Pac-10 Men's Basketball Coaches Teleconference

Feb. 4, 2010

Listen to the Pac-10 Men's Basketball Coaches' Media Teleconference


Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller

On his team’s defense this year
“I think we are continuing to improve on defense. I that we continue to improve so that in the next several weeks we can be at our best. We have come a long way since the early part of the season in November and December. Some of our freshmen and younger players are in the right position more often. I think our team gives better effort across the board. We are a better defensive rebounding team now then we use to be. Our team needs to continue to be tough minded and make sure that when we play against other teams that we defend the way we are capable of.”

How surprised he is on being in first place this late into the season
“On one hand I am surprised and on the other hand, not to sound like a coach, but if you look at teams in conferences sitting atop at the half way point sometimes finish towards the bottom. Then there are teams that haven’t put it together just yet who finish near the top. With the way our Conference is this year, there is a lot of balance. I think we have some teams that are very hungry to finish strong. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was a complete 180 turn. I don’t want to give away any of the victories that we have. I think we are very proud of the fact that we sit with six wins, but where we are at it’s how can we do from this point on. If at the end if we were in first place would I be surprised, then I would probably say yes. I would be very excited and surprised. We are half way through the Conference season and we have played some good basketball. We have had some moments we wish could get back, but like a lot of teams in the Pac-10 this year we are a game away or a play away from going the wrong direction. I think our quest is to continue to improve and winning in February is more difficult then any other part of the year.” 

On any differences watching tape on Washington play at home and on the road
“When we played Washington the first time, each team had their peaks and valleys. We certainly have had our fair share here at Arizona. We probably caught them at a good time. They were coming off a tough loss at Arizona State and I know that Lorenzo [Romar] and his staff are really working hard to put the team together. Watching them play their last two games at home, they play with a great deal of energy. You can tell that they feed off their crowd. Their style of play is so exciting that the crowd helps them and they help the crowd. They are certainly a very difficult team to beat at home, but we know that going in.” 

On the biggest difference between the start of the season and now with his team
“One of the things that has helped us is that we played really the first 12 games, which is our total non conference season with FR Kevin Parrom. He missed over 30 practices and the first couple months of the season with a stress fracture. We got Kevin back, in and around Christmas, and he started to play at the beginning of our Conference season. As you can imagine, you can’t miss that much time and be the player that you once were. One difference in our team is that we didn’t have him for an extended period of time. He gives us a bigger, stronger, and more physical presence on defense. He can rebound the ball. The other day against Cal, he had seven defensive rebounds as a perimeter player. He is very good in transition. Another thing that he allows us to do is sit some of our other players which makes us a deeper team. I think he has helps us on both defense and offense.”

On being in the Pac-10 this year where only a couple of teams may make the NCAA this year, does it bring back memories of being back in the Atlantic 10
“I thought those days were over for me, but nonetheless, here we are. I think that it’s very documented that when you have a conference as good as the Pac-10 and you lose the talented players who are lottery picks in the NBA, the next year you aren’t suddenly the same. I think we are going through a transition stage. A year from now, or two years from now when some players who have the unique experience of playing now become veterans. Performance is the best indicator for getting into the tournament. You can’t buy your way into the tournament. You can’t politic your way into the tournament. You have to preform. I think if teams play well in February then they put themselves in great position for postseason. One thing that you can control as a coach and program is who you play in the non conference. You can’t play a weak non conference schedule, then complain about not being in the NCAA Tournament. I think today you have to play a competitive non conference schedule. From start to finish you are going to be judged by your performance. That’s one thing I learned at Xavier was play a hard non conference schedule that had a lot of games away from home opportunities. Even in a loss, that may be better than playing a team at home you know your going to beat.”

On whether his team is is getting wrapped up in the streak of 25-straight NCAA Tournaments
“I speak for myself and for my staff when I say that we would be foolish to come Arizona to just keep the streak alive. That’s really short term, one year. There were a lot of factors that we couldn’t control that’s not going to help our case make this year’s NCAA Tournament. What’s helped our team to this point, and one of the reasons that we have played well recently, is it never really has been about anything other than things that we can control. Getting better at practice, not only as a team but individually. As our team has been focused on that, and not on all the outside things, we have played much better basketball.  We can’t control what has happened in the past.”

