Meet Jordan Poyer

Aug. 14, 2009

Coming to Oregon State after spending the summer playing for the Junior National Football team, freshman Jordan Poyer from Astoria, Ore. brings with him a winning attitude that helped him earn three state championships in two different sports in high school. After being named league offensive and defensive player of the year in football and state player of the year in baseball, Poyer looks to continue both sports at Oregon State at a high level.

What was it like to play on the Junior National Football team?

'It was something that I will never forget. It was a great experience being around those types of kids that are my age. Kevin Cummings is grey-shirting here at Oregon State, being around him and getting to know him before he came here. Overal, thel experience got me ready to play college football. It got me in shape and got me running around again because it's been a while since I played a football game. Going out there and playing teams from other countries was a neat experience and I'll never forget it.'

What was it like blocking a punt on the Junior National team?

'I also had an interception for a touchdown but the blocked punt I think was one of my biggest highlights while I was there. It was a close game at first, it was the first quarter, I just go in there and block it and I almost made a touchdown out of it. Doing that in front of 10 or 11,000 people lifted my spirits a little bit and made me realize that I can play with these types of guys. A lot of people think that because I come from a small high school they don't think that I'm able to play with the type of guys that I'm about to play with. It's kind of neat for me to prove myself in that situation.'

What was it like playing football, basketball, and baseball in high school?

'It was tough. Basically right after football season it was basketball season and basically right after basketball season was baseball season. Astoria is a big baseball town so we're always working hard and even basketball has been a huge sport in Astoria for a long time so we try to keep the tradition alive. It's tough but you have to live through it. It's part of being an athlete and being a student-athlete too.'

What are some of your favorite sports memories?

'One would probably be that I started in right field as a freshman on our first ever state championship baseball team. That was pretty neat. My sophomore year I started at quarterback with a bunch of seniors that I didn't really know and I had to beat out another senior. I know it was hard for him to look down and have a sophomore beat him out. That was one of my highlights; we went 10-0 in the regular season and then lost in the first round of the playoffs. My senior year was the best year so far. We ended up winning the football state championship and we got to play here at Reser Stadium and we ended up winning the baseball state title too. My senior year was the highlight of my whole high school career.'

You played both offense and defense for football in high school, which did you like best?

'I liked playing offense more than I like played defense. Just because I feel comfortable with the ball in my hands and them I'm able to do things with it. I like hitting people and not getting in trouble too. I'm playing defense here and I'm happy with that.I'm happy I got a scholarship to help my family out and not to have them pay for my college and what not. Like I said, I played quarterback in high school and it was fun to pick people apart, read the defense. But I'm happy where I am right now.'

How has your experience on the offensive side helped you on defense at Oregon State?

'A lot of people have asked me that before, I know I probably wasn't as smart as Lyle (Moevao) and those guys but it's going to give me a little bit of an edge because I know what they're seeing on the other side of the ball. That's what helped me in high school too.'

What is your favorite sport to play?

'It's between baseball and football. I'm also going to get the opportunity to play baseball here at Oregon State. It's always between baseball and football and it also depends on what season it is. I love playing baseball and playing in the outfield and running down fly balls. I love the game of football too; being able to hit someone and not get in trouble.'

Are you planning on trying to play both football and baseball at Oregon State?

'I've talked to Coach (Pat) Bailey numerous times and I've talked to Coach (Pat) Casey a lot and they really want me to come out there and make myself a part of their baseball team. They said I have a really good opportunity to go and play baseball.'

Do you have a favorite athlete?

'I always love watching LeBron James. I love watching the way he plays. He's such a team guy and he creates situations so that his teammates can score and he does score too. He's such a team-oriented guy and he's always talks about his teammates and trying to get their spirits lifted up. He's probably one of the guys I like watching the most.'

How is it finally being on campus?

'It's been an easy transition for me because I did go to Ohio (to play on the Junior National Football team) and I spent my time there for three weeks and I got to find out what it was like to stay in dorms and play football too. For me it's been an easy transition and I'm always good at meeting new people too. I'm always willing to meet new people and hoping to meet new people and make new friends. I've been to Corvallis too many times to count, I have friends here and I have family who live just up the street so it's been an easy transition for me.'

How do you spend your free time?

'In our free time we just hang out, go to Dixon (Recreation Center) and swim. Now that football's here I'm going to try and get into the film room and watch some film. I've been here for three weeks for the Bridge program and during our free time we either go hang out and we've gone down to the river a few times. There's not a whole lot to do right now because there's not that many people here but I just try to meet new people.'

What is your favorite sports movie?

'I love `Remember the Titans' and `The Rookie.' `Remember the Titans' I would always watch Thursday night before a Friday game and then I would always watch the very last scene in `The Rookie' before I would go out and pitch the next day. They're kind of superstitious movies that I like to watch.'

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