Meet Mitchel Hunt

July 29, 2009

When Mitchel Hunt isn’t on the football field, you can probably find him either in the woods skeet shooting with some friends, or at a grill barbequing anything and everything for his teammates. Now, with spring ball over and the fall season quickly approaching, Hunt decided to sit down and let fans know a little about this junior defensive lineman and what they should expect for this upcoming season.



How has it been coming back from your injury?


I had one during the season last year. I didn’t think the injury was too big of a deal. It really didn’t have an effect on what I am doing now. The injury wasn’t a big deal at all.


How was spring practice?


Spring practice went pretty well. I played defensive end and defensive tackle, so I was learning new techniques at the end and improved myself at the tackle. I feel like I have been improving myself and the D-Line has been improving as well, so we just have to keep going. I think we had a pretty successful spring ball.


You’re studying a tough major. Why construction engineering?


I started out with business, but then I got bored so I wanted something tougher and I see (construction) as a big market for going into a recession. Buildings are still going to be built, so I will do this and have a job no matter what. I see this as a great opportunity. I want to get into the surveying aspect and sometime down the road I want to get my surveying license and open up a surveying business. It’s the best way to be an entrepreneur in the engineering business and construction engineering management that degree just helps me. It gives me the knowledge of how construction happens and what it entails. The surveying side, I know everything that is going on.


What are you looking forward to with next season?


Just that first game and playing with my teammates. Executing the defense and doing what we do best; putting in our hard work and seeing it put into action. That is what I am looking forward to.


What should fans look forward to?


Fans should look forward to a hard hitting and fast defense and an explosive offense that is going to put points up on the board and a defense that isn’t going to allow the other team to score.


What do you enjoy outside of football?


Outside of football I really enjoy hanging out with my friends. I love going out to the woods and going skeet shooting, clay pigeons. Just going out and shooting and I also enjoy cooking. I love to cook. I like to have a lot of my teammates over and cook big meals; July 4th is always a big thing.


What is your favorite thing to cook?


Definitely barbeque. I really like making barbequed pulled pork, which takes about 30 hours to make, and ribs, steak and chicken; anything really. I love cooking barbeque ribs. I want to try and get into brisket and all that type of stuff. That would be fun.


Do you use your own sauces or rubs?


I make my own rubs, but as far as sauces, I stick with Ray’s Sweet Sauce and that is if someone wants it. I like to think the flavor of the meat is good enough without it.


What is the best part about being a defensive end?


The best part about being a defensive end is you have more freedom and you have more space than you do at D-Tackle. With defensive end and defensive tackle, there isn’t a big difference, so whatever I like about defensive tackle, is what I love about defensive end too. The biggest advantage at D-End is you have more freedom and more open space.


What is your biggest pet peeve?


A big pet peeve of mine is when people don’t take care of themselves. There are ample amounts of resources out there that people can use to help take care of themselves. We only have so much time here so we might as well be healthy and enjoy it.


Is there a team you are looking forward to playing the most?


The first game. It starts out the whole season. You can’t look too far down the road without playing the first opponent and Portland State is number one on my list right now.




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