Husky Hoopsters New Year's Resolutions

Dec. 30, 2009

SEATTLE - With the holiday season rapidly fading in our memories it is once again time to make New Year's resolutions that we all know we can't keep. The average working stiff out there will break their resolution in the first month (I have no proof of that claim). And if they haven't broken their resolution within the first month, everyone around them wishes they would, so we aren't subjected to them clamoring on about how tough it has been to give up (insert chosen resolution) over the last month.

So, for those 'realists' who choose not to lose weight, exercise more, be a nicer person or give up coffee, desserts, smoking or whatever on Jan. 1, this can be a painful time of the year. Nonetheless, it is always interesting to hear what people will resolve to do in the new year. That way we can flaunt it in their faces with an 'I told you so' once they break their resolution.

Despite the reality of the situation, there are some out there that hold steadfast to the belief they'll keep their New Year's resolution. Although the average person on the streets has probably never met that one in a million superhuman, that person has got to be out there.

Maybe that person happens to play basketball for Washington? Afterall, they have superhuman skills they display on the court on a daily basis, have unfaltering discipline to be able to go to school, play college athletics and juggle an outside personal life. Here are some of the Husky basketball players New Year's resolutions and a prediction as to at what point in the year they'll break that resolution:

Subject: Brendan Sherrer
Resolution: Study more and get better grades.
Projected breaking date and reason: April 3. The Huskies will make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, causing Brendan to study 10 minutes less one day and get an 89 on his Biology 201 class instead of his typical 91.

Subject: Abdul Gaddy
Resolution: To take 300 shots daily
Projected breaking date and reason: April 3. Once again, the Huskies run in the NCAA Tournament causes a Husky to break their resolution. Gaddy will not be able to find time to shoot 300 shots after the Huskies' 6:00 a.m. flight to Indianapolis for the Final Four is delayed 10 hours due to a freak snow storm in Seattle. Upon arriving in Indy, Gaddy and his teammates go straight to the hotel for rest, thus ending his impressive streak.

Subject: Darnell Gant
Resolution: To be a better person
Projected breaking date and reason: Jan. 2. Gant swats away 6 Oregon Duck shots causing Duck players to claim that it wasn't pleasant to play against Darnell that day.

Subject: Quincy Pondexter
Resolution: To not lose a game in 2010
Projected breaking date and reason: Oct. 28. After leading the Huskies to an undefeated Pac-10 season and NCAA Championship, Pondexter is drafted No. 1 overall by the New Jersey Nets....and well, they lose their first game. Sorry Quincy...I knew you'd be wrong.

Subject: Scott Suggs and Justin Holiday
Resolution: To win another Pac-10 Championship
Projected breaking date and reason: Not broken. In the miracle of all miracles, Suggs and Holiday are the first people in recorded history to keep their resolution in tact...see reasons above.

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