Mark Moeller Q and A

Nov. 12, 2009

Do you have any race superstitions?

'I really don't have any superstitions; I just take everything how it comes. I just pray to God for my reassurance before the race.'

What are some of your pre-race rituals?

'It's really pretty different every time and it just depends on whatever works during the day. Our races are at different times so I eat different things depending on the time of the race. If it's a morning race I'll usually just have something small like a bagel and cream cheese. One ritual I have is that I always wear my black socks and pull them all the way up just because it's kind of different.'

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

'BBQ chicken is always good. You can't get it everywhere but when I have the opportunity I always get it.'

Who is your favorite TV show character and why?

'I've been watching the show Weeds recently. Doug is a character on there that I like because he is really chill and relaxed and doesn't really care what anybody thinks.'

Where is your favorite place to hang out in the Palouse?

'I would say my house. People are always coming in and out and there is always something going on. Random stuff, random people and there is always something fun happening.'

What is your top travel spot?

'I haven't done a lot of vacation traveling recently but California is always good. I went to Disneyland a while ago and even though it's kind of cliché it's still fun. I would really like to go to Europe and see some of the old monuments and visit the Mediterranean Sea. I want to go sightseeing, maybe spend a month or two over there. Greece and Italy stand out as places I would like to see.'

Which cross country venue has been your favorite?

'Probably Stanford when they hosted regionals last year. It was really intense during the race because there were more people in the crowd than I've ever experienced in a cross country race before and they were just cheering really loud. Stanford has these famous drums they play during the race and going through the crowd of people with the drums beating is really intense and nothing like I've ever experienced for cross country.'

What is your favorite winter activity?

'We've got a fireplace in my house here in Pullman so probably just hanging out there relaxing and sipping on something hot.'

What class at WSU has been the most enjoyable?

'My most enjoyable class so far has been Sports Economics (Economics of Sports in America). It was interesting to see that all professional sports organizations are just a business looking to make a profit and the losing teams will continue to lose but will still make money.'

What do you plan on doing when you graduate from WSU?

'Probably continue running, do some road races here and there. I might get a job wherever somebody pays me. Living in Portland would be ideal for me though.'

What is your favorite sport to watch?

'Basketball. I've been paying attention to the NBA lately but I would have to say college basketball is my favorite sport. It's more exciting and March Madness is awesome.'

Who is your pick to win the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship?

'I haven't really looked at it quite too much but I've always been a Carolina fan so I'm going to pick them to win it all.'

How do you think the Cougar men's basketball team is going to finish this year?

'From what I've heard so far we have a really young team but we have a lot of really good talent. The sky is the limit and I think the team can do really well this year.'

Who is the funniest person on the cross country team?

'It's a tough decision. Everybody seems like they deem themselves the jokester so each person thinks they're the funniest. David Hickerson is quite a character; he always has something inappropriate to say. My roommate Peter Miller is always talking and no one knows if he's serious or not.'

Who on the team would win an eating contest?

'[laughs] We've done that before. We had this colossus challenge that we did last year where we had teams of two competing to finish the monster pizza from Pizza Pipeline first. My roommate and I, Peter Miller, were a team and we didn't think anybody but us would actually finish it but then Drew Polley and Luke Lemenager finished it faster than we did. We ended up finishing the pizza anyway. Peter is the biggest guy on the team and could probably out eat anyone on the team but I would take second.'

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