Is his team going to be hungrier in the second half of the season, especially it’s last second loss to Washington State
“Yes and no. If you have followed our team we have had so many last second losses that I can’t really count them all. I think of the 20 games that we have played this season, 15 of them have come down to the final minute or final minutes of the game, double overtime games, overtime games. We lost a game at Oregon State with a last second shot. We have also won a few. So just with the team we have, we are going to be in those types of games and we want to finish well. We were able to do that against a really good Cal team last weekend. I anticipate in the remaining nine games that we will be in quite a few more of them. I think that makes following our team interesting, but at the same time equally frustrating.”

On the progress of FR F Derrick Williams
“He has far surpassed any expectations that I had for him. To me he is not only one of the best freshmen in the Conference, but you can make the argument that he is one of the best players. He has had three consecutive games with 20 or more points. Last weekend against Cal he had 15 points and 11 rebounds. He has really become a consistent performer. He makes free throws. He leads our team in rebounding and shoots a high percentage from the floor. He is very coachable. I don’t know where our team would be without Derrick.”

On the importance on SR G Nic Wise returning for his final season
“There is not another player in the Pac-10 that means more to his team than Nic Wise. I don’t know how many point guards in the country that mean more to their teams than Nic means to Arizona. In November and December he had to play exceptionally well for us to have a chance to win. In a way he kept us afloat. As the team has gotten better around him, he doesn’t always have to play a great game for us to win. Nic came back for the right reasons. He is going to get his degree in May which is really important. I think he came back to have a great season year and almost finish his legacy at Arizona. If a kid goes through one coaching change it’s difficult, two is very unfair and Nic has gone through four. I think Arizona will always look at Nic as a really special player in their history because of what he went through.”

On if he had a chance to get Chase Budinger and Jordan Hill back
“They had already made their decisions.” 

Arizona State Head Coach Herb Sendek

On if SR G Derek Glasser will get the start against Washington State
“We’ll see. We are making our way through practice this week and we will identify the starting lineup as we get closer to the game.”

On if he notices anything on SR G Derek Glasser’s struggles on shooting
“I think he is pressing some.”

Status on JR G Jamelle McMillan
“He’s making progress. Hopefully he will respond well when he returns. We are anxious to have him back.” 

On concerns about playing Washington State
“They are pretty much the same as going into the first game. It is going to be a very challenging game for us on Thursday night and we know that. We are going to have to be at our very best on Thursday night.”

On concerns about Washington State’s SO G Klay Thompson
“Klay is one of the best players in the country. We have great respect for him. He has been a great challenge for us during his first two years.”

Oregon Head Coach Ernie Kent

At the midpoint of Confernce play, the best player he has seen so far 
“Well, that’s a good question. That player has probably been as inconsistent as all of us have been. Early on it was Klay [Thompson]. I thought that[Landry] Fields played well against us. I think [Quincy]Pondexter has been playing well. Obviously the freshman down in Arizona [Derrick Williams] has been playing well, Nic [Wise] is really controlling that team right now. I think it’s hard to say. Everybody has been so up and down. There hasn’t been one really dominate guy.  Again, early on Klay was putting up numbers.”

In years past there have always been three or four players above the rest, does he see that this season
“It’s like we have been saying all year long, those guys are playing on TV in the NBA. That’s why you it that way this year and you don’t have a clear answer but yet there are still some very good players. The consistency is the big thing.”

On why it took so long to retire Greg Ballard’s (1974-77) number
“Actually a player is still wearing his number. Eventually we will take it off the player and retire it completely. I don’t know why it took so long. I think there are a lot of great players at Oregon that are worthy to have their numbers retired, but when you talk about the ceremony at MacCourt, now seems like the real appropriate time to retire his number. It could have been earlier too because he was one of the greatest players that have played at Oregon.”

On being the only team to be able to handle Washington in Seattle
“Well, I don’t think there is a secret. Our guys were really focused and I think  that’s what’s you have to do going into that environment because it’s such a great environment and such a great home advantage. You have to go in there and be really really focused at the task at hand. It can be very overwhelming and it can be very great for them. We did a very good job of that at that point in time, but they have the best environment in the country up there.”  

