Breaking It Down With Bailey

Oct. 2, 2009


So for all you Breakin' it Down fans out there...IT'S BACK!

I know a lot of you prefer videos since you love my face (just teasing) so there is one in the making, and it is about our World Series wins. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to write about it but I honestly can't put into words the thrill we all felt when that last strike was thrown to seal away our program's first National Title.

Some upcoming things for me: interviews with the freshman class, see what they're all about and discuss how entirely freaked out they were their first day of fall practice and their first day of COLLEGE! I am also going to finish up the 'Getting to Know...''s from last year (I have Jenn Salling, Taylor Smith, Niki Williams and Danielle Lawrie) so I will start working on those as well!

But as for the real reason I am writing this blog today, this past weekend when we made our annual trip out to the incredibly supportive community of Selah (which, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is located next to Yakima). We went to Selah to play a double header against Boise State and to work a clinic for 150 of Selah's finest softball players ages 8-18.

[Get ready, this is going to be a wordy blog!]

We left Friday morning at 7:45 a.m. and arrived to find out we were going on a surprise white-water-river-rafting trip! I can tell you right now that it was one of the most AMAZING things ever! Incredibly fun and I thank everyone who put that together for us (you know who you are). First of all, Lars, our rafting guide, kept threatening us that he'll flip the boat, but after a few minutes with our lovely bunch on the boat he told us he only flips boats with people he doesn't like so we were safe (My boat consisted of freshmen Amanda Fitzsimmons, Melanie 'Hooch' Fagaly, Jerrin FA-AH-SUA, RBI queen Niki Williams and foreigner Jenn Salling).

After getting over our fear of being flipped, we finally began to enjoy the rapids and the constant rush of water coming into the boat. Jerrin Faasua and I were the 'lead rowers' which meant everyone had to follow our timing when we were rowing. Well, being in the front we clearly got the brunt of the waves, which was totally fine with me, but I'm not sure how the freshman infielder felt about this...after going through class 3 and class 4 rapids with names such as 'The Claw' and 'Waffle Wall' we were informed the ride was going to be much less exciting and that all we had left was 'Inside Pocket' and 'The Jacuzzi Room' (which to me sounded like we were going to get drenched. So we all decided to relax and just enjoy the scenery for a while when our guide tells us 'alright, all paddle' so we started to paddle towards the Jacuzzi looked tame enough, but boy were we wrong. As our raft went over the big rock that created this mess, our boat started to do 360's and rock back and forth...all of a sudden the wave started going over the side of our boat and filling our boat with incredibly cold river water! There was about 5 minutes of utter chaos, 3 lost paddles and a casualty (meaning that Jerrin, supposedly the quietest girl on the team, was dismantled from the boat and carried down stream about ¼ of a mile until the coaches boat picked her up...yikes). But just so you know, we weren't the only ones who had someone fall in the river. Amanda Fleischman, Danielle Lawrie and Taylor Smith tipped out of their boat on a pretty brutal class 4 rapid, and did it again later, inviting another member of their boat to join in on the fun (Morgan Stuart). Once we got back to the buses to take us back, we were soaked to the bone and our wet suits were tough to get off, but we were greeted with a nice bonfire and S'mores materials,  my favorite! I had about 5 S'mores (don't judge) and Coach Tarr made about 8 mallows. Freshman Baily Harris decided to forego the rest of the S'more materials and just munch on a bar of chocolate. After our incredibly exhausting day of traveling and rafting, we were treated to a nice dinner at the Hester Residence (student assistant coach Dru Hester's abode) and finally went back to the hotel to cuddle up in our beds and have pleasant dreams about the whooping we wanted to give to Boise State.

Saturday morning my roommate Niki and I woke up, put our uniforms on, and went downstairs to be greeted with a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, cornflakes and toast...quite the selection. We then made our two-and-a-half-minute journey across the street to Carlon Park to begin our batting practice. The sun decided to make a celebrity appearance this year (since last year it rained so hard the worms made an unfortunate appearance) and it was about that time to 'PLAY BALL'! At 11 a.m., after lineups were announced and the anthem was sung (quite beautifully by a regular camper, Laura) the first pitch was finally underway...STEEEEERIKE ONE.

As I was standing in right field, all I kept thinking about was standing in that same position watching Danielle mow down batters at the WCWS and we're already back at it again, looking as dominating as ever. Not only was Danielle dominating, but our rookies also decided to come out and swing the bats!! After seven home runs (Hooch and Jenna Clifton both belting two) we were well on our way to baffling the broncos with a 13-0 victory and 14-1 victory in the second game. Baily Harris pitched lights out for us and looks to contend for the #2 pitching position this 2010 season (Considering in the alumni game, the first 3 hitters she had to face were 3 of the most feared hitters in the game: Ashley Charters, Jamie Clark and Kristen Rivera...even though she gave up a monster blast to Rivera, I'd say she handled the pressure fairly well). It's safe to say I am impressed with this team and can't wait to see what the future holds!!

Saturday night the community (actually Bill Harris, who is the most incredibly giving man I have ever met) set up an auction for our team to help us raise money for our 'Do It Again in 2010' campaign. Maggie Wagner and I shared a set of raffle tickets (six to be exact) and were hoping to win something we could easily share. Well they were auctioning off a sweatshirt (a children's medium) and Danielle draws ticket number 234372 and Maggie and I literally jumped up screaming up and down (I never win) and when I got up there they told me to just auction it they handed me the mic, and let me do my thing. I got like $125 for it! About seven items later, Danielle draws 233465 and whaddya know MAGGIE AND I WIN again!! This time, it's two boxes of unopened 1991 baseball cards and a box of NFL cards. Well, I obviously really wanted these...but all of a sudden the crowd started chanting 'Auction! Auction! Auction!' so I kept a box of baseball cards for Maggie and I to share and auctioned off the last two boxes. Another hundo in the bank! After a successful night of auctioning, raffling and steak, we went back to the hotel (after hearing the football score) and went to bed.

Sunday was the day of the was a rally for us to get up and get it done, but we did it and the girls were great! They were very coachable and that always helps to get through a tough day. After the clinic we got some Taco Bell (hope our nutritionist isn't reading this) and hit the road! We had to take the scenic route home though, so we went through Chinook Pass, stopped on the side of the road and took a picture with the mountain in the background.

Finally we came home.

Tuesday night, we went to President Mark Emmert's house for a Championship celebration where we were honored along with Crew and Cross Country for our accomplishments. It was a beautiful evening with everyone all spiffed up.

Alright, I'm exhausted. Everyone come out to Husky Stadium this weekend for our Fall Tournament! Be back next week!



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