Women's Volleyball Blog: Jessica Walker

Nov. 18, 2009

Go Card! It's been a while since we've all been able to enjoy a sweep weekend or as Klineman would say a '6-O' weekend, but it's pretty nice to do it in front of a home crowd. We like to give our fans their moneys worth, but I'm willing to bet you guys don't mind getting out of Maples Pavilion with time to tell your families goodnight. After getting back from the Washington trip (or 'the trip that should not be named' as it should be called) we were back in Maples on Monday ready to recharge and prepare for what was going to be another weekend full of worthy opponents.

Just to get my week off to the perfect start there was a lovely midterm waiting for me Tuesday night (Yay for me!... finally done with midterms). Throughout the week in practice we worked hard to iron out bumps from the previous weekend and key on things that we would need for the upcoming matches against Oregon and Oregon State. Each week we usually start off by breaking things down, working on the basics: passing, hitting, setting; often in isolated drills. Then, as the week progresses, we work back up to live game drills and keying in on our opponents. On Wednesday, after practice we headed to weights which always keeps us guessing, mainly because we never know whether we're going to get Cotton-Eyed-Joe or the Lil John on the satellite radio that they have playing in the weight room... it's great.

For those of you who really want the inside scoop, you should get excited because a certain Charlotte 'CHUB' Brown is making excellent progress on her road to recovery. I can already tell as she's able to participate in more of the warm-up that she possesses the force of the Stanford Volleyball Jedi. By the way Jay (Yes, Jason Mansfield) does a great Yoda impression... Sorry Jay, the people need to know. Then on Thursday, because our coaches love us so much, we got the day to off to get our bodies even fresher for the matches ahead.

It's always nice to play at home and cut out the hours spent packing, riding and flying places, but I have to admit I missed harassing the front desk of the Doubletree in Spokane for more chocolate chip cookies. (This is really bad; I just had training table and trying to fight the urge to go to Axe and palm for dessert). Actually, I think being able to sleep in and not have to actually get out of the bed until pregame at 3:45 may outweigh the warm deliciousness of those cookies... I'm still debating. Speaking of sleeping in, that reminds me, I have a confession to make. Saturday night after a great match against Oregon I went to get a bite to eat then went back to the room. I would say I got to room about 10:30, did a little work and finally drifted to bed about 1 a.m. Fully expecting to wake up no later than 11 a.m. in plenty of time for brunch, I was more than shocked when I reached for the clock next to my bed and it read 2:30 p.m. Good thing pregame was in an hour and fifteen minutes. I don't know why but I'm a little ashamed that I can sleep for over 12 hours and have it feel like eight :-) My mom says that I must have needed the sleep so I'm going to stick with her reasoning.

Anyway, I'm regressing, back to volleyball. With two solid wins this past weekend we are tied for first-place in the Pac-10!! This weekend we're off to Arizona to hold onto out top spot, but don't worry we'll be back home soon for an exciting match against Cal on Nov. 27, right after Turkey Day!

See you Soon,Jess 'J-walk, Chuck, Chuckles' Walker

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