Meet Keynan Parker

Aug. 3, 2009

When your dad is nicknamed 'Quick,' you have some high expectations to live up to. Keynan Parker has done so, winning gold medals in the B.C./Yukon Canadian Legion Nationals, as well as the B.C. High School Championships. With one year in the Oregon State program under his belt, Keynan will be looking to use his speed to the Beavers' advantage this fall.

What are your goals for this season, both personally and as a team?

I would like to get into the rotation at corner, but I just want to help out any way I can, like special teams. Wherever they want to put me I would be happy to play.

Now that you have been here for a year, what is the biggest difference between high school and college football?

Everything. In high school you play because you like to play and it's fun to hang out. Here it is a job. Twenty-four hours a day you need to be doing something to make yourself better on the field. The pace of the game ... pretty much every aspect of the game changes.

Describe your experience at the 2007 Youth World Track & Field Championships...

It was kind of weird, because usually I am nervous before I run and I went there and I was calm. It was really cool because you get to meet all these people from different countries. It was a good experience, being able to go to the Czech Republic and what-not. It was weird because I just performed differently for some reason and it obviously paid off. It was good.

Do you plan on continuing your track career?

For sure, I think I might try and run a little bit during the summer. Then when we get a track team here, I think we are going to run - me, Jordan Bishop and James (Rodgers) are going to run. So it should be good.

How much experience did you get playing defense in high school?

I played safety (in addition to running back). Safety here and safety in high school is totally different. I just used to go back, see where the ball was thrown, and just sprint and hit somebody. So, it's a little more technical here. But I have a little bit of instincts on defense.

If you were talking to someone who was just learning to be a cornerback, what would you tell them is the most important thing about the position?

For me I had a problem keeping my eyes on the man. So I would say try and keep your eyes on your man, because there is no point looking back at the quarterback, because the quarterback is looking at the receiver and wherever he goes the ball is going. So I would say mainly look to your man.

Describe your dad's (James 'Quick' Parker played in the CFL from 1980-1991) relationship with Mike Riley...

My dad played for the Edmonton Eskimos and the British Columbia Lions while Riley was coaching at Winnipeg, and they played against each other like that. So they had a little history and that was pretty cool.

What is your favorite thing about Oregon State?

It's very relaxed here. It's a lot like Vancouver weather-wise, and it is close to home too. The people are great; everyone is nice in this city. The team is wonderful. I couldn't ask for much more.

What is it about Oregon State's coaching staff that makes them so great?

It is so welcoming here, it is like a family. You always feel like you are at home here and they are always going to look out for you and want you to do your best. That's mainly why I came here. You don't always find that in other schools because it's all about making money and stuff like that. They will just treat you like another player, but it's totally different here. They really care about you.

What is your major?

I don't have a major yet, but I am thinking about going into pre-dentistry. I've always had an interest in health care, so maybe something down those lines.

What motivates you both on and off the field?

I love football. I've always wanted to play at a higher level. So this is it, and there is a higher level after this. So there is always that goal ahead to try and get to.

Who is the fastest player on the team?

I don't know if I can answer that right now. I would like to say I am, but I think James (Rodgers) could give me some competition.

Which place are you most looking forward to traveling to in the 2009 season?

Probably somewhere warm, California, Arizona maybe. Anywhere above 70 (degrees).

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