Mike Montgomery Press Conference Quotes

Feb. 9, 2010


On getting any momentum from last week:
No, we lost one. We're hanging in there. I thought Saturday was critical after Thursday's loss, and in the first part of the game, it didn't look like we were going to make much progress, but we came back and played pretty good basketball. We're doing what we need to do and we just need to keep doing it

On Washington:
Well they do certain things really well and they sure had their way with us up there. Hopefully we can be a little more aggressive and do a better job at taking care of the ball against them. They are a very good offensive rebounding team, and they go to the glass hard. They're athletic, they're long, they've got depth and that's going to be a challenge for us. So, we've worked on block-offs a little bit, but we've just got to be attentive to the ball, as well. That will certainly be something that we have to address. The defensive pressure that they put on us, some of it was our own doing, some of it was theirs, and we've just got to take care of the basketball and try to get good shots.

On how Washington shut down Jerome Randle in the first meeting:
Well you can look at it two ways. If you're on the offensive side, you're not executing well enough, and if you're on the defensive side, you want to take credit for doing a good job. I think they're a good defensive team.

On the energy from Cal's bench players:
It's huge for us because that's not the nature of our team. When we don't have those guys, which we have not, it just doesn't allow us to change anything, we're just the same. Markhuri's giving us the best effort he can, given a back that's pretty sore, and he doesn't practice much. Jorge's gotten better in terms of getting in shape, but the knee, obviously, isn't 100 percent as far as timing. Omondi came off the bench and gave us a huge lift. We were pretty much dead in the water until Markhuri and Omondi came in Saturday and gave us a lift, got a loose ball and got a second opportunity for us. It was huge.

On the overall health of the team:
Well they're not in street clothes, so that's a starting point. We're clearly not 100 percent in terms of their ability to go in and play big minutes, because they can't. Jorge's getting better, but the knee does get sore. We can't get the minutes out of those guys because they can't do the work to get themselves in the kind of condition that would allow them to play. It allows us some lineup flexibility, at least, with having those guys and that's been a big thing.

On bringing Omondi in off the bench again this week:
Well, it just gives us another ball-handler out there. It's really six of one, half-dozen of the other, of which way you go. If you bring Omondi off the bench, you're probably moving Theo from in to out. If you start Omondi, you're moving Theo from out to in. Having Jorge gives you a second ball-handler, if you will. It really don't make any difference, once you get the feel for how it's going and what your best combo is you'll probably stay with that longer.

On Isiah Thomas and Reggie Moore:
Well Isaiah's very, very quick, and he's very offensive-minded. Any time you have a really good point guard who's quick with the ball, I'd say Reggie's stronger, but Isaiah's quicker, and you have to have help. You can't guard a good player in the open court one-on-one if he's coming at you. You've gotta have someone standing there who slows him down, and we didn't have that last time. We haven't had it on some of our transitions, so we've got to get all five people back.

On how good Washington plays at home and how poorly they play on the road:
At this point, it's irrelevant because they're not at home, they're at our place, so we've just got to beat them here. Their crowd is as good as any crowd in the league. They get a lot of energy from their crowd and hopefully we can get that same thing from our crowd.

On Klay Thompson:
He's actually just one of the guys. He got off to a tremendous start shooting the ball and obviously now he's at the top of everybody's scouting list in terms of 'don't let him do this, don't let him do that,' and like all young players that are great scorers, they now have to adjust to getting their best player defensively and all the attention being drawn to you. But he's still very dangerous because he's got great range, he's a pure shooter and he's learning to put it on the floor a little bit more, so if we can contain him and minimize his damage, that's to our advantage.

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