Husky Hoops Thanksgiving Survey

Nov. 26, 2009 took an informal survey of the Husky men's basketball team about some Thanksgiving tidbits. We were able to unearth some Thanksgiving dirt on what they like and dislike to eat during the feast, what Thanksgiving food they would be able to cook, family traditions on the day, memories of the past and who they would like to invite over for Thanksgiving dinner. All 13 players participated (apologizes to Scott Suggs for erasing most of his survey!) and here is what the team had to say:

1) When asked What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? the answers were all over the board. The number one answers was ham, which is the favorite of Abdul Gaddy, Justin Holiday, Venoy Overton and Quincy Pondexter. Not far behind was macaroni and cheese, which was mentioned by three players. Surprisingly, only C.J. Wilcox and Brendan Sherrer mentioned turkey. Here are the other responses:

Isaiah Thomas: Rolls. That's all I eat. Rolls are the best and I eat as many as I can.
Tyreese Breshers: Stuffing, depending on who makes it. My mom makes the best stuffing
Sherrer: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy
Clarence Trent: My grandma's baked macaroni and cheese
Darnell Gant: Dressing and macaroni and cheese
Elston Turner: Banana pudding
Matthew Bryan-Amaning: Yams
Justin Holiday: Macaroni and cheese, the greens and ham

2) When it came to answering What is your least favorite Thanksgiving food? the most popular answer was `I like it all.' Evidently Breshers, Bryan-Amaning, Gaddy, Overton and C.J. Wilcox will eat anything put in front of them during the feast. Both Holiday and Thomas said they don't like turkey (Thanksgiving blasphemy!). Here are the other responses:

Sherrer: Cranberries
Trent: Liver. My grandpa loves liver so my grandma cooks it.
Gant: Okra. My grandparents grew up in the South.
Pondexter: I'm not a big stuffing fan.
Turner: Dressing

3) When posed the question, White or Dark meat?, four said white (Bryan-Amaning, Gant, Overton and Turner) while two said dark meat (Sherrer and Wilcox). Everyone else enjoys both equally, or completely hates the taste of either (Holiday and Thomas).

4) We then asked all the players to put on their chef hats and asked If you had to cook a Thanksgiving dish, what would it be? The responses were all over the place, with several guys ambitious, while others might want to be locked out of the kitchen. Here are the responses.

Overton: We'd have to add Top Ramen noodles to Thanksgiving because I don't cook.
Breshers: I'm not a big chef, but I help my mom with the cheesecake.
Sherrer: Mashed potatoes
Wilcox: The turkey
Gaddy: None!
Trent: I can cook it all. Turkey, ham, the stuffing. I can't do the macaroni though.
Gant: Macaroni and cheese, ham and turkey. I'm not that good with dressing.
Pondexter: Lemon pie. I cook the desserts.
Turner: Macaroni and cheese.
Bryan-Amaning: They ain't seen my turkey yet.
Holiday: Pretty much any of it. If I was asked to cook it, I could cook it.

5) The number one answer to the question If you could invite anybody over for Thanksgiving, who would it be? was Barack Obama, said by three guys (Gaddy, Pondexter and Turner). After that, the players were all over the board:

Thomas: Keisha Cole
Overton: NuNu from ATL. She is a pretty lady.
Breshers: My high school basketball coach Michael Lynch.
Sherrer: My grandparents and my family
Trent: Alicia Keys
Gant: Beyonce
Bryan-Amaning: Coaches. They always cook for us.
Holiday: My brother Jrue.

6) When asked What was Thanksgiving like when you were younger and do you have any traditions? it was pretty evident that the holiday is traditionally spent with their families. For most of the guys who are from out of state, the holiday can be tough as they are away from their families and loved ones. Here is a sampling of what each of the players did on Thanksgiving when they were younger:

Turner: My whole family would eat and watch the Macy's Parade and then the Cowboys game.
Bryan-Amaning: Obviously I don't have any. The first time I celebrated Thanksgiving was when I was over here and I was 16.
Pondexter: We would go from my relatives house-to-house around Fresno and eat as much as we can and just try not to throw up. That was the main thing, and my brother lost every year.
Holiday: We had a big family dinner at our house or someone else's house.
Thomas: Everybody would just come over to one of the family member's house and we'd all just eat. Everybody would bring something to share and it would be planned out who was bringing what a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.
Overton: All of the family would get together at my uncle's house and we'd eat. Everybody would say a blessing and then it was over.
Breshers: We weren't a big sit-around-the-table family. We'd just invite a bunch of people over and play around and joke around, play hide-and-go-seek with my cousins - just family get-togethers. It was always family...that was the important thing.
Sherrer: We would all get together with my mom's side of the family at my grandparent's house.
Wilcox: We would go up to Idaho to visit my mom's side of the family.
Gaddy: Usually the family comes to my house and we have a get-together. We just hang out and talk.
Trent: We would all just get together, play games like Monopoly and Yahtzee. We would go to my grandma's house.
Gant: Everyone would come to Grandma's house and we'd have a big dinner and then other families that were doing the same thing, when they got done with their dinner, they'd come over to our house. And whatever people cooked what they were famous for, they'd make sure to get some.

7) And finally, we asked the guys to share What is your best Thanksgiving memory? and in general, the most memorable part of Thanksgiving was just spending time with family. Scott Suggs had the most memorable answer, and I'm paraphrasing his response because his answers all got erased before making it from recorder to paper!

Suggs: I don't have a best memory, but I have a worst. I was sick one year and couldn't eat any of the food.
Thomas: I don't have a specific one, but it probably has to do something with watching football. Our family would just watch football and talk.
Overton: Just getting together with the family. Every Thanksgiving is a memory!
Sherrer: We would always all go out and shoot hoops.
Wilcox: I really don't have a worst memory so I would have to say every year...just getting together with my family.
Gaddy: I can't think of one in particular, but I have only missed one because we had a game that day and we we're out of state.
Trent: I was like seven and my grandpa asked if anybody had anything to say and my brother and I said macaroni and we all just started eating.
Gant: All my Thanksgivings have been great. I haven't been able to be with family for three years now, so I look forward to getting back to that when I'm done with school. I miss everyone from back home, especially around that time because we always have a good time on Thanksgiving.
Pondexter: Just being with my family and going and playing football in the yard and watching NFL games.
Turner: About two years ago I ate so much that I passed out at the dinner table.
Bryan-Amaning: Probably when we were in New York for the pre-season NIT. It was different being with the whole team and just being together.
Holiday: I guess the last time I had it at home three years ago!


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