Meet Hannah Soza-Hodgkison

Jan. 7, 2010

Hannah Soza-Hodgkinson spent most of her childhood playing soccer that is until freshman year of high school. She had a strong passion for playing midfield but unfortunately Hannah's running skills were not up to par with where her dad, and former coach, wanted them to be. With dedication for the game, she went out for XC team to improve her running skills in hopes to play midfield. As time went by, Hannah found herself enjoying long distance running rather than running with a ball.

What made you decide to run XC?
'The first time I ran XC was in the 8th grade, but I was mainly into soccer which was my main sport. I played soccer from when I was six years old up until I was a freshman in High School. My dad was my soccer coach hand I wanted to play center midfield, but he told me I was not in good enough shape to play that position. I had such a passion to play that position, which pointed me towards running XC to get into better shape. I started to like running but before I hated it. '

Why distance?
'I am not a sprinter at all, and if you look at my speed it is not very good. The longer the better.'

Are there any role models that you look up to?
'I look up to my team mates a lot. If I am ever facing a challenge, I know that I can turn to them because I like they have so many different experiences, and they have faced similar challenges.'

Do you have any favorite pump up music?
'I like to listen to Bob Marley mainly because I grew up on Rage, and my parents listen to it all the time. One song I enjoy listening to is Three Little Birds because it talks about how everything will be alright, which seems to calm me down a lot.'

Is there anything you like to eat before a race?
'Actually, I eat the exact same thing before every single race. Which are oatmeal, yogurt, and a banana. That seems to work with my body and I know it will not upset my stomach.'

Do you have a favorite movie?
'The Big Green which is a soccer movie, where a team of kids from a small town who play soccer. They are really bad at first, but then they get better.'

Are there any goals or PR's that you set at the beginning of your career in college?
'As a freshman, I had a bad couple of years of running so being a freshman I didn't have any high expectations from the beginning. My main goal was to just improve from that starting point. I hadn't had any personal records since junior high, so I just wanted to get back to that high point from years back. My goal now would be to qualify for regional this year.'

What were the things that set you back during your rough years in junior high?
'I had a couple bad injuries of track during my sophomore year which set me back about two and a half's months. I was able to come back towards the last part of the season and finish it, but after that injury everything just seemed to go downhill from there.'

Best memory of the team years being on the team?
'It would probably be this year's regional meet where we came in ninth place which was pretty unexpected. Two years ago, we placed 9th, but I felt we had a stronger team during that year. So placing in that same spot this year was pretty cool.'Is there a favorite spot you like to run, and get that get away feeling?'Back at home there is a trail which is called Bear Hole, which is a one person trail. It leads out to this swimming hole with a bunch of huge rocks and water and its pretty. There are not a lot of people out there, so when I run it, I am just the only one there at the time.'

What got you interested in Sports Medicine, your major?
'Learning about how the body works and learn about injuries. Every time I get hurt, I am always saying that I wish I knew had to fix it. Especially in soccer, I was faced with many injuries, so that interest came into mind.'

Is there a favorite athlete you look up to?
'When I was little it was Mia Hamm, I had posters up all in my room because this was someone that I looked up to when I was younger and played soccer. I wanted to be just like her.'

If you could be one super hero who would it be?
'I would love to be Dash from the Incredible because he is really fast. Or Bolt because he is really fast too and I love dogs.'

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