Serving It Up With ... Amanda Gil (Part II)

July 20, 2009

In the second of a two-part feature with sophomore middle blocker Amanda Gil, the 2008 Pacific Region and Pac-10 Freshman of the Year discusses what she does in her spare time, Nellie Spicer and 7 a.m. practices.

Serving It Up With Gil Part I What was it like playing with Nellie Spicer?

Amanda Gil: It was amazing. My past setters didn't really know how to set me because I'm so tall. But Nellie set it perfectly every time and exactly where it needed to be. It was amazing to have her as a leader and a teammate. She was someone to look up to on the court.

.com: If you could trade places with anybody on the team, who would it be?

AG: Nellie, because I want to be a setter. If I wasn't a middle, I'd want to be a setter. The setter is the one that talks the most and controls the team the most. That's why I'd want to be a setter because I like being the dominant one and helping out everyone on the team.

.com: This season, you'll be switching to uniform #1. What prompted the jersey switch?

AG: I was #1 all through high school, so when I came here Nellie had it. Now that she's gone, I got it.

.com: What part of your game are you happiest with and what do you need to work on the most?

AG: Before I came to college, I would say my hitting was better than my blocking. But after last season, I feel my blocking is better. We practiced it a lot. I want to improve on my hitting more. I need to get more power on the ball. There is a big difference between hitting in high school and college.

.com: What has been the best experience you've had on a volleyball court?

AG: Getting the kill on match point to win the state championship as a freshman. It was such a close match and they set me and I got the kill.

.com: What was your best experience on the volleyball court last year?

AG: Beating USC in three. It was the best thing ever, especially because we lost to them on their home court in five. Being able to come back on our court, beat them in three and not allow them to come back was the greatest thing.

.com: What are the best and worst things about having 7 a.m. practices?

AG: The best thing is that you get it over with. I'd rather have early morning practice because you get it out of the way and you're not thinking about it the whole day. You get the rest of the day to yourself. The worst thing is that you have to go to bed early and wake up early. And you don't get to have breakfast, so I'm starving during the whole practice. You can have a little breakfast bar or something, but I'm the type of person that needs a meal before I practice.

.com: Away from class and practice, what do you do in your spare time?

AG: Sleep. I don't think I've ever slept as much in my whole entire life as I did last year. It's the greatest thing. My parents told me that I'd sleep a lot and I was like 'No, I'm not. I'm going to go to the beach. It's L.A.' No. I sleep ... all the time. I'm tired 24/7. Because you have practice and class and you don't get home until 9:00, all you want to do is sleep. So every little chance you get ... sleep.

The Big Finish

One word to describe yourself - Silly ... very silly

Favorite athlete - Kobe Bryant

Favorite class - Not Stats 10. It would be the College Experience

Favorite website - Facebook

Favorite thing about Los Angeles - Not the traffic. Probably the weather

Last movie you saw - Transformers 2. It was great, I loved it

Guilty pleasure - Dessert. I love ice cream, cake and brownies

Pre-Match Superstition - I don't really have any here, but in high school before every game we would go to a fast-food joint called Rojoz. I'd always get a chicken caesar salad and a mini beany cheesy burrito. Best place ever. I wish they had one in L.A.

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