Meet Mike Remmers

Aug. 10, 2009

Last year Mike Remmers was thrust into a significant roll on the offensive line, providing a huge lift to an injury riddled unit. This Beaver fanatic is living his dream pushing people around at tackle following in the footsteps of his father and brother as an Oregon State student-athlete.

In high school you played both sides... what has the transition been like to only being on the offensive side of the ball and do you miss playing defensive end?

Most people who want to play football see the offensive line as the last position you would want to be. It was a little hard to just be playing offensive line, because I used to love playing defense trying to get tackles and sacks. Now my job is to just protect the quarterback and open lanes for the running game. Not everyone likes doing it, but I accept it as my job and I do it every time. I miss defense, but the more I play offensive line, the more fun it is, like getting a good shot on a defensive end or making a big play.

What has it been like playing for Coach Riley?

It has been awesome. I've been a big Beaver fan my whole life, so pretty much anything Oregon State I've always been into it. I watched Coach Riley when I was younger. Now that I am actually playing for him and playing for the Beavers it's a dream come true. He's an awesome coach. He's really nice. He's really understanding. You can just go up to him and talk to him. I have friends that play for some teams that the coaches don't even know their name. Riley is a great guy. He knows everyone. He'll just come up to you and talk to you just to find out how you are doing. He actually cares about you. That is really nice.

You got your feet wet early getting considerable playing time as a redshirt freshman. What is the difference in the mindset and preparation for this season knowing you will be a significant contributor?

Just like last year, I was competing for a spot. I was busting my tail every day and working as hard as I could to make it so that I can play. Right now I am not thinking I am a guaranteed starter. I'm not trying to think like that. I just want to come out here and work out every day and be the best I can every day. I am just trying to stay on the same page as I was last year in working as hard as I can and do as much as possible.

What have you enjoyed most about being at Oregon State?

Being a big Beaver fan and growing up coming to all the Beaver games, I think what I have enjoyed most is at the beginning of every game now when everyone runs out and you have all the fans cheering for you. It just feels amazing. It feels like you are on top of the world. I always watched the Oregon State football when I was younger coming out and I always wanted to be out there with them and now I'm doing it, it's an amazing feeling. 

In your words, who is Mike Remmers?

Mike Remmers is a very hard working person. He has a lot of respect for everyone he knows. He is very nice. I try to have a good personality. I try to be as welcoming as I can to everyone. A lot of younger guys are coming in and have questions so I try to help them out as much as I can. I want to help everyone I can to be the best player and person they can be.

Is there anyone in the football realm you model yourself after, or look up to as a significant inspiration in the sport?

Andy Levitre, Tavita Thompson, Victor Butler and Slade Norris. Last year they helped me out so much. They would help me out working with me after practice trying to get me playing as well as I possibly could last season. Now they are going off to the NFL it's pretty amazing. I'm going to have a great time watching them.

Both your brother and father were OSU athletes, what does it mean to you to continue the Remmers legacy at Oregon State?

As I said before, growing up I was always a big Beaver fan. Even if I didn't play sports, just coming to Oregon State would have just been fine for me. I am so happy I was blessed enough to come here, get a good education and be able to play football. A lot of people don't have that opportunity. I am so blessed I am able to do that. Just having my dad and brother right behind me supporting me every step of the way is awesome. My entire family is full of bigger Beaver fans than I am and I'm a huge Beaver fan.

Through stories you've exchanged with your dad and brother has a lot changed in the athlete's world at OSU?

My dad has got some pretty crazy stories when he was here. I don't think we're quite as crazy as when they were here. When my dad was here he really got into fishing and hunting and I think that rubbed off on me, because I love it too. So now when we talk he gives me all the good hunting and fishing spots. Corvallis as a whole probably hasn't changed a whole lot, but what they were doing compared to what we do now, I think they were a little crazier.

Do you have a favorite drill(s) in practice?

For favorite drills it's hard to pick my favorite, but I like one-on-one pass protection. It is by far the hardest drill I feel that we have. The defense pretty much has the advantage. They know it's always a pass, so they are going to bull-rush you. They don't have to worry about run defense. Last year I had to do so many sets of one-on-one's - I think that benefitted me the most in becoming a better player.

Do you have any pregame rituals?

When I was younger playing Pop Warner, my dad would take me to games cranking Jimi Hendrix on the way in. So I have to listen to Jimi Hendrix to get me pumped up. That's been a ritual my whole life playing football.

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