Verner's Views - Edition V

July 23, 2009

Good day everyone, or in Romanian it would be, 'Buna Ziua'. We are rapidly approaching the end of summer and the class is starting to wind it down and keep to repetition of what we know. We have learned more verbs, the subjunctive of the verbs, clothing items, family members, and colors.

'Eu am doi surori, un tata, un mama in familia mea'. That last sentence in English is 'I have 2 sisters, a father, a mother in my family'. I got a 29.5/30 on the midterm from last week, which I will take after thinking I had done a lot worse. We have seen many great presentations in class on the Romanian flower of love, Dacian weapons, the legend of Dracula, etc. It has been interesting learning so much history.

For football, we had to do a little testing this week to measure our progress. I personally improved in everything except one thing. We had a lot of good marks in our group. Glenn Love had an amazing vertical jump. Many did well in other tests. The one surprise was the speed of some of the freshmen. They were blazing, testing off the wall, which is something that we really haven't seen in a while. Very impressive, it would take too long to list all of them, so I will just say the whole group. We still got after it in the weight room, even though we did the testing.

'7 on 7' drills have been going exceptionally well, with the offense looking better and better. They ran the tables on the defense last Thursday and made plays everywhere. It was a little shocking, but good at the same time. On Tuesday, it came back down a little to the defense doing what they do. But overall, it has been productive, as we approach fall camp.

In other news, my girlfriend's brother had a baby shower. I think it is the first one I have attended. It was interesting and I think he was happy that I went, so that made me cool.

I still had various workouts over the weekend, trying to tune my skills to get ready for my last season. The last of my time, I spent sleeping and being with my family. We enjoyed a nice little Game Night outing this past weekend. We played Taboo and I went 1-1.We also had a family movie night and watched 'The Knowing' with Nicolas Cage. It was a weird movie with a strange ending.

There was actually a funny moment at the theatre with my dad picking the wrong showing. My mom and sister blamed him for messing up the movie, saying that they couldn't watch it from the middle. He got upset, feeling that he was under a lot of pressure. Come on now! How much pressure is it to select the 6:30 showing, instead of the 6:00, which he picked! Lol, but we ended up being able to switch to the right showing and everything ended up all right.

So that was my week; it has been very long, but each day closer to camp, the anxiety and anxiousness builds up in my being. I want to go out and unleash a furious wrath on my opponents. I'll end with this quote from Lil Wayne from his song 'No Quitter, Go Getter'

'Ssh, victory consistently, train all year to be the enemy's misery!'


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