer and amateur tap dancer, Michael Lamb, looks to make an impact for the Beavers in 2009.

Where did you pick up tap dancing?
'In fifth grade. I was in a talent show and a pretty good friend of mine tap danced and I thought it was pretty cool. I went to my mom and was like `mom, I want to tap dance.' So in sixth grade I started it up and started doing it. I did it through senior year of high school. I haven't really done it in a year now but I'll get back into it. But I hurt my knee. It was just performances through my school, I did a couple there. Through other kids who were in the group with me, through their school also. It was just a fun thing.'

What do you anticipate the left guard battle looking like going into the fall?
'Right now it's Ryan (Pohl) and then Brent (McNeil) and then me, I'm injured. It'll probably stay like that for now. When fall camp starts we'll all battle it out again to see where it ends up you know, but Ryan has it right now.'

If you weren't on the offensive line what position would you like to play?
'Probably tight end. Tight end you get to block which is fun and you also get to run routes and catch touchdowns which are probably fun, I don't know, but it probably is. Also, maybe a safety, safety would be pretty sweet. I'm not really fast enough of course but, to be able to view the field and make big hits on someone and get interceptions and stuff would be fun.'

Why did you choose football?
'I played all sports growing up and I kind of narrowed it down to football and basketball in high school, and track but I only did track to stay in shape. At Jesuit (Portland, Ore.) we went to back-to-back state championships and it ran way into basketball season and I thought I'd rather not (play basketball) because it would be back-to-back sports. So I decided to go with football from there ... and I was big.'

What's your major?
'I actually just changed; computer science was a little too much for me. I'm actually doing New Media (Communications) now. I want to go into video game design ... like animation and all that.'

How long have you been doing New Media Communications and what's your favorite class been?
'I've been doing it just the last two terms. I'm in (NMC) 260 which is like video game design and that is pretty sweet because that's what I want to do. I like video games, they're fun and I think they're going to be around for a while. It's creative and you get to express yourself.'

What's your favorite video game?
'I'd probably say out of sports games I like NBA 2K9 and FIFA '09 and for shooting games I like the `Call of Duty' games.'

What's life like off the field?
'I'm pretty normal. I just hang out and do homework like a normal student; play video games. It's pretty normal.'

What's your anticipation for next season?
'We're getting seasoned, we're working hard, trying our best and I anticipate a great season.'

How is it playing for Coach Riley?
'It's great. He's a great guy and he really knows what he's talking about. He gets us motivated. It's great, he really knows his stuff.'

How about playing for Coach Cavanaugh?
'He's good. Once again he's a really good coach and he knows what he's doing.'

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