Meet Brittany Galindo

Jan. 20, 2010

Sophomore Brittany Galindo has made her mark on the Oregon State women’s soccer team over the past two years as one of its marquee defenders. During her freshmen year she appeared in 18 games while recording one game winning goal. The Arizona native is one of only three players to play more than 1,600 minutes. This past season she was a part of the programs second trip to the NCAA Championships and reached the Sweet 16, the best finish in school history.

Why did you choose OSU?

“I chose OSU because I wanted to play soccer for a D1 school and definitely wanted to stay close to home, I’m from Arizona.”

Do you have any talents most might not know about?

“The only talent, I don’t know if you can call it a talent, I have is that I know every word to every Lil Wayne song. Might be an exaggeration but a majority of them.”

Who is your favorite OSU athlete and why?

“It’s probably cliché but on the men’s soccer team Danny Mwanga. He is super fun to watch and I wish we had a Danny Mwanga on the girls’ soccer team. I’ll give a shout out Chris Miller too because he plays my position and it’s always fun to see him get into a hard tackle because it pumps me up.”

What is your dream job?

“My dream job is to be on a SWAT team. It just seems thrilling.”

What has been your favorite class at OSU so far?

“Native American Drum, it was definitely fun and I learned a lot. There is a drum and a flute class and they got rid of the drum one so I’m glad I had a chance to take it.”

What are some of your favorite movies?

“My favorite movie on a sad day is The Notebook because I never cry except when I watch that movie. I really like Love and Basketball and an old favorite would be Pirates of the Caribbean.”

When did you start playing soccer?

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was like four years old. My parents put me into a whole bunch of different sports and just saw which one I excelled at and which one I liked the most and it was soccer.”

Did you know you would end up where you are today when you first started playing?

“I always knew that I loved it and watching Mia Hamm in the Olympics is a super exciting memory. I always knew I wanted to follow it out and I saw a lot of my friends dropped out but I kept with it. It’s definitely paid off because it’s like my favorite thing in the world.”

What is your favorite part about soccer?

“Well being a defender, I love getting into a very hard tackle especially when they stay on the ground. I get a weird satisfaction out of it.”

What was your first job?

“I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings. I got to serve the food but I didn’t get tipped. So I got paid minimum wage to do all the hard work.”

Do you have any pregame rituals?

“My pregame ritual is just pump up music. I play lots of Lil Wayne and Kanye, either very inspirational stuff or songs with explicit lyrics to pump me up.”

What was it like traveling around for your tournament this year?

“It was such a great experience because playing for a Pac-10 and being a west coast school you always go to Washington, California, Arizona, that’s like the main area of where we play our games. So to get to travel to Ohio, we stayed in Michigan, and ended up in Indiana it was just so much fun because I’ve never been there and just to experience different regions of the country to play soccer was really cool. You always hear about these big name schools but never have the opportunity to play them so the fact that we played them and then beat them just makes it that much sweeter.”

What did you think of the season?

“We started out losing our first game which is never fun but then we ran a 6:30 a.m. practice for two hours the next morning so we all kind of knew we never wanted to do that again. So for the rest of the season we had a seven game winning streak and we had one of the best seasons in the Pac-10. Getting into the tournament for the first time in like 15 years and only being the second time in school history, which is such an amazing feeling. The fact that we got so far, we played UCLA and Stanford who finished in the top-four in the tournament and there in my conference it just proves we are better then half the teams in the tournament. To be able to prove that to ourselves and to the rest soccer society was just amazing. Now we have a taste of what the Sweet 16 tastes like we want some more, I’m so excited for next year.”

How do you like the team this year?

“I love our team. We have such a great locker room and the team chemistry is great. I feel like that’s half the reason for our success, because we can trust and rely on each other, which really does make a big impression on the field.”

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