Women's Volleyball Blog: Cassidy Lichtman

Oct. 21, 2009

This season different members of the 2009 Cardinal Women's Volleyball team will send in their thoughts on the season and how the team is progressing. Check back soon for a new update!

Hello everyone!

It has been a busy week here in the Stanford volleyball program as we prepared to face yet another set of high-quality Pac-10 foes. After our thrilling victory last Saturday versus Washington, a bunch of us met in the locker room on Sunday to watch ourselves on TV, which is always entertaining. The thing about playing in front of the cameras is that you often forget that they're there and you never know what they are going to catch. Just a side note on that match also, the TV version didn't focus on it, but I just wanted to emphasize the fact that Janet hit the ball so hard that it actually knocked a girl's finger tape off and caused it to fly 10 feet onto our side. We have yet to figure out the physics behind it, but needless to say it was a pretty sweet hit.

Anyway, we started out last week with a day off from practice on Monday. It's a long season, especially playing the grueling competition that we do week in and week out, so it's necessary to give our bodies a rest. We still had weights though, need to stay strong! I'm sure it was a good weights session, but I actually missed it. I don't know if any of you have ever had you're femoral nerve blocked but imagine if your entire leg from the quad down fell asleep. No worries though, I regained feeling within a couple hours (after scaring Alix by walking up to her with a crutch in hand).

We were full go on Tuesday and Wednesday in practice. We worked a lot on offensive execution and of course kept working on our fundamental pass and serve game. (Shout-out to Katherine Knox who got to practice a bit this week...Yay Knoxville!) Thursday was a travel day, so no practice again. School is starting to catch up with us now, so the plane flight and most of the down time in the hotel is taken up with homework, reading, and studying for midterms.

Speaking of the hotel, I have a story from freshman year for you. First let me just say that our hotel is a very nice place and in a beautiful area. Freshman year, however, I was a little skeptical. Cynthia, Gabi, and I were roommates so Gabi and I were sharing a bed. At one point in the afternoon Gabi looks over at me and asks if I smell something strange. I didn't so she started sniffing around. She pulled the green decorative pillow off of her bed, sticks her face in it and immediately throws it on the ground screaming. She told me to smell it so I did, carefully. There was no doubt; someone had physically urinated on that pillow. Gabi proceeded to run into the bathroom to shower. Meanwhile, Cynthia continued to take a nap. Since then Gabi told me that her first thought was that I had wet the bed and, being early in the season, she didn't really know me well enough to ask.

Friday morning in Oregon is everyone's favorite because we get to go to the Original Pancake House! Tradition dictates that we get an order of apple pancakes and/or Dutch babies for the table so we had to oblige. This year we decided on the apple pancakes. They were gone in--no exaggeration--less than 45 seconds. It wouldn't have taken so long, but it was a big table so not everyone could reach the plate to dish some up at the same time. Then we actually ate the meals we ordered also. Gabi and I shared a ham and cheese omelet and a waffle with strawberries, raspberries, and banana on top! Delicious, absolutely delicious.

Later we made the drive to Corvallis to the home of the Beavers. Upon arriving we noticed that our visiting locker room was being renovated a bit so there was a large hole in the floor. They were thoughtful enough, however, to put a sign over it that said, and I quote, 'Hole'. The crowd this year was the best I've ever seen at Oregon State and most were sporting their pink in support of breast cancer awareness. As you may know we collectively decided to take a nap in the second half of the first set and dropped that game, but luckily woke up enough to win the following three. I wouldn't say it was our best performance, but we'll learn from it. Also, I'm convinced that the gym was 120 degrees. I think I can speak for myself and Alix when I say that there was not a single patch of jersey that wasn't wet by set 2. The important thing though, is that we pulled out the 'W'.

Unfortunately, Saturday's match did not end up the same way. I'm pretty sure it all started in the morning. On Friday I thought it would be the first trip to Oregon ever sans-rain. Then I looked out my window mid-morning on Saturday... there it was. I have to hand it to the Ducks, they played really well. I wouldn't say our performance was bad, but definitely sub-par. They served really well and kept us out of system quite a bit. There were a lot of good things that happened on our side of the net and a lot of things we can learn from. This week will give us a chance to reevaluate our game and address our weaknesses. We all really hate losing, but if we can take something from it and learn it might just make the difference in our season down the road.

This just means that the coming weekend is even more important. We would love to see all of you there!

Here's to no more losing, no more rain, and no late nights studying for midterms! See you all soon!


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