Verner's Views - Edition VI

July 30, 2009

Good day to everyone, it is true. This was the last week of school with me taking the final on Friday. It has been a long, tedious process with this Romanian class. We have learned so much, that to retain it all is a bit overwhelming. I am curious what type of surprise is waiting for us on this final. We finished off our learning with getting names of food. 'Eu manânc oua la micul dejun.' That translates to 'I eat eggs for breakfast.' We also had a few good presentations, one on Nadia Comãneci, a Romanian gymnast that scored the first 10 in the Olympics - amazing on the parallel bars. Other than that, Friday will mark freedom from class and closer to my degree!

Football lifting has been really good this week, with us getting our three rep maxes calculated. We have all been striving for the top spot in our respective groups. This week will be the conclusion of our team workout sessions. I believe this summer has been a tremendous success and should be very interesting heading into the season.

Our throwing has been going well, too. The offense has been moving the ball and making plays left and right. It's even been keeping me on my toes. So that is a good sign that our scrimmages might be a little more interesting! But with us winding down our summer, we have been winding down in that department.We had a team activity on Wednesday, which many people participated in. We went to Sunset Canyon Recreation Center and had an eight-on-eight beach volleyball match. Some people went into the pool, having diving contests. All in all, it was just fun being around the team as we crack jokes and just have fun. Later on in the day, we played some soccer with people on soccer teams, girls and boys, and it was so much fun to see our non-soccer playing football players trying to dribble and shoot the ball. But it was still real fun!

Lastly, definitely had the regular planned workouts on my own. But also I went to a music showcase Saturday night at the Aqua Lounge near Santa Monica Blvd. I went to see a friend from high school sing and perform for a showcase. She was very good, and the other acts were very good as well - it was definitely worth the price of admission. I also had a chance to go home and see my family. I watched a DVD called The Final Break, which is the last episode/showing of Prison Break and it was very good! The writers were creative and I will definitely miss that show.

That has been the latest update, with camp slowly approaching and the team is anxious to get it started. And our fans who I know are getting restless as well! They have been waiting for a good season, and I think this is the year it can happen!

Pa! Pa! (Bye! Bye!)

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