Quotes From Dennis Erickson's Weekly Press Conference

Oct. 5, 2009

On the current quarterback situation:
'As you re-evaluate and study the tape, Danny [Sullivan] did some awfully good things for us. He threw it pretty successfully, he managed the game pretty well and he turned it over one time, which he has not done before. Danny Sullivan did not lose the football game by any means. Everyone was involved in that; everybody on our football team. For whatever reason, we were not ready to play like I thought we would be. I am more disappointed than anything. I look at it as a team loss, and in saying that, he [Sullivan] did some awfully good things. He will start this game against Washington State. Does that mean that Brock won't play? No. I have not decided that yet, and I won't make that decision until the end of the week, whether I will give him a series or two early in the game. I have decided that Danny will be the starter.'

On what he saw from Sullivan in the Oregon State game:
'Some of the throws that did look like bad throws were throwaways because of pressure. If you look at it from the stands or wherever, and you see a ball fly out, it is not always because it is a bad throw. There are other things involved. You see it all the time. Kurt Warner throws it out-of-bounds all the time, and he is pretty good. To make judgment from that is not fair. However, again, we have to look at where we are at and continue to improve as a football team. We will look at that everyday and we will look at every position, which includes quarterback.'

On if he has met with Sullivan since Saturday:
'We met yesterday and looked through the tapes. He got hit a few times, but anytime you lose a football game, everybody is mentally beat down. In a game here at home, it was very disappointing for the whole team. To have a game at home against a Pac-10 opponent and not win is very disappointing to me, because we did not play like we are capable of playing. That is the bottom line. We did not play, as a team, to win that football game, and that is what upsets me more than any one particular thing. He [Sullivan] was like a lot of guys that were in here Sunday; mentally upset at themselves. All quarterbacks that I have ever been around, when they do not win, they evaluate themselves and they are disappointed in the outcome of the game.'

On where the team is at emotionally:
'I will know more tomorrow. Obviously it was a very subdued group here yesterday when we met and watched the tape of the game. There were some good performances by some individual players, but as a team, in all areas, offense, defense and special teams, it was not what we needed. They know it. You get 12 opportunities a year and you have to take advantage of those opportunities, and if you let them go by, then they are gone. This one is gone, it is disappointing, we are disappointed, but it is over with now and we have eight football games left. It hurt, it still hurts, but you cannot sit around and worry about it. You have to make corrections, and the players have to make corrections and try to not let this happen again basically.'

On if he feels this team will be able to rebound:
'We will rebound. We will because we have too much senior leadership to not rebound. We have too much character to not rebound.'

On ASU's pass rush against Oregon State:
'The pass rush is another phase of the game that was disappointing. That is why I say you can't just talk one thing, and boom, this is why we lost. There were a lot of different things: mistakes, turnovers, penalties, I can go on and on. We get two roughing penalties. They were critical and you cannot have that happen. You cannot drop a snap at the beginning of the game. You can't fumble the ball when you are going in. Those things cannot happen. Oregon State played pretty error-free. They had a plan. They were going to eat the clock up, and they made four big plays, which was a difference in the football game, so you have to give them credit too. We all re-evaluate ourselves, but again, after today, it is behind us and we have to get ready for Washington State.'

On Washington State:
'They are a lot better. It is a process, the same thing we are going through. It is a process that they are going through. They are very young in a lot of different areas. They are in the same process as we are. They have had injuries like we have. Against USC, I thought they played really well, and Oregon is a tough place to play. For us, right now, we just have to go play. It is not about who we play. It is about us.'

On Washington State's defense:
'Well they change up. They are a four-down defense, they play a lot of nickel, a lot of three-down stuff, which everybody does these days. They have some experience in the front, and they have good linebackers. They have some injuries, but you watch the USC game, and they played their rear-ends off. They are very capable of beating us. We haven't done anything to brag about. For us, we have to take care of what we have to do to win that football game.'

On how the team will be motivated after this loss:
'They have to do it themselves. You can be a coach and do back-flips and whatever, but they have to put it on themselves to come out and play. That is just how it is. They game of football, in any league that you are in, whether it is high school or college or the National Football League, you have emotional ups and downs. You see it all the time. That is why there are a lot of upsets. I know one thing; people play a lot harder when they are mad. I guess is the best way to put it.'

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