Wrestling Claims Nine Titles at SOU Open

Nov. 14, 2009

Ashland, Ore. – Nine Oregon State wrestlers earned titles at the SOU Open, led by sophomore Kelly Kubec (Lake Stevens, Wash.), who pinned his way to the 133 pound title, and freshman RJ Pena (Salem, Ore.), who recorded five pins before tallying a decision to take the 149 pound championship on Friday and Saturday.


Team scores were not calculated at the open tournament.


Kubec completed his run at the title in 13:46 over the span of six matches, while Pena earned his five wins in 5:11.


Redshirt sophomore Jason Lara (Midway City, Calif.) led the way for the Beavers, chalking up the first title at 125 pounds. Redshirt freshman Mike Mangrum (Auburn, Wash.) won his second consecutive title at 141 pounds.


Wrestling for the first time in his career at 157 pounds, senior Keegan Davis (Salem, Ore.) claimed the top spot, followed by sophomore transfer Ryan Smith (Prineville, Ore.) with a 165 pound title. Junior transfer Colby Covington (Springfield, Ore.) took the 174 pound championship with a technical fall, junior Brice Arand (Springfield, Ore.) earned the 184 pound title before sophomore Chad Hanke (Dayton, Ore.) wrapped things up with a 197 pound win.


The Beavers return home to host No. 8 Boise State and No. 12 Wisconsin for the Wrestling Endowment Fund meet on Sunday, Nov. 22. Tickets are on sale now for $10 with all of the proceeds going to the endowment fund. All Oregon State NCAA Champions will be honored with a special banner, as well as National Wrestling Hall of Famers Robin Reed and Les Gutches. The meet is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.


Oregon State Results from SOU Open


125 Pounds


Jacob Lauderdale (Unattached) fall over Benito Mendez (SWOCC), 2:07

Mitchell Lofstedt (SOU) major decision over Jacob Lauderdale (Unattached), 13-1

Jacob Lauderdale (Unattached) flagrant misconduct Luis Mercudo (Lassen)

