Meet Calvin Haynes

Feb. 12, 2010

For Calvin Haynes, being a college athlete is more than being able to play the game he loves. The opportunity to get an education while doing it is one that he is truly thankful for, even if it occasionally comes at the price of sleep deprivation. The balance and dedication that he works hard to maintain is a big reason why he has been so successful on and off the court during his time here at Oregon State.

How did you get into basketball?

'My dad played basketball when he was around while I was growing up, he played for University of Texas. I grew up around the game, I grew up loving it and now it's just something I love to do.'

What made you choose Oregon State?

'Well the original coaching staff knew my family, so I started on something that I thought was going to be a great experience that turned out to be not so great. Now that we have coach Robinson it's a different story. I'd also have to say the campus, the atmosphere, and the change from a fast life to more of a laidback, slower life, more of a community life. Just being in Corvallis, around different types of people, it was something that I wanted to do.'

Do you have any pregame rituals?

'I listen to music before every game; Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake. I also have a pregame meal; I go home every time, take a 30-minute nap and drink about three bottles of water. I might even play some videogames, depending on how I feel, and then I walk over to the gym blasting my music. When I get there I get taped and sit down, listen to my music for about five more minutes then I get dressed.'

If you didn't play basketball is there another sport you'd like to play?

'Football. I played football for a couple years growing up but I stopped before I got to high school. I'd definitely like to be a receiver or something.'

How important are academics to you?

'Really important, the fact that my dad is the only one that actually has a degree from college in my whole family, so it's a big accomplishment for the Haynes family and myself. I think being educated and having a degree prepares you for going out in the world?'

How do you balance your time as a student athlete?

'Its just hours of work. Between the study halls and the practices and the extra workouts it's tough because your tired and sometimes you want to take a nap but you have to study or go work out. You have to keep your drive and keep making shots. I mean if you want to stay making shots you always have to put in the extra work, it's not just going to come for you; you have to earn your right to make shots and play basketball and that' something that I take pride in. And school as well, I have to work twice as hard in school because I know that I'm lazy in school so I have to push myself to another level to get good grades. It's tough. People seem to think it's easy when they see us out there but we put in a lot of hours and don't get a lot of sleep. Just like a regular student worries about going to school we have to worry about that and keeping our scholarship because that pays for our school and we wouldn't be here if we didn't have that. Everything is dedication, everything's about hard work and what you put in you're going to get out.'

What do you want to do with your degree?

'I would love to be a basketball commentator, but I also think that communication works for being an actual basketball coach. I mean you need communication skills to deal with other people, players, coaches and what not. I think that communication is a broad way to spend your college time.'

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

'Just play basketball, I mean it's my life. There's nothing better than not working the nine-to-five. I've never had a job in my life; I've always been talented enough to put the basketball into the hoop. If I could do that, play in the NBA or overseas and stack up my money, invest in a business or something like that, I would love to do that. If I couldn't do that though I'd love to coach or be a commentator for basketball.'

What has been your favorite class here at Oregon State?

'I've really enjoyed Prof. Bushnell, all her classes, she's my favorite teacher by far. Also St. Jacques and his class [Writing 201], I enjoyed a lot. Those are the two that definitely stand out the most to me.'

What has been your most memorable experience here at Oregon State so far?

'Definitely last year in the postseason. We went into the postseason and we hadn't been there in a while so that was cool. It wasn't the biggest tournament, it wasn't the NCAA tournament, but just to accomplish something like that after going through what we had gone through the year before and all the problems, I thought that was a big thing. Also getting a 3.0 last term was a big accomplishment; it was big in my book. I worked really hard to get that.'

What do you think about your website ''?

'Oh man, everybody asks me 'did you know about that?' and I didn't know about it until I got here. One of the girls on the women's basketball team actually found it and was like 'you have a website?' and I was laughing. I didn't know about it. Somebody actually thought I had made it, but I'm not like that; I couldn't just sit on there all day and make a website, I barely have time to sit down and eat a burrito much less make a website.'

What's the advice that you would give to incoming freshmen?

'Just to enjoy your experience here and don't take anything for granted. Make sure you get your work done and go to class but enjoy the Oregon State campus for what it is. Not that many people get the opportunity to actually go to college.'

What do you do with your free time?

'Sleep. I sleep. I try and get as much sleep as possible and get some extra shots in but mostly sleep because I've already worked on that usually.'

What's your current favorite TV show?

'Right now I'd have to say Jersey Shore, but my absolute favorite show that me and my girlfriend always watch together would have to be Nip/Tuck.'

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