Has there ever been another time at the midway point that some many teams still have a chance to win the Pac-10 title
“The year that we won the Pac-10 championship (2002), with three or four weeks left, and obviously we aren’t at that point yet, but there were six teams, I believe, that could have won the championship and that was the last time I could remember something like that. The way it worked it out, we won it on the road at USC and UCLA. I believe that was the case.”

Why is there so much balance this year in the Pac-10
“With the graduations and the early departures, it has made it a young conference. It’s a conference that has gotten better as we started to play and everything. I just think that everybody is even. Everybody says that it’s a real down year for the conference, but it’s down because all the great players left in the last couple years. You have a senior dominated team in Cal, who is the most experienced team. So they are going to be the most consistent. The rest of us, when your dealing with young players there are going to be some inconsistency. Kids at 17 and 18-years-old are inconsistent at times when they are doing their homework and that’s what we all deal with as coaches.”

If it hurts the Pac-10 if they only get one or two teams into the NCAA Tournament
“Possibly yes, but I think we have to wait and see what happens with the rest of the country. I still think it’s a very good conference. It is very competitive. If your talking about taking the best 64-teams, then I think you have to look at it that way. Do two, three or four of them teams fit into that category? And they really look at that. So when it’s all said and done at the end of the day did they do that with the best, and not necessarily with the best records. Again, I think Mike[Montgomery] and other coaches would attest to this is to prevent that is to expand the tournament. There are 350-something teams out there and when you look at it there are just not enough spots out there. I think it’s really unfair. You’re going to find teams across the country that win 20+plus games and they are simply not getting an opportuinty. If you were to look at football where there are so many bowl games and so many of those coaches and schools get an opportuinty to be 6-6 or 7-6 and go to bowl games. And you have college basketball coaches with 20 wins and guys are losing their jobs. We need to look at expanding the tournament because there are a lot of good teams out there and a lot of parity in college basketball.”

Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson

At the midway point, who is the best player you have seen
“I think the best player we have seen so far and has played the best against us and did the most for his team would be [Washington forward] Quincy Pondexter.”

Anything that has surprised him about the conference this year
“Nothing that has surprised me. I think from our standpoint there have been a couple of things we have taken away. The biggest one for us is that we want to remain competitive in each and every game we play. I think that has been the case except for a couple of games here where we didn’t give the effort that we are use to having. Except for a couple of games I thought we were right there and have a chance to win the game.”

What did you take away from beating Oregon earlier in the year
“Toward the end of the game they were kind of able to figure out what we were doing on defense. We were fortunate enough to hold them off when they made a run back at us. We are going to have to make some adjustments here in the second game. It seems that they have found a little groove here that we have to be careful of. They are pressuring teams a little more and seems like they will be pressuring us a little more than they did the first time around. We will want to make the adjustment as well.”

Playing teams the second time around, how will teams adjust to the 1-3-1 zone
“I tell people all the time that the 1-3-1 is a gimmick defense. You have to be able to guard in other ways and use it as a weapon and not a steady diet. Any zones, good teams are going to figure out how to attack it.”

On the NCAA looking to expand the NCAA Tournament
“I really haven’t thought a whole lot about it. We are just trying to do well enough to be considered good enough for the NCAA Tournament. What I will say is that I haven’t been in the NCAA Tournament since I was a player and it is a fine tournament the way it is. Do we need to expand it? I would have to do a lot more research. It would have to be good for our team and our conference in order for me to be on board for that.”

On the balance of scheduling for personnel and giving yourself a chance to make the NCAA Tournament
“In a typical time when you have been there for a long, you are trying to build a schedule that is both challenging for the players you have and aim you to the NCAA Tournament. I think in our situation when you inherit something you try to clean up the schedule. We want our players to be in games that they can be competitive in.”

USC Head Coach Kevin O’Neill

On if coaches have any guidelines for who can yell off the bench
“Nobody should be yelling off the bench at the officials other than me. If you want to cheer on your team and stuff like that I am 100 percent for it. It’s an unfortunate situation, obviously, but the bottom line is nobody should be talking to the officials except the head coach.”

On if he debated letting the manager go after the Oregon game
“He’s a great guy. It’s unfortunate. He was here before I got here, obviously. I don’t think there is any way to move forward in that situation once it happened. He is a graduate student-manager who is 30-years-old and like I said, it’s unfortunate for him. There was no warning whatsoever from the official to me that there was even a problem. It kind of just happened out of the blue. I was just as shocked as anybody else was.”

