Mike Montgomery Press Conference Quotes

Jan. 26, 2010


On Arizona State's defense
It's a pure matchup, and the easiest way to describe it is a switching man-to-man. They switch everything. It's different. It's not a zone per say, but it is a zone. They do a real good job on the ball, and since it's what they do all the time, they've gotten very good at it. They play very hard in it and people have had difficulty with it. You have to screen it a little bit. You have to drive it, put it down on the floor and try to force help situations. You have to cut, you can't stand because they're going to match up regardless. You have to move around.

On back-to-back road weeks
It's just a fatigue thing. We're still never really sure who we're going to have at practice and who we're going to have available to us. The fact that we play Sunday, it's interesting that you have a back-to-back road trip and they have you play on a Sunday, as compared to letting you go home on Sunday. It could hurt you confidence wise, not having that comfort level of coming home. But at some point you have to get your road games out of the way.

On the injured/sick players
Markhuri is out (for Thursday's game). His back is in bad shape. For some reason, we've got kids getting sick all the time. We'll just have to take it day-to-day. I just don't know these days. Jorge was tired yesterday, but he worked hard. It was good to see him get back out there. His conditioning is pretty poor right now. I would guess he would bounce back, but it's pretty bad right now because he hasn't done anything for three weeks.

On Omondi Amoke
When you come off the bench, sometimes you aren't sure how much you're going to play, so you come in with a lot of energy. You might get a little complacent as a starter, thinking you can pace yourself a little bit more. You don't want that. You want them to come out with that same energy. We don't have a lot of options right now, in terms of big guys, so he's going to have to play a lot of minutes. His best asset is his energy and his ability to get to balls.

On Arizona State's success this season
I think a lot of their guys deferred to James Harden last year, and as a result of that, you really didn't have a clear picture of how good some of them were. Derek Glasser, for example, has turned out to be a really good player. I don't think you have would have known that because the ball went to Harden and they all kind of stood and watched Harden. Now, you're seeing these kids and they're pretty good players.

On Cal's recent lack of three-point shooting
I think the lack of a substantial low-post game has hurt the three-point game because teams are willing to say, `well, if they're going to beat us at the post, then so be it, but don't give them any threes.' You generally get a lot more kick-outs in the threes, inside outside shots, which are the best shots if you have to guard at the post. Having a post guy that has to be double-teamed because he's so effective is the key. It really makes your perimeter game that much better. We don't have that. Without a dominant low-post game, it's hurt everybody in terms of free looks.

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