Getting To Know Zack Giesen

Feb. 3, 2010

Zack Giesen, a redshirt junior on the Cardinal wrestling team, sat down with the Pac-10 Conference to talk about growing up in Oregon, his favorite athlete and much more!

Pac-10: What has been the best part of the 2009-10 wrestling season?
ZG: The best part of this year is the team coming together. We have good coaches and my teammates are working hard to push themselves to be the best that we can be.

Pac-10: What’s currently on your iPod?
ZG: I have a lot of country music. My favorite artist is Tim McGraw. I also have some rock, classic rock and even some rap.

Pac-10: If you could change places for a day with a celebrity of famous athlete it would be?
ZG: I would have to say Ray Lewis the linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. I just think playing linebacker in the NFL has to be one of the best jobs in the world. I have always enjoyed watching him play.

Pac-10: What were your favorite teams to watch when you were a kid?
ZG: I really didn’t watch a lot of TV or follow teams when I was a kid. I was usually working on the farm or playing in the woods. If I did follow a team, it was usually the teams with the best defense.

Pac-10: Who is your favorite athlete to watch?
ZG: My favorite athlete to watch would have to be Ray Lewis. I love the way he plays with so much intensity. I watch him now with the [Baltimore] Ravens, but I did follow him when he was playing in college at Miami. He also wrestled in high school so that’s I another reason I like him.

Pac-10: What is the talent you’d most like to have?
ZG: I would love to have the ability to fly. I like to travel so if I didn’t have to deal with airplanes that would be great.

Pac-10: What is your favorite memory as a Cardinal?
ZG: My favorite memory would have to be my sophomore year at the Pac-10 Championships. The first day we didn’t do so well and we were pretty far behind. The second day everybody rallied and we won eight of the 10 matches that day to take second place. That would have to be my best memory.

Pac-10: What are your plans after college?
ZG: My plan after college is go to med school since I am majoring in biology.

Pac-10: The best thing about Stanford is?
ZG: I would have to say the culture. I think when you combine people who want to succeed and be the very best at what they do and put them in an atmosphere like here, it’s hard not to say the culture. I always try to explain it to people back home, that the culture here is amazing.

Pac-10: What sport are you the worst at?
ZG: I would say any sport with finesse or fine motor skills. I stink at things like ping pong.

Pac-10: What’s something about you that others would surprised to know?
ZG: That I grew up on a farm. Most people here grew up in larger cities.

Pac-10: Describe a typical day growing up on the farm with school and practice.
ZG: Well, every morning I would help my parents with all the chores like feeding the cows. Some of my longest days ever were in the fall. I would wake up and feed the cows, then head to school. After school I would have two and a half hours of football practice, then head home to buck hay until nine o’clock at night.

Pac-10: Did you have any favorite animals on the farm?
ZG: Not really, but I did have a least favorite one. I don’t like cows.

Pac-10: What’s the best advice you have ever received and who was it from?
ZG: Probably from my parents who always told me to push myself. They always told me if I push myself then things will always work out, and if they don’t then you did everything you could.

Pac-10: What is you biggest pet peeve?
ZG: My biggest pet peeve would have to be when people text. I don’t like the clicking sound on the phone.

Pac-10: What do you miss most about your hometown?
ZG: I miss my family and the land. We owned a nice piece of land next to the river. Although, I don’t miss the cows.

Courtesey of Victor Rodriguez, Pac-10 Conference

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