Over The Plate With The Mate: Premiere Issue!

Jan. 20, 2010

TEMPE, Ariz. - During the 2010 baseball season, lefthander Josh Spence will be writing about his life as a student-athlete who prepares for his final season of college baseball as well as graduating from Arizona State. Spence will check in periodically to write about school, baseball, life and other things.

G'day to all!It's that time of the year for a college baseballer when you really start to get excited about the season ahead. Have we worked hard enough as a team, have we prepared ourselves enough as individuals and will we win are all questions that will soon be answered come game time in February. Although our season hasn't started yet, today was the first day of school here at ASU. I'm very pleased to say that educationally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and what makes me even more enthusiastic about graduating besides fulfilling a long term goal I set out to do is the fact that two of my teammates will be walking with me in May.

Both Raoul Torrez and Kole Calhoun are also on track to graduate come May and I couldn't think of two better teammates to do so with. Baseball is a big part of all three of our lives, not to mention our families' lives as well. What's great is that I feel we are able to take that mind set into the classroom. We understand how valuable a degree is and I think for our situation as student-athletes, it becomes a part of who you are that we were able to fight some adversity through our schooling years (time management, constantly on the road, dealing with the ups and downs of a competitive collegiate season) and still strive to be successful in the classroom says what type of people we are. My major is in Sociology and Education, the degree I'm pursuing is a bachelor of interdisciplinary studies and even though I've never been one to boast about individual accolades, I'm very proud to say that I will be graduating very shortly.

It was fun to get back into the classroom and learn more about the classes I will be taking this semester, but I was counting the minutes all day long until I was at the field. Right now we are in a period called 4 on 1's. The NCAA has a lot of rules and regulations, so right now each individual is only allowed 2 hours of time with coaches (essentially 30mins for four days of the week). Today was my first bullpen back at ASU and who would have thought it was going to be in the rain? In fact it was so bad we had to dust of the tarp which hasn't been touched in 4 years (according to Raoul) and tarp the infield. It reminded me that I need to keep a camera in my locker. I'm sure that rain had nothing to do with mine and Frosty's (Matt Newman) rain dancing in the training room only 10 minutes before the down pour. I think the rain was good though; it really humbled us as a team and made us understand a little better how lucky we are to be in such nice weather here in Arizona. The funny thing about Baseball and bad weather is that you'll inevitably be playing in it at the most critical point of your year (maybe even career) in September when you're playing in the big leagues fighting for a World Series win, which I know is something I want to be doing one day, but right now I'm a Sun Devil and I'm proud of it!

Remember 'it ain't about where you're going; it's who you're bringing!'

Until next time mates, Josh Spence, #45

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