Everyday Champion -- Brittany Stewart

Sept. 22, 2009

Corvallis, Ore. -

Brittany Stewart of the women’s golf team arrived on the Oregon State campus, and like most freshmen who travel a great distance from home, missed her family.  But, that was part of the reason she chose to attend a school far from her hometown of Phoenix – to grow.


That growth was made possible by a scholarship to OSU, one that has enabled her to start her academic studies four years ago in business then switch to communications.


“Extremely important.” Stewart says on the meaning of having an athletic scholarship. “A lot of people couldn’t afford to go out of state to school, including myself -- I’m very fortunate to have a scholarship to Oregon State.  A scholarship has given me the ability to better myself and future.” 


Her future may lie in front of the television cameras, after a shot at playing at the next level.


“The first thing I would like to do is play professional golf,” Stewart said.  “What I would like to use my communications degree in is becoming a television news reporter.  I always loved watching the news; when I was little I would pretend I was the newscaster and record myself.”


What Stewart hasn’t pretended is to seize her opportunities. She owns over a 3.3 cumulative GPA and enters her last season as a student-athlete with the goals of leading the team to postseason action. 


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Q. How did you arrive at Oregon State?

A. “Oregon State was the first school I visited on my recruiting trips. I loved what the school had to offer academically and athletically. OSU has a great practice facility (Trysting Tree Golf Club) and it is just overall a great school to be at.”


Q. What was your initial reaction to campus and how, if any, has that outlook changed?

A. “My initial reaction of campus was that it was in a college town, and it was about the students. Corvallis is very green, there are a lot of trees, and it’s just very different from Arizona. I loved how different it was from where I came from.”


Q. Looking back at it, did you make the right decision to attend OSU?

A. “Definitely.  I think I’m a different person now; I do have a lot of same qualities that I came to OSU with.  But, I have definitely grown; Oregon State has made me a better person.”


Q. How hard was it to leave Phoenix for Oregon?

A. “It was hard; I’m very close to my family and I miss them a lot.  But, one of the reasons I left Arizona was that I wanted to get away from my family and grow – Oregon State has allowed me to do so.”


Q. What helped you make the adjustments to being away from home?

A. “I have always had wonderful teammates.  The seniors really helped me out when I was a freshman, now that I’m a senior I get to help the freshmen.  We have really good team chemistry, and that has helped me make the adjustments.”


Q. You originally were a business major, what made you change to communications?

A. “I changed because I found that I love interacting with people.  I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to proceed in business, but since I changed to communications my grades have soared, so I found my calling.”


Q. What is it like playing for coach Lakowske?

A. “I love Risé.  She is an awesome coach. If you have a problem she is easy to talk with. I think all of my teammates have enjoyed playing for Risé; and I know the incoming recruits will also.”


Q. You are very successful academically, what are the keys?

A. “You have to put in the effort and time. I always talk to my professors and try to find tutors if I need assistance. You have to be very proactive. The opportunities that we have for study tables, the availability of tutors, and just reaching out to your teammates are keys to succeeding as a student-athlete.”


Q. Describe your round of 68 at Trysting Tree?

A. “I actually shot that my freshman year; I was still adjusting to life at Oregon State and being away from my family. I was just out on the course with a teammate having fun, and in my mind I wasn’t thinking about the score. Everything just came together.”


Q. How involved are you in community service?

A. “Most of the student-athletes are required or encouraged to perform community service by their coaches or Athletic Department. We do a lot as a team around the Holidays, but before coming to college I volunteered at an assisted living facility. Community service is important to me; I wish I had more time to do it.”


Q. Explain how you write with your right hand and golf with your left.

A. “I’m actually ambidextrous. I’m a much better golfer left-handed, but I can play right-handed as well.  I can probably hit a drive 80-100 yards right-handed on a good day, but much farther left-handed.”


Make sure to catch Brittany and her teammates in action at Trysting Tree Sept. 28-29 at the Giustina Memorial. 





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