Over the Plate With The Mate: #4

Feb. 5, 2010

TEMPE, Ariz. -

During the 2010 baseball season, lefthander Josh Spence will be writing about his life as a student-athlete who prepares for his final season of college baseball as well as graduating from Arizona State. Spence will check in periodically to write about school, baseball, life and other things.

Today is going to be a good day! ASU baseball is into its 51st year, which is relatively young for a ball club with such tradition and history behind it and for all the Alumni who made the trip to Tempe, Arizona we are very grateful! This is our time to recognize the greats who started ASU baseball and have carried its legacy over time. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing past players and hearing about the journey through the program. Today is the alumni annual golf day which will be held at Karsten Golf course here on campus and then tomorrow (Saturday 6th) will be our game, Past vs. the Present. It will be a fun filled two days and to all those who wish to come; the game will start around 1:00.

Back tracking to the weekend, we took full advantage of the ability to be able to extend our practice hours. Without giving away to many secrets, I'm still very confident in our ability to cohesively win as a unit and I can't help feel we are ready for game one come February 19th. Pitchers are starting to increase their work loads, hitters are getting more and more locked in everyday. There's a great feel around the ball club. There's nothing better than coming to the field after class and smelling the fresh cut grass, not having to worry about the elements of bad weather and going out there and playing the game we love. I just want the season to start already!

One fun thing we did last night as a team was hold a 'Top Chef' competition, where all us players after practice went home and cooked our favorite dish then headed back to the field to be judged by our fellow teammates. We all put our food on a table for display, then went around the room and talked about how we made it, one by one (this was to see whose were store bought and who made there's from scratch). One of the coolest stories was about Andy's Coffee Cake, which is an ol' Workman recipe which he wouldn't share with us; luckily I kept a piece for forensic evidence. Ha-ha!

This is horrible to say, but I think I'm going to start counting the days till I graduate. It's not that I'm not enjoying school; it's just a fun prospect knowing there's light at the end of the tunnel. I tell you, 6-7 years ago if you told me I would be graduating from a university, I would have had to correct you, but right now I'm taking a lot of pride being in the situation that I'm in. I left all my elective classes until the last semester and got all my core classes out of the way early, which was a good idea in hindsight. But right now I'm talking about race and politics in the morning one day, writing literature in the afternoons in another, and having to raise a virtual teenager for this parenthood class I'm taking as well. It's a very random semester of work, but its always very exciting to learn new things.

The email has been up for a week now and everything has been very positive, I can't begin to thank you all for the support not only you've given me in my short time as a Sun Devil but the program itself. Without you, there is no ASU baseball; you are the advantage for us. I'm looking forward to winning together!

Not long now,Josh #45OverThePlate@gmail.com

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