Quotes From Danny Sullivan's Weekly Press Conference

Oct. 19, 2009

On the game-winning play against Washington:
'I have replayed it over and over in my mind again. The ball was on the 50-yard line with 15 seconds left and we still had a timeout. Basically we were trying to get something. If we could get 25 yards, that would have been good to set Thomas [Weber] up for a 42-yard (field goal). We had comebacks on the outside by Gerell [Robinson] and Kerry [Taylor] and then we were just going to try and work the seams with T.J. [Simpson] and Chris [McGaha]. T.J. was designed to go back to the hash where the ball was. I saw their safety down over Chris and I was thinking, why would they even have him there if they are going to try and prevent anything? When he stayed there, I saw that they were in their bear front, and I was like, it has to be cover three, because they have not played cover eight out of it. My first intention was to go to Gerell, and I saw their end drop out and that is when I thought, we have the seams, we have to. Then my intention was to go to T.J., but the safety was right on him and Chris was wide open. It is going to be one of the greatest plays of both of our careers, for this team, and maybe for this university.'

On the importance of moving on from the win and focusing on Stanford:
'This is a new week and anything can happen. It is great to get a win and be 4-2, it is great to get a win here [in Tempe] against a great opponent, but we have got to move on and get ready for Stanford. They have had some tough losses the past two weeks, and I think they are going to be ready to go to get back on the winning track. They are a tough team. They lost a close one against U of A, and I think they are ready for some redemption to get back to where they want to be.'

On if the Stanford game has special meaning to him since he is from the Bay Area:
'Yes, this game is going to have a good contingency of Los Gatos people there. I have gotten calls from all of my friends back home saying that they are going to go. I do not know the exact number of people going, but it is probably around 200 or something like that. I have kind of had this one circled on my schedule for awhile, because it is my only chance to show people what I have transformed myself into and what I can do for ASU.'

On the offense's overall progress:
'We are making a lot of progress. We had 464 yards. You get frustrated when you don't score touchdowns in the red zone, but it is a learning process, that is for sure. We have gotten closer and closer every time, and that is what we are trying to do. If we are making improvement, that is good. Eventually we will get those points back.'

On how he feels about the team after the win on Saturday:
'I feel we are pretty confident right now, especially with our offense. We had something like 170 yards rushing and almost 300 yards passing, thanks to Kyle [Williams] boosting those numbers. We are pretty confident, and we just need to keep it rolling. It is a new week, a new team and a new game plan. We need to just make sure we are prepared.'

On ASU's offensive line:
'They are pretty good. They are anchored by Shawn [Lauvao] on the left side. They are pretty good now, once you get those guys together, like I've said before. Those guys have experience now and they are ready to go. They have seen everything that can come at them, and that experience helps. The sacks are definitely limited this year. We only have 10. They are doing a great job, especially with the running game.'

On Stanford's defense:
'Well they are going to play hard, that is for sure. Coach [Jim] Harbaugh does a great job of preparing those guys to be physical and fly around to the ball. Clinton Snyder is always the one guy who jumps out in my mind. He has been there for a while. He is a big, fast player and loves to hit you. He will be one guy that we have to keep our eye on. You know you are going to get the best from Stanford every time you go out. I have known that for years, especially with Coach Harbaugh. You are going to get their best every time.'

On Jamal Miles:
'Jamal was a pleasant surprise. Having Jamal back there catching those bubble screens is going to be nice. I do not know how he got away with some of those spin moves. I thought my knee was going to go out. Once you get his [Jamal's] confidence going, he is going to be a great player. He still has a long way to go, but he knows he is getting better, we know he is getting better and we like where he is at.'

On how he felt after the game on Saturday:
'The general reaction is probably sheer excitement. This could be a big game for the rest of the season to boost the offense's confidence. The way the defense played against Jake Locker shows people that we are going to be a hard-fought team that goes out there every game. I think that play, like I said, is going to be one of the greatest of the decade, because it is five seconds left and you throw a touchdown pass to win it.'

On the satisfaction of the win:
'It was awesome. I was pretty emotional on the field that is for sure. Everything that happened in that Oregon State game got a little justice. We came back and got that play. You look at the whole game and it was a pretty good game. I have no words to even describe my emotions. After the game I ran over to the other sideline and pointed up to my dad. He was happy for me. My mom was so happy and everyone back home saying, `get ready for Stanford, because we want another one like that.' I have support all over the place and that is the best part.'

On Samson Szakacsy making his debut on Saturday:
'I was proud for Samson. For the last three weeks, we have tried to have a play for him. When he strapped on his helmet, that was when I was like, wait we are actually calling the play. I am so proud for Samson. He has worked so hard, even through he has dealt with. For him to go out and get helmet-to-helmet, he was shocked because that was his first hit. My emotion for Samson is very strong. I love that kid and good things are going to happen to him.'

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