On his team’s struggles scoring the ball and his thought’s on California
“I think Cal is an excellent team. They got guys that put up numbers. They got depth. They are extremely well coached and probably going to come in a little angry about losing last week. So I am sure they will play a great game. We do have trouble scoring the ball. To me it’s not unexpected. We lost six of our top seven players from last year and our entire recruiting class. We have a bunch of guys who are in first-time roles and we are not very deep. To look at our shooting percentage from the three and foul line and that will show you where we are skilled wise. It’s something that we just have to deal with. We struggle against zones so we have to rely heavily on our defense to win games. If we have a breakdown for three or four minutes it’s tough for us to win games.”

Any extra motivation to make-up loss at Stanford earlier this season
“Not really. For us, we are just trying to get wins. We lost two in a row on the road, both were tight games. We just want to get back on winning track. We obviously had a chance at the end of the Stanford game. We had a five-footer and two tip-ins with a chance to win and we just couldn’t get it done. I don’t really believe in this whole revenge thing. We are trying to get wins and trying to do the best job we can and we are going to continue to do that.”

On JR F Alex Stepheson’s recent slump up in Oregon
“Plain and simple, they zoned us up. They surrounded him on the inside and made it hard for us to give him the basketball. What he has to do, and I just met with him this morning, is go get more offensive boards to generate some scoring that way. But when people gang up on him in the inside and surround him, it’s difficult for us to get him the ball.” 

Are you guys going to replace the fired manager and do they get any type of aid
“He was being paid a salary. I am not going to replace him right now. I will do it sometime this summer. Again, he was here when we got here. He is a great guy and it’s an unfortunate situation, but we will go with what we got now as we move forward.”

On any difficulties preparing for the Saturday game after the Thursday game
“I don’t think it’s a problem at all. I think a lot of coaches do the prep work for both games on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday practices. Once you put that Thursday game behind you, you are just looking ahead at that one game. To me it’s really not a problem. Having been in the NBA a long time, you are use to getting ready for games quickly. I haven’t found that to be a challenge at all. 

Are more teams playing zone this year than your first couple of yours in the league
“Way more. I think we see a lot of zone because of our personnel and who we are. Many more teams are playing zone now, than in the past. For insistence, UCLA is playing exclusively zone now and they use to be an exclusively a man team. Ben [Howland] is doing a great job of adjusting to his personnel. I think when coaches play zone, they are playing zone to try to win games.”

Being a man-to-man defense coach, are you guys trying an zone
“We have played seven possessions of zone all season. Nobody scored on our first possessions, but we gave up three offensive rebounds. We have had so much foul trouble and a limited amount of guys that we play. It may be something that we look at a little more. I know building a program, I want to build it playing man-to-man defense because that’s what I believe in. Coaches believe in different things. Herb Sendek plays in zone and he does an unbelievable job. So everybody has their own beliefs and I am just a man-to-man guy.”

Washington State Head Coach Ken Bone

On what he thinks the major improvements after the loss to Washington
“Transition defense and rebounding. Those two areas are huge concerns.”

On struggles against Arizona State’s zone
“I thought we got some good looks against them. Watching the video tape against them, we did not shoot a good percentage. Part of it was due to their defense. They are a really good defensive teams and the run that 2-3 zone match-up extremely well. A lot of the credit needs to go to Arizona State and how well they defend. Hopefully this time around we will make a couple of more shots.”

The health status of his team
“Good. We are in good shape there.”

Lately, Arizona State is giving up a lot of points, is there something to exploit 
“No not really. I think it has to do with a couple of teams that they have played. Arizona and California are both at the top of the Pac-10 right now and those are two of the three teams that they played that scored some points. I believe part of the fact has to be with who they played.”

On the possibility of starting SR G Nikola Koprivica on Thursday
“There is a pretty good chance, but we haven’t discussed that as a staff yet because we have been focusing on other issues like transition defense and rebounding. In regards to who is going to start, there is a god chance that Nikola will start or we may go back to Abe Lodwick.”

On the progress of FR G Xavier Thames
“X had a decent game against Washington. He continues to work on his game. In fact, I just walked past the practice gym 10 minutes ago and he was in there getting shoots up. I think he is going to be a very good player. He always takes thing serious and always working on his game.”

