Q & A With Lauren Barfield

Oct. 22, 2009

Sophomore Lauren Barfield came late to the sport of volleyball. She did not pick up the sport until mid-way through her high school career at Bellevue's Newport High, but at 6-feet, 5-inches tall it was certainly a natural fit once she got involved. Barfield was a first team All-State seletion as a senior, and now in her second year at Washington she is continuing to learn and improve on a daily basis. Barfield had a career-high eight kills in her last match against USC, as the fourth-ranked Huskies came back to win, 3-2. She also had a block on match point to clinch it. The sophomore talked with Max Sitcov of GoHuskies.com about her season thus far, a love for bookstores, and a favorite eating spot for many locals.

GoHuskies.com: In your last match against USC you had a record number of kills. Tell me about that game?
Lauren Barfield:
'Well USC had just come off a loss, so they were firing on all cylinders. And I have been trying to up my offensive game. So just the fact they came in with their best game, and I played the way I did, it was a good experience and felt good.'

GH: What are some of the goals that the team and you personally are working towards this season?
'Team goals obviously are to win the Pac-10 and win a National Championship. As well, just keep taking care of the little things like covering each other and holding ourselves accountable. Personal goals, keep on improving on my offense and defense, with blocking. I want to work on my passing and become a more well-rounded player.'

GH: Playing against a ranked team almost every night in the Pac-10, what helps you stay calm and focused?
'Me as a player, I tend to get real riled up, thinking I have to go out and be amazing. But listening to my coaches and teammates, staying focused on the little things and the simple things helps.'

GH: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?
'We all dance, to get loose and have fun. But personally I don't have anything crazy or weird that I do.'

GH: What the best advice you've gotten on the game of volleyball?
'One of the first quotes that Jim (McLaughlin) tells us at the beginning of the season is: 'people forget we have tremendous control over our own destiny.' Keeping that in perspective, I know that if I want to do it I can.

GH: You've only been playing the sport for four years, going onto your fifth. What intrigued you about volleyball so much that it led you to work hard enough to be able play D-1?
'The fact that it's high-intensity, high-energy, but you still have to be very clear-minded. It's a precision sport. It's cool that it's intellectual as a sport; you have to really think while you're playing.'

GH: Favorite volleyball memory?
'Last year when we went down to the Bay Area, we just lost to Stanford, it was kind of a down time for us. And without even talking about it, we mentally came together and had one of our best games all year against Cal [a 3-0 win].'

GH: Favorite sport to watch other than volleyball?
'I love watching the (Husky) basketball teams. I actually live with a basketball player so it's fun to watch them go out and play. I love watching the football team, and seeing how much better they've done this year. I really enjoy watching tennis...I like to watch a lot of sports.'

GH: What's your favorite thing to do around UW when you're not practicing or playing volleyball?
'Sit around, veg out, talk with friends, and teammates. I like going to the bookstore a lot, I like bookstores and books. I'll just go in there and read books and read magazines.'

GH: What is your favorite class you've taken?
'Right now I am taking Micro-Economics. It's really interesting. It's the kind of stuff that is real intuitive, like I know I spend my money that way, but now I can put it into a formula and concept, and it can kind of blow your mind because you never think of things that way.'

GH: What your dream job?
'I'd love to play volleyball professionally. Other than that, I think being in advertising would be a cool job.'

GH: Any special talents we should know about?
'My teammates tell me I'm real observant. I can get a feel for people just by watching them.'

GH: If you could cook dinner for anyone, dead or alive, who would you have over for dinner?
'I'd like to have Tina Fey over, she's hilarious.'

GH: What's playing on your iPod right now?
'Guilty Pleasure: `Party in the USA,' that's my favorite Miley Cyrus song, and the ONLY Miley Cyrus song I listen too.'

GH: What's your favorite TV show?
'I really like Mad Men, going back to the advertising thing. It's really interesting and I like the time period it's in.'

GH: Favorite Seattle Restaurant?
'I am from the Northwest so I like Ivar's, for sure.'

GH: Things you want to accomplish or do before you graduate from UW?
'As far as volleyball, definitely win a national championship. But personally I'd like to 4.0 a class once.'

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