Thomas Gowing (SWOCC) decision over Zach Lowry (Unattached), 6-1

Brian Bowers (Unattached) decision over Zach Lowry (Unattached), 6-4

Zach Lowry (Unattached) fall over DeAngelo Johnson (Lassen), 4:22

Jason Lara (Unattached) fall over Cody Horner (Unattached), 1:15

Jason Lara (Unattached) fall over Ramon San Martin (Lassen), 2:40


Championship Quarterfinals

Jason Lara (Unattached) decision over Chauncey Phillips (Cal Baptist), 16-9

Alan Bartelli (BSU) fall over Jacob Lauderdale (Unattached), 1:30


Championship Semifinals

Jason Lara (Unattached) decision over Alan Bartelli (BSU), 3-2



Jason Lara (Unattached) decision over Mitchell Lofstedt (SOU), 10-4


Fifth and Sixth Place Semifinals

Chauncey Phillips (Cal Baptist) fall over Jacob Lauderdale (Unattached), 2:13



133 Pounds


Caleb Vallotton (Unattached) decision over Brian Jacob (SOU), 11-9

Caleb Vallotton (Unattached) major decision over John Convey (Unattached), 13-3

Caleb Vallotton (Unattached) decision over David Frasier (Unattached), 6-2

Kelly Kubec (Unattached) fall over Samuel Green (SOU), 2:42

Kelly Kubec (Unattached) fall over Benjamin DeMeulle (Unattached), 3:51

Kelly Kubec (Unattached) fall over Mike Viloria (SWOCC), 3:31


Championship Quarterfinals

Caleb Vallotton (Unattached) decision over Derek Bartlemay (Unattached), 3-1

Kelly Kubec (Unattached) fall over Michael Langford (West Hills), 2:30


Championship Semifinals

Caleb Vallotton (Unattached) decision over Ben DeMeulle (Unattached), 5-2

Kelly Kubec (Unattached) fall over Landon Saldana (Cal Baptist), 1:12



Kelly Kubec (Unattached) fall over Caleb Vallotton (Unattached), 3:44



141 Pounds


Garrett Drucker (Unattached) fall over Chris Gross (Unattached), 4:03

Garrett Drucker (Unattached) major decision over Justin Eldred (SOU), 17-5

Garrett Drucker (Unattached) fall over Jacob Stunley (SWOCC), 6:15

Stefan Stimar (Boise) decision over Ryan Harold (Unattached), 8-2

Ryan Harold (Unattached) wins by forfeit

Ryan Harold (Unattached) major decision over Fransesco Amador (West Hills), 9-1

Raj Virdi (SFU) decision over Ryan Harold (Unattached), 6-5

Kyle Richardson (Unattached) decision over Miguel Baltazar (Unattached), 7-0

Kyle Richardson (Unattached) decision over Daniel Swan (SFU), 5-4

Kyle Richardson (Unattached) decision over Jordan Gray (Stanford), 11-6

Mike Mangrum (Unattached) technical fall over Steve Sanchez (Unattached), 15-0

Mike Mangrum (Unattached) decision over Brad Perry (Boise), 8-3

Mike Mangrum (Unattached) major decision over Joseph Huizar (Unattached), 21-7

Elijah Hutchison (Boise) major decision over Dan Somers (Unattached), 12-1

Kyle Wirkuty (SOU) fall over Dan Somers (Unattached), 5:15

Ian Millan (Cal Baptist) major decision over Dan Somers (Unattached), 9-1\


Championship Quarterfinals

Mike Mangrum (Unattached) wins by forfeit

Stefan Stimare (BSU) decision over Kyle Richardson (Unattached), 10-4

Garrett Drucker (Unattached) decision over Brad Perry (BSU), 10-3


Championship Semifinals

Mike Mangrum (Unattached) major decision over Stefan Stimare (BSU), 18-7

Elijah Hutchison (BSU) fall over Garrett Drucker (Unattached), 2:44



Mike Mangrum (Unattached) fall over Elijah Hutchison (BSU), 1:43


Fifth and Sixth Place Semifinals

Brad Perry (BSU) decision over Kyle Richardson (Unattached), 8-2


Third and Fourth Place

Stefan Stimare (BSU) fall over Garrett Drucker (Unattached), 2:51



149 Pounds


Scott Sakaguchi (Unattached) decision over Arnol Arroliga (Lassen), 8-2

Scott Sakaguchi (Unattached) technical fall over Jason Gray (Unattached), 18-2

Justin Mills (SOU) decision over Scott Sakaguchi (Unattached), 6-5

Jimmy Eggemeyer (SOU) decision over Brian Tostberg (Unattached), 3-0

Brian Tostberg (Unattached) decision over Austin Thompson (Unattached), 3-0

Jason Gray (Unattached) fall over Brian Tostberg (Unattached), 1:21

Alan Dickey (Unattached) decision over Austin Thompson (Unattached), 4-1

Alan Dickey (Unattached) decision over Jimmy Eggemeyer (SOU), 4-2

Alan Dickey (Unattached) technical fall over Brian Tostberg (Unattached), 16-0

RJ Pena (Unattached) fall over Trent Stevenson (SWOCC), 0:46

RJ Pena (Unattached) fall over Joey Kravitz (Unattached), 0:54

RJ Pena (Unattached) fall over Nick Schmidt (Unattached), 2:03


Championship Quarterfinals

RJ Pena (Unattached) fall over Jimmy Eggemeyer (SOU), 1:28

Jason Gray (Unattached) decision over Alan Dickey (Unattached), 4-3

Scott Sakaguchi (Unattached) fall over Trent Stevenson (SWOCC), 0:45


Championship Semifinals

RJ Pena (Unattached) fall over Justin Mills (SOU), 0:40

Scott Sakaguchi (Unattached) major decision over Jason Gray (Unattached), 8-0



RJ Pena (Unattached) decision over Scott Sakaguchi (Unattached), 4-1


Fifth and Sixth Place Semifinals

Alan Dickey (Unattached) major decision over Trent Stevenson (SWOCC), 11-2


Fifth and Sixth Place

Jimmy Eggemeyer (SOU) decision over Alan Dickey (Unattached), 3-2



157 Pounds


Keegan Davis (Unattached) defeated Spencer Kabelac (Unattached)

