Meet Geno Munoz

Aug. 5, 2009

Geno Munoz may not have started playing football at the same age as the rest of his teammates, but his talent and ability hides his secret well. Munoz didn’t start playing football until he was 16, two years ago, and that was only because the football coach convinced him to join the team. Since then, Munoz has never looked back and continues to look forward.

What did you learn by redshirting?

I learned a lot of things. I learned the base of the offense and I learned how to run my routes better against people who actually play corner. In high school receivers play corner just because they needed someone out there, but now everyone is really top of the line.

How was the transition from Tacoma to Corvallis?

Weather wise, exactly the same, but there are a lot more people in Tacoma. It’s not bad; I like it down here in Corvallis.

Tell fans something interesting about yourself…

I know how to move my ears because they are big.

Any reason for being number 18?

No not really. I just got here and they gave it to me, but I liked it because I got to be next to Sammie Stroughter in the locker room for my redshirt year and I learned a lot from him so I stuck with 18.

What did Sammie Stroughter teach you?

A lot of things; from my stance and starts to coming out of my routes. I tried to soak up as much information as possible.

Any wide receivers you look up to?

Right now I look up to all of them; all of the older guys. A lot of people who have helped me a lot are James Rodgers, Darrell [Catchings] and Damola [Adeniji]. They all helped me out quite a bit.

Why football?

Truthfully I didn’t start playing football until I was 16-years-old, and that was about two years ago. I just like it. It’s like a game of life. It teaches me a lot of things on and off the field.

Why did you start playing so late?

The coach at my high school just came up to me one day and asked if I would like to play football. I told him I had never played before and he said he would teach me everything and here I am now.

Were you involved with any other sports in high school, or how did he know you were athletic?

I used to play basketball. I always played basketball, baseball and I ran track so I guess he figured I would be able to play receiver.

What are you looking forward to this season?

Traveling. I didn’t get to travel last year so I am excited to see what that is like. I am looking forward to traveling to Cali the most and going to the Rose Bowl. I think it would be tight to see that.

Anything surprise you about Oregon State?

The environment. I wasn’t expecting the locker room to be so family orientated and so cool. I can go in there and have a bad day and come out having a good one. It’s really fun in the locker room.

What do you enjoy outside of football?

I just like to hang out and have fun with friends. Just chill and relax because I’m sore after football, so I just like to chill.

How is it being a student-athlete?

It’s a lot harder than I thought, especially at college, but I am learning the tricks of the trade.

What would you tell a future student-athlete that the tricks of the trade are?

Don’t wait till the last minute to do your homework. Get it done on time. I always waited till the last minute the first two terms.

What is the most important thing about being a wide receiver?

Look into the catch and watch the ball go into your hands.

Do you have a favorite pro team?

The Seahawks, my home team.


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