Quotes From Danny Sullivan's Weekly Press Conference

Oct. 12, 2009

TEMPE, Ariz. -

On Coach Erickson getting hit:

'I didn't know what happened. I came off the field and went toward the sideline thinking he would be there, but I didn't know where he was. The next thing I hear is that he got knocked down and (Gerell Robinson) came up to me and said 'Dang I just knocked out Coach, that's not supposed to happen.' Then I saw Coach sitting down on the bench getting treatment. He was a little loopy after it, but he was alright.'

On his performance:
'It was ok. I'm obviously going to be hard on myself about the two interceptions that I threw. I couldn't really control the third one. Those are going to happen no matter what. If you look on the positive side that two minute drive was amazing. We got up and down the field and we needed that before halftime. Getting the ball in Kyle's (Williams) hands was a big deal for us.'

On the flow of the hurry-up offense:
'I liked it. I can get up there and just call a play and see what the defense is doing. It keeps them on their heels a little bit because they can't rotate guys in and out. They can't call a defense that quickly. It's something that we can look at, but at the same time, we still need to have our running game going.'

On the ASU defense causing turnovers:
'I feel bad that we had to keep putting them back on the field. We can't do that. Six turnovers is ridiculous and inexcusable. I take full responsibility for that and I can't be doing that anymore. Three interceptions is more than I threw in the first four games combined. At this point, we're lucky to get a win. We just need to keep rolling.'

On the offense:
'I think it's going well. Our run game is looking good right now. You have those guys up there in the front who are starting to mesh together and do their work. They gave Dimitri (Nance) some big holes. It takes pressure off of me. If we start doing that and getting the ball down the field I think that we'll be alright.'

On changes from last year's offensive line:
'All those guys have played in a couple games now and they're ready to go. Shawn Lauvao, Jon Hargis and Thomas Altieri are all veterans. Having the guys up there that know what's going on is helping out a lot.'

On Washington's defense:
'They have two seniors and a junior who have already done some good things for that defense this year. They're kind of what is making that defense go. They make plays. The Coaches are doing a great job of firing that team up. They're going to be a tough opponent for Saturday.'

On first two interceptions:
'When I threw the first one, they had changed something up on me. They ran a guy the opposite way and he baseball turned on me and I got blocked from that. The second one was a bad throw by me. I didn't see the corner. You learn from it. We got a win and that's all we can ask for, we just have to learn from our mistakes.'

On the rest of the season:
'Every game from here on out is going to be a grind. We have to make sure that we're ready for a long haul. We wish that every game would come easy, but if you look at the schedule and the way the conference is going, there are no easy games anymore. We have to be ready to play four quarters of football through and through. We got away with it last week because the defense played so well, but we can't do that anymore.'

On connecting with receivers:
'Kyle (Williams) and I have always been close because we came in together. We've really had our time to hang out and be friends. We have that mutual respect for each other. Chris (McGaha) and I have also developed a good relationship. It's knowing who they are and reading their body language. Kyle (Williams) has already surpassed last year's total and Chris (McGaha) is already having a good year. Those guys are going to make big plays. In time, Kerry (Taylor) and Gerell (Robinson) will get those catches. Gerell is doing a really good job right now. We have a good group of guys and we're ready to go.'

On relationships off the field:
'You're going to be battling together no matter what. You have to have that mentality going in on and off the field.'

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