Keegan Davis (Unattached) fall over Max Arachel (SFU/BMWC), 1:02

Keegan Davis (Unattached) wins by forfeit

Keegan Davis (Unattached) fall over Nate West (Unattached), 3:25

Jon Brascetta (Unattached) fall over John Hedge (SOU), 5:27

Jon Brascetta (Unattached) decision over Jarrel Price (Cal Baptist), 3-2

Jon Brascetta (Unattached) fall over Jonah Esirella (Lassen), 2:40

Jon Brascetta (Unattached) decision over Brad Muri (BSU), 4-2


Championship Quarterfinals

Jon Brascetta (Unattached) fall over Max Arcand (SFU), 1:55

Keegan Davis (Unattached) fall over Michael Cappus (SFU), 4:30


Championship Semifinals

Jon Brascetta (Unattached) decision over Tommie Hooper (SOU), 11-5

Keegan Davis (Unattached) technical fall over Spencer Kabelec (Unattached), 18-4



Keegan Davis (Unattached) decision over Jon Brascetta (Unattached), 3-2



165 Pounds


Preston Brown (Cal Baptist) decision over Anthony Peressini (Unattached), 6-5

Kyle Meyef (Stanford) decision over Anthony Peressini (Unattached), 6-5

James Hammontree (Sunkist) major decision over Anthony Peressini (Unattached), 17-6

Cody Weishoff (Unattached) technical fall over James Hammontree (Sunkist), 16-0

Cody Weishoff (Unattached) decision over Kyle Mayet (Stanford), 4-2

Cody Weishoff (Unattached) decision over Preston Brown (Cal Baptist), 3-1

Cody Weishoff (Unattached) fall over Anthony Peressini (Unattached), 6:55

Brock Gutches (Boise State) fall over Dan Brascetta (Unattached), 6:25

Dan Brascetta (Unattached) technical fall over Marshall Swordfeger (SOU), 21-4

Pano Dreaves (Boise State) decision over Dan Brascetta (Unattached), 8-5

John Tuck (Unattached) major decision over Joe Madison (Lassen), 14-1

John Tuck (Unattached) major decision over Andy Godfrey (SWOCC), 10-0

Ryan Smith (Unattached) technical fall over John Tuck (Unattached), 19-2

Ryan Smith (Unattached) fall over Joe Matison (Lassen), 2:29

Ryan Smith (Unattached) major decision over Andy Godfrey (SWOCC), 11-0

Ryan Smith (Unattached) technical fall over Steven Bestgen (West Hills), 2:49


Championship Quarterfinals

Ryan Smith (Unattached) technical fall over Andy Gofrey (SWOCC), 16-1

Kyle Meyer (Stanford) decision over John Tuck (Unattached), 11-5

Dan Brascetta (Unattached) major decision over Cody Weishoff (Unattached), 14-6


Championship Semifinals

Ryan Smith (Unattached) decision over Brock Gutches (Unattached), 1-0



Ryan Smith (Unattached) fall over Kyle Meyer (Stanford), 2:20


Fifth and Sixth Place Semifinals

John Tuck (Unattached) wins by forfeit

Cody Weishoff (Unattached) fall over Andy Gofrey (SWOCC), 2:11


Fifth and Sixth Place

Cody Weishoff (Unattached) decision over John Tuck (Unattached), 9-3



174 Pounds


Colby Covington (Unattached) defeated Brian Lemmon (PSU)