Views on expanding the NCAA Tournament
“I really haven’t thought about it enough to give you a great answer. Maybe all this stuff has come up because its my first year. I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought. Off the top of my head, I really like the fact that there are 64 teams in it. I think it’s a real special tournament when only 64 teams get in. I know there is always some sort of argument of which team gets in with the automatic berth, but that was us at Portland State even though we weren’t as good as some of the teams that didn’t get into the tournament. I really like the way it is right now.”

On the development of FR G Reggie Moore
“I do believe that having the extra year of high school helps out. He is a freshmen on paper, but has had an extra year at high school where he competed at a very high level. I think that really has helped him and other kids like [Washington’s] Isaiah Thomas. He’s put up better numbers than I thought he would as a freshman, but it’s not necessarily what I hoped would happened, I for him that’s great, but I was hoping to get a few more points from other positions where we didn’t need him to be scoring 14 or 15 points a game. When things are going well he is a confident kid. He had a decent first half the other day at Washington, different story in the second half. He had a really good second half at USC, with just a so-so first half. So he has been a little bit up and down. We’re hoping to get to a point where he is more consistent possession by possession and game by game.”

Being on both sides of the home environment at Washington, is it bigger now
“I think it has gotten bigger. The more people talk about it, the more the students get fired up about it. They take more pride in doing their part and they do a great job of it. They are loud and there early. They just do a great job with their students.”

The approach trying to pull SO G Klay Thompson out from his slump
“The only we did was get more shots up yesterday at practice. That’s in the practice plans for today. Obviously with that, Klay is going to get more shots up at practice. Yet he is one of those guys who comes early and usually stays a little bit late to get some shots up. We’re just trying to make sure that he gets a little of confidence back. The only way I know that of happening is when guys see the ball going into the basket and really believe that whatever the put up is going in. Haven’t really noticed anything technically about his shot. To me his stroke is pretty much the same as it was.”

What’s harder to adjust to in game: man-to-man to zone or zone to man-to-man
“I think it’s harder to adjust when playing against a zone after going against man, especially the way we play against man. So I think it would depend from team to team and what their approach is on how the attack either one. I think it changes for a lot of teams, but for our team, it’s a little more difficult going against zone after going against man.”

Stanford Head Coach Johnny Dawkins

On the status on SO F Andrew Zimmermann
“He will not be able to play this week. It’s still up in the air for next week. He is day-to-day and getting better which good, but it’s still a little too early. He needs to continue to rehab and heal. Hopefully we will take another look next week to see where we are.”

At the halfway point, who is the MVP
“To be honest, I haven’t thought about it. I think we all are grinding to be as competitive as we can be. I have seen a number of good players in the Conference, but I have no clue who that person would be at this state. Last year their were guys that stood out with really good separation. This year you have guys that have created separation, but I think it’s too early based on the youth of the league to see how those guys would fair in the next nine games.”

Why are more Pac-10 teams playing zone this year
“I think it’s a function of personnel. I think guys are trying to give their team the best opportunity to win. So they are trying to find what fits their personnel better and that’s what you see happening. I don’t think it is a weakness. I think there are teams that won national championships that have played zone. I think it depends on your personal preference. This year when you see teams that historically play man play zone it’s a function of personnel and what gives them the best chance to win, which is what you should always do. I don’t think it’s a sign of weakness, it’s a sign about getting the most out of their team.”

California Head Coach Mike Montgomery 

On how difficult it is to have one day of prep work after Thursday’s game
“We use Monday to prep for Saturday, typically. We do our Saturday prep on Monday then we go Tuesday and Wednesday for Thursday then you have already gone through some stuff for Friday. So you have two days for your Saturday. Now when you play on Sunday, which sometimes you do, you have to take a day off which we had to do this week. It effective that a little bit. The other thing that plays in is the quality of your practice on Friday. You may have had a tough game on Thursday night so your not going to be able to go out there hard for a length on time. It works out okay, you just have to prepare ahead of time to know where you are for your Monday preparation for your Saturday game.”