Colby Covington (Unattached) decision over Kris Spence (SOU), 3-2

Colby Covington (Unattached) fall over Anibal Vasquez (SWOCC), 3:47

Caleb Cardwell (Unattached) fall over Jacob Rice (SWOCC), 4:45

Caleb Cardwell (Unattached) fall over Theo McLean (Barrel), 4:35

Brandon Sitch (SOU) fall over Caleb Cardwell (Unattached), 0:55


Championship Quarterfinals

Colby Covington (Unattached) fall over Jacob Rice (SWOCC), 1:18

Josh Stalcup (Unattached) fall over Caleb Cardwell (Unattached), 2:08


Championship Semifinals

Colby Covington (Unattached) fall over Josh Stalcup (Unattached), 5:21



Colby Covington (Unattached) technical fall over Brian Lemmon (Unattached)


Fifth and Sixth Place Semifinals

Caleb Cardwell (Unattached) fall over Theo McClean (HCC), 7:31


Fifth and Sixth Place

Caleb Cardwell (Unattached) technical fall over Jacob Rice (SWOCC), 14-0



184 Pounds


Brice Arand (Unattached) decision over Clete Hanson (BMWC), 4-2

Brice Arand (Unattached) fall over Quinnell Willingham (West Falls), 1:40

Brice Arand (Unattached) technical fall over Kris Medina (Unattached)

Brice Arand (Unattached) fall over Ethan Hinton (Unattached), 0:41

Mike Grijalbal (Cal Baptist) fall over Ty Vinson (Unattached), 4:05

Ty Vinson (Unattached) fall over Hank Turner (SWOCC), 1:11

Ty Vinson (Unattached) fall over TJ Callaway (SOU), 1:34


Championship Quarterfinals

Brice Arand (Unattached) technical fall over TJ Callaway (Unattached), 17-1

Ty Vinson (Unattached) decision over Clete Hanson (SFU), 4-1


Championship Semifinals

Brice Arand (Unattached) decision over Jake Swartz (BSU), 3-2

Ty Vinson (Unattached) decision over Enoch Francois (Cal Baptist), 3-1



Brice Arand (Unattached) decision over Ty Vinson (Unattached), 4-3



197 Pounds


Chad Hanke (Unattached) technical fall over Matt Parsons (SWOCC), 21-4

Chad Hanke (Unattached) fall over Grant Thompson (Unattached), 4:52

Chad Hanke (Unattached) wins by injury default

Chris Given (Boise State) decision over Tyler Sherman (Unattached), 4-2

Tim Hester (SWOCC) fall over Tyler Sherman (Unattached), 6:40

Ron Lee (SOU) fall over Tyler Sherman (Unattached), 1:01


Championship Quarterfinals

Chad Hanke (Unattached) wins by forfeit


Championship Semifinals

Chad Hanke (Unattached) major decision over Tim Hester (SWOCC), 13-5



Chad Hanke (Unattached) decision over Matt Casperson (BSU), 3-2





Tevyn Tillman (SWOCC) decision over Bubba Owens (Unattached), 6-3

Bubba Owens (Unattached) major decision over Victor Ognoske (Unattached), 12-3

Bubba Owens (Unattached) fall over Darrel Price (SWOCC), 4:34

Bubba Owens (Unattached) decision over Toby Erickson (BSU), 5-2

Clayton Jack (Unattached) major decision over Jesus Ureu (West Hills), 12-0

Clayton Jack (Unattached) fall over Joshua Marquez (Cal Baptist), 3:30

Clayton Jack (Unattached) fall over Derek Toney (Boise), 4:47

Clayton Jack (Unattached) decision over John Bates (SOU), 8-1


Championship Quarterfinals

Clayton Jack (Unattached) major decision over Toby Erickson (BSU), 10-1

Arjan Bhullar (Unattached) decision over Bubba Owens (Unattached), 6-4


Championship Semifinals

Clayton Jack (Unattached) major decision over Tevyn Tillman (SWOCC), 12-0



Arjan Bhullar (Unattached) decision over Clayton Jack (Unattached), 4-3


Fifth and Sixth Place Semifinals

Bubba Owens (Unattached) decision over Justin Williams (SWOCC), 8-5


Fifth and Sixth Place

Bubba Owens (Unattached) decision over Toby Erickson (BSU), 6-4


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