On if you had one day to prepare and your opponent had a week
“Well that becomes a whole different deal now. Your talking about issues about giving everybody the same opportuinty to compete. I think there you got to be very careful. Because of television for example, we played on Sunday and didn’t get back until 10 p.m., and now we are heading back out on the road again. I don’t think you would play a Sunday game when a team has to go back out on the road the following week.”

At the turn, do you think that anybody has a handle of what’s going to happen in the next five weeks
“I don’t feel like it’s unlike last year. We were in a similar position. The game coming up is the biggest game you have because it’s an opportunity on the road. You have to win at home. I don’t see it being any different that before. I think you have the absence of a clearly dominate team. Although last year I don’t think there was a dominate team last year. So I don’t see a whole lot of different. I think we our preseason performances, we don’t have anybody in the top 25 so the impression is nobody is any good, which I think is really false. Nonetheless that’s what we are left with.”

The best player you have seen in the conference so far
“I don’t know. I don’t make those kinds of judgments.”

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

On playing an uptempo styles helps playing in the environment at home
I think it definitely benefits us when we are playing at home. The thing we have to do is create that energy within ourself when we go on the road. Our crowd is great. Our student section is great. We have a lot confidence when we are playing here. The way we play basketball, a lot it has to deal with a high level of intensity. It’s successful when that happens and when we don’t bring that intensity we are not a very good team.”

On playing against Arizona who is playing well in recent weeks
“We have dug ourself in a hole. In each game, the opponent is not as big of a concern as us coming out and playing the way we are suppose to play. We can’t get caught up into the other things. Arizona soundly beat us last time and they are playing arguably the best basketball in the Pac-10, I think. We are all aware of that and understand, but unless we come out and play the way we are capable of playing, it doesn’t matter who we are playing.”

On if more teams are playing zone in the Pac-10 this year and why is it happening
“Definitely have noticed. You have to figure that Oregon State and Arizona State is that’s how they play. That’s what they are going with because they are predominately a zone team. Stanford is going back and forth to see what is working. UCLA is the one that’s different. You have to given their coaching staff a lot credit that they assessed their team and realized in order to be successful this is what they needed to do. I think half the teams now are playing zone. Some of it has to deal with that’s just how some teams play while others are doing it out of necessity.”

On preparing for one team who plays zone and another team who plays man-to-man
“I would say that Arizona State and Oregon State’s zones are different from what you see most of the time, but the other zones that we play against are 2-3. It’s something you go up against a number of times throughout your seasons. I don’t think you have to prepare as much because hopefully you have prepared in the past already in terms of what you have been working on your overall philosophy.”

On having the routine of playing Thursday/Saturday

“I think it has been good. I have been in situation where it’s been Friday/Saturday. I have been in Saturday/Monday situations. Thursday/Saturday’s have been fine. It was an adjustment from St. Louis, but it was a welcomed adjustment. Here is a little more set routine. You have one more day to prepare for the team on Saturday.”

At the turn, do you think that anybody has a handle of what’s going to happen in the next five weeks
“I can tell you with certainty, with 100 percent, that I have no idea. I really don’t. I couldn’t have predicted what has happened to this point. Going into the second half of the conference I can’t predict what’s going to happen.” 

UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland

On playing more zone because of personnel
“We just had a hard time playing man defense which is how I like to play which is good ball pressure and not get beat on penetration. With a smaller bench it allows your top players to play even more minutes. We are playing guys more minutes than I would ideal like, but that’s just what we have to do.”

On team’s adjustment to playing zone
“Since we really committed to it was have improved each game and have done a better job in our defense. Obviously, we make some break downs in every game. Overall we are much better in it as we have committed to it because that’s what we are going to have to do to give us a chance.”

On if playing zone is a one year thing
“We are just taking it game-by-game here.”

At the turn, who is the MVP of the league so far
“Lets see. Cal and Arizona are tied for first so I would have to pick somebody off one of those two teams. That’s what I would normally do, unless somebody was having just an unbelievable year. [Quincy] Pondexter is pretty darn good, but when you look at Nic Wise, I think he is having a great year right now. Obviously, [Jerome] Randle is having a great year. I think that [Theo] Robertson is really playing well right now. There are a lot of candidates right now. That’s why we wait until be play 18 games before we make that decision. It will clearer then. The way I do it is the team that wins the conference, there’s a player who helped that team win. I think that player is deserving